Monday, September 7, 2015

Helping at Kristin's

Kristin wanted us to stay for a few days so I could help her with some decorating ideas.

She bought this desk on Craig's list and finished it herself.  We shopped a bit and came up with the following in Larry's office, not to be confused with his man cave that looks like a library and photo studio collided.  That will be another story someday.

The displayed cameras were Larry's grandfather's who was Head Photographer for the Orlando Sentinel for a lot of years.  The ribbon to the side is an award Larry won for his photo of two orangutangs at the Tampa Zoo.

These three photos Larry took while on their Hawaiian honeymoon trip.  He loves to surf but hasn't in awhile due to a sensitive back he doesn't want to aggravate.  The water action captured in the shots is outstanding.

Next up are the planter shelves in one of the guest rooms!

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