Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting Things Ready

I am usually so busy that when I clear my calendar I don't know what to do with myself!  The house is clean, the laundry and ironing done, bills paid and I have cooked dinner two nights in a row!  Ted has taken over much of the cooking so between him and eating out, I don't cook too often.

I have been doing the pre-op exercises as shown in my info book and hopefully that will help my recovery.  

Thursday I had my pre-op appointment which included urinalysis, blood work, EKG, BP, heart rate, weight and height.  There was lots of paperwork and many instructions.  The night before I have to shower with a special liquid soap, sleep on clean linens in clean PJs with no pets in the bed!  Then I have to repeat that the next morning.  And we have to be there at 7 am.  I will be attending PT class with all the others getting new joints while in the hospital.  Party Time!

Friday I had a Board of Directors meeting followed by a much needed haircut.  Then I made my way home through what seemed like two dozen school zones.  It took forever.  We had made arrangements to visit Tommy and Susan at the campground and have dinner.  The traffic was so awful that we all decided to stay close by to eat rather than fight the traffic. Saturday was Susan's birthday so we took her a cake and had dessert back at their motor home.

Terry had been on a golf trip in the Carolinas and the group broke early because of Joaquin.  Not much golf during a hurricane!  Ted had been scheduled to pick him up Sunday evening but was working at the gun club on Saturday so I went to get him.  He was so happy to see 72 and sun after his soggy week.  After church that afternoon we all went to one of the best steakhouses in our area to celebrate my birthday.  We had a wonderful dinner together and they gave me a very generous birthday gift.  We talked about 1961, the year when I started dating Ted and they were married.  We have all been together a long, long time.

Ted usually shoots on Sunday so Susan and Tommy invited me to lunch so I wouldn't be alone on my birthday.  When I told Ted he said he told the fellows he would not be shooting so we both went to lunch after Susan presented me with a pot of beautiful bronze mums.  We both have Landry cards and with Ted, my and Susan's birthday in one week's time, we both used our birthday reward.  Our bill was less than $5, theirs less than $10.  Another nice birthday gift!

Monday morning I answered a phone call from Kristin on Ted's phone.  She said my phone was going right into voicemail and had been since Sunday!  I inadvertantly turned on Do Not Disturb.  It was then I found out how many birthday calls I had missed.  This new phone is taking some getting used to.

I worked my last event on Tuesday until after I recover from surgery.  It was the Senior Bingo/Lunch at the Lutheran Church.  It was a nice affair and the ladies did a lot of running for me throughout the morning.  I do have a meeting to attend and then I will be out of the loop until November sometime.

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