Thursday, February 28, 2019

Lost Some Time Somewhere

I thought I had written a few paragraphs for Tuesday and Wednesday but it is Thursday and my page is blank.  I played Mah Jongg on Tuesday and attended an Instant Pot class followed by a lunch with Dave and Karen and dropping my car off for new brakes on Wednesday.  I assume I did some daily routine things too but now you don't have to be bored with the details!

PS - I still cannot post photos.  Bear with me!

It is Thursday morning and the helicopters are up again.  They are right over us.  That means there are "unknowns" in our area.  Here is the news for this week and a letter from a lady up near Laredo.

RGV Sector Apprehends Nearly 7,000 Illegal Aliens in One Week
Rio Grande Valley #RGV Sector continues to apprehend large numbers of illegal aliens, averaging nearly 1000 per day.
RGV Sector leads the nation in illegal alien apprehensions, the sector now accounts for nearly 50% of all arrest along the entire Southwest border.
Yesterday, RGV Sector agents arrested more than 1,300 subjects, which marks the second time in two weeks this number has been reached. A majority of these arrests are family units and unaccompanied children from Central and South America, which greatly impact the number of agents available to carry out the border security mission within the RGV Sector.
At the current rate, the Rio Grande Valley Sector is on pace to reach 240,000 apprehensions for this fiscal year.
Please visit to view additional news releases and other information pertaining to Customs and Border Protection. Follow us on Twitter at @CBPRGV.


"I live on the Border and NO one but us knows what is happening.
"I live 1/2 mile from the border in El Indio, Texas. Last week, we had over 40 people pass through our ranch. One group of about 15 men pulled a gun on my husband and had a 13 yr old Mexican girl that they kidnapped from Guerrerro, MX. She had blood all over her and had urinated on herself. 
My husband was able to, with the help of Border Patrol agents in a helicopter who passed over, get the gun from the illegal man (he was Honduran) and they rushed the poor girl to the emergency room for help because she had in fact been kidnapped and gang raped by these men. This is just one of many stories we have. 
Two nights ago, 3 men came up to our house. One of them was an elderly man who was almost dead. We gave them water and protein bars, called BP and 911 for the man to go to the emegency room. 
We are kind people and believe in helping people in need BUT there have been 3 attacks on my husband on our ranch, 2 of which were directly at my home, in the last 3 months. And that really means something because we are considered an area that does not NEED alot of help!!! 
I got so MAD when I watched and heard what Pelosi and Schumer said concerning Trump's "manufactured" drama with the border. 
That is such garbage!!!! They are ignorant liars!!! How many people have to be hurt or attacked? 
There has to be someone in our government who stands up and helps our Border Patrol. From Eagle Pass to Laredo, there are only 3-5 guys on call, and it could be 2 guys against a group of 50+. 
Its horrible!! We need help!! The wall needs to be built, not at the port of entries but between them.
Pelosi is a moron if she thinks that added more security at the borders will help because, Hello Nancy, they are NOT COMING THROUGH THE BORDERS.  THEY ARE COMING THROUGH MESQUITE AND BRUSH.

Someone needs to define crisis and emergency to me because I apparently have a different definition than some people.  

On Thursday, Mimi and I rode to breakfast together and went shopping afterwards.  My favorite store before I lost weight is closing!  At first their sizes were 14-26 or so and I could wear some of the smallest things.  Then they moved to 12 and then this year to 4!  I had a hard time finding anything but there was about 2 feet of Smalls.  I bought a black and red dressy blouse and a pair of Slimsation ankle jeans in size 6 (woohoo!).  Ankle jeans on me are slacks that don't need hemming!  Mimi took me to Texas Thrift, a store everyone talks about.  It is huge, very well stocked and is like the shop I volunteer at when home only much larger.  My curling iron tip, where you hold it with your opposite hand, came off so I needed a new one.  I found a brand new Conair for $3, a package of 6 Thank You notes for 66 cents and an ice cream dish to match the 7 I have at home for $1.  There were all kinds of things, well organized, clean and so spacious.  

When I returned home Ted went running around in my car so I waited for him to return so I could go next door to do a load of laundry.  It was dinner time by the time I returned but neither of us was hungry.  Eventually he had a sandwich and I had a bowl of soup then we stayed in for the evening.  

Friday was Mah Jongg and Ted was running hither and yon in my car.  I am not sure just where he went or what he was doing.  

Well it is Wednesday again and I need to wrap this up.  Ted called card bingo on Saturday.  I asked Vivian to be my partner but neither of us won.  Ted and his group went to El Dorado to shoot Sporting Clays instead of skeet.  I had a good day at mahjongg. Monday I took Sue to Texas Thrift and she found designer jeans for next to nothing and Tuesday I taught Nancy the rudimentary rules of mahjongg.  She went with me to play and seemed to grasp the concept.  Gerre and Barry arrive today.  Helicopters were up last night.  BP was in here but I don't know the outcome.  Helicopters are up again this morning.  And life goes on ...

