Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day Six and Seven

We had a day at sea as we headed north for our final stop at Castaway Cay, the Disney private island.

We spent a lot of time in the pools, took more rides on the Aquaduck and paid a visit to the Rainforest Spa.  I banged my thigh as I got into the hot tub and was soon sporting a huge bruise!  

Dinner was in the Animator's Palette again.  This time we were asked to draw a person on a special piece of paper, staying within the blue lines.  After dinner an animated cartoon which had been computer generated using our drawings, was shown. There were four figures across, changing every few seconds, who danced, skated, ran, etc. across the screen to music.  It was so cute and fun looking for everyone's drawings.  I wish they had run it a second time!

After dinner we saw a production called Believe which incorporated many characters and music from different Disney movies.  The quality of these productions was astounding.

Our last cruise day found us docked at Castaway Cay, a large private island with several beaches, restaurants, music venues, etc.  There were hundreds of chairs, lounges, umbrellas, etc. for our use.  You could rent wave runners, snorkeling equipment, rafts, tubes, bicycles, etc.  There was even a souvenir shop!  Trams took you to wherever you needed to go but we stayed at the first beach where we had enough lounge chairs and umbrellas for everyone.

Poor Sam tangled with a jellyfish right off the bat!  We took him to First Aid where they put vinegar on the sting.  Once he settled down the others took turns using the snorkeling gear to investigate the grassy areas where fish gathered, to investigate the "sunken ship" and Mickey and Minnie statues under the water.  It was a great end to a great trip.

Our last dinner was in the Enchanted Garden where our first dinner had been the Saturday before.  The last evening production was a synopsis of all we had seen during the week.  

There is much to do the night before disembarking.  Packing and getting your bags out by 10:30 is first up.  Ordering your photos and CDs is another.  Filling out your survey, customs card, etc. and keeping it all together with your ship card and passport so you can exit is another.  We had to get up by 6:15 so Ted and the Dudas could walk off with their bags first because they had a noon flight out of Orlando.  

I remained behind with Larry and Kristin and rode back with them.  Ted was in their driveway waiting for us to arrive.  He is now nursing a full blown cold.  It is good we are staying for the Labor Day weekend so he can get better before we start our drive home.  I may be driving a lot of it!

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