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Nearing the End of Our Stay

We have three weeks to go of our winter stay.  We did only come for two months instead of three but it just seems to have gone by so fast!

Friday was Ted's day to help paint the welding pipes that will frame a cover down at the gun range, I played mahjongg in the afternoon and had terrible tiles but we had fun anyway.

We were up early Saturday and headed to Mercedes to Smokin' on the Rio sanctioned BBQ cook off.  We were judging fajita meat at 10:00 and ribs at 2:00.  Dave and Karen met us and we reported to the building at the appointed time.  Our instructions were the same as last year.  No talking, no facial expressions, grade on appearance, smell, tastes, texture and overall grade, 1-10.  Do not touch the food, use a clean knife and fork for each bite, take a bite of cracker or pickle and a small drink of water between bites.  We had 13 boxes to grade.  I gave one 10 and my lowest grade was 4.  Most were in the 6-8 range.

We walked around the many cooks admiring all the booths and different smokers in use.  We were asked to come back in by two separate people to judge the beans but we passed.  We found the Tito's vodka booth that was passing out big cups of Tito's mixed with lemonade and watermelon.  I didn't take a glass the first time but when the other three decided to get a second one I did because it was getting hot and I was thirsty.  Karen and I shopped a little at the vendors which ended in a new pair of earrings for me and a Yeti tumbler for her.  We listened to a band for awhile before returning to the judging building.

I enjoyed the ribs more than the fajita meat.  I was tempted by one box that got a 10 from me and was in danger of being hijacked!  They were so good!  Once we finished we said our goodbyes while Karen and Dave were going for one more Tito's.  We drove right to church and then to card bingo at home.  

I cleaned Sunday while Ted shot skeet and then went to play mahjongg.  All three of us at the table won a game so that was nice.  We were due back at the clubhouse for a memorial service for Eddie Randall who had died recently.  He was a guitarist with Buddy Holly and is in the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  A dubious memory is he drove the Big Bopper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly to the airport the night they died.  A Lutheran priest presided at the devotional to the well attended gathering. Afterwards a light lunch and drinks were served.  

Our group of 10 decided to go to Brick Fire Pizza instead.  We had a good visit and many laughs while enjoying our food.  When we got back to the park we all retired to our rigs for the night.

Monday we left early for dentist appointments in Mexico.  It was time for our cleaning.  In the fall I get a cleaning done at home.  Ted had gone first and left for a pedicure.  When I caught up with him he was just getting finished.  By then it was almost lunch time so we stopped in Renee's for coffee and a cinnamon roll and boy did that taste good to me. The scale still says I am 3.5# below goal so adding a few things in has not been a catastrophe.  We bought the rest of his eye drops and back cream.  I purchased 3 Z packs because I like to keep them on hand and hand painted salt and pepper shakers for the RV.  We can't find the pepper and the salt one is hanging on to the top for dear life, probably corroded.  

We weren't home long and John and Vivian stopped by to say goodbye.  They are leaving Friday with their utility trailer but need to come back for their RV.  I don't know what he has in there but he wanted it with him.  Now even he is saying he doesn't know why he brought it!  Being fulltimers I am sure it is full.

We picked up Debbie and John at 5:30 for dinner at Saltgrass.  They are DRV owners too and she is co-moderator of the Owners Forum on Facebook.  We had trouble getting together but our dinner was great and lasted three hours.  They leave Thursday but their children live in Houston so hopefully we can see them again soon.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I Need Three Wardrobes

Cool, Pleasant, Hot - Everyday is a crap shoot in getting dressed!  We have been in the 30s and the 90s.  Throw in my trip to Cincinnati and add gloves and winter coat to the mix!  Keeps life interesting.

Since neither of us had anything in particular to do Monday we went to the grocery.  When we came back I made peanut butter cookies and brownies for the Border Patrol.  Trudy and Mimi will deliver them to the station.  Ted took the opportunity to get my tires rotated because we bought them here at Pueblo Tire two years ago.

I was thinking smoked sausage, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and cucumber salad for dinner but Ted wanted me to try Golden Chick he had eaten at while I was gone.  I had the roasted wing and breast, fruit salad, roll and drink, he got the tenders, fries, roll and drink.  The bill was like $13 because drinks, huge cups, are included.  And the chicken was awesome.  I would certainly go back.

Tuesday dawned cool and misty.  Ted's shooting was canceled and because it was such a crappy morning I decided to check in to WW and do my monthly weigh-in.  Last month I was down .8 lbs. and today I was down 1 lb. more. That put me 5 lbs. below goal.  She told me to stop losing and I told her I wasn't trying.  I guess I could eat more "cheat" things than I do.  I don't drink calories and I don't eat junk.  No game play snack browsing and no cocktail party grazing.  But I will add a potato or roll, etc. to my meals now.  I was sick in Cincinnati and didn't eat Sunday and that probably was a factor.  Now I have to weigh in once between 3/1 and 3/31.  

I played Mahjong in the afternoon and won a game.  Each of us did so that made it a good day.  We had leftovers for dinner and turned the fireplace on and settled in for the evening.  

I did virtually nothing on Wednesday. I just took the day off.  Other than getting showered and dressed, fixing that aforementioned sausage dinner, cleaning up and paying our flood insurance, I did nothing!  Ted ran to Walmart to pick up his script after shooting skeet with Mark.  I like taking days totally off on occasion.  

On Thursday Ann picked me up in her new red Lexus.  Such a pretty car!  She also had Elaine and Lorraine with her.  Breakfast was at Rosie's and to celebrate my weight loss chastising I ordered the special - 2 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon, 2 scrambled eggs.  I used no butter and sugar free syrup on  the pancakes and they tasted really good!  I wasn't hungry the rest of the day.

I spent time on the phone ironing out all the reservations for Ireland.  We have 5 doubles and 2 singles for a total of 12 people.  The 6 from Cincinnati are all on the same flights, 2 will fly from Phoenix.  The 4 of us from Houston are on different airlines because the other 2 are going a day early and staying on a few days after.  Once GCT had reserved our flights I went into the United Airlines website and paid extra to pick the seats I wanted, two aisles, one behind the other.  We are set!

Trudy called and asked if I would ride to Weslaco with her so I did, Mimi went too.  We shopped at Lionel's, Well's and Mimi's Attic.  Our Mimi loves antiques so we just couldn't pass up that store.  It was one of the nicest, reasonably priced antique store of its kind I have visited.  However, I bought nothing at any of the stores.

When I arrived back home Ted had ordered a pizza for dinner.  I still wasn't real hungry but ate two pieces. We will see how adding in a few carbs plays out.  I brought my scale with me!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Month Two

We have been here a month already!  Since we are only staying for two, our trip is half over!

Thursday is breakfast with the Retama ladies so I picked up Ann and Mimi.  The group has been smaller this year, other groups have broken off, so talking and getting to know people is easier.  I learned that Dale's sister lived in Cincinnati and worked for P&G at the same time I was there.  We had lots to talk about!  She is just visiting Dale for a short while.  When I arrived back home I changed my slacks for capris and headed to the nail salon.  I will probably go one more time before heading home and get one more haircut too.  

We had a very early dinner reservation at Saltgrass because there were 18 of us and it was Valentine's Day.  We all enjoyed our food, no complaints by anyone, and the other four couples at our table ordered dessert.  They insisted I eat one spoonful of the brownie pie and the bread pudding.  Sure hope it doesn't show up on the scale anytime soon!  When we returned to the park we gathered at Tommy and Susan's place until after dark before heading home.  It was a nice day.

Ted went to the gun range early Friday to help with some building projects to improve the range.  I cleaned up a bit, took a shower, washed my hair and then walked down to say goodbye to Tommy and Susan.  They are leaving in the morning and we were going to be busy the rest of the day.  

I went to play Mahjong and won a game and missed two others by one tile.  We had leftover lasagna for dinner then left for John and Vivian's park to see a former New Christie Minstrel singer.  He was terrific and such a personable entertainer with lots of audience participation.  The park even provided a light lunch with wine for free at intermission.  We had an enjoyable evening. 

Saturday was laundry day and I must say it is way less crowded than on Sunday.  It didn't take too long and I even took a walk to the market a short distance to buy bananas while the clothes washed.  We went to church as usual, picked up Subway sandwiches for a quick dinner and then picked up Vivian and John to attend another show, one we had seen last year and said then we would like to see him again.  

Jason Coleman is Floyd Cramer's grandson.  Cramer was the A team piano player in Nashville during the second half of the last century.  He played for all the big stars and created the "Nashville sound" still recognizable today.  Jason tells his story through music including videos of him playing piano as a very young boy and appearing on shows with his Grandad playing duets and singing.  We all thought the show was terrific.  

It was nice to not have to move too fast on Sunday morning.  Tommy and Susan were gone and it had been busy all week.  Ted went skeet shooting then delivered dog heart worm pills that my friend Sue had picked up in Mexico for Susan's friend's mother-in-law!  How's that for 6 levels of friends, Kevin Bacon.  LOL.  I played Mahjong and won two games and Kathy won one.  Ted fixed dinner and we called it a day.  

Thursday, February 14, 2019

What A Weekend

Well the fashion show and weekend in Cincinnati have come and gone.  The fashion show turned out great.  We made almost $900 to donate to the elementary school for this area.  I bought the casual outfit I modeled but not the other outfit.  I wanted to wear a sheath dress I ended up buying but the owner wanted me to wear an elastic waist skirt and lace overblouse which looked nice but wasn't my first choice.  

Tommy and Susan arrived while I was at the Fashion Show so we met up with Jay and Stella to have dinner at Ranch Burger.  

We were up very early Saturday to get me to McAllen airport for a 7:20 flight.  I had to change terminals in Houston, a first time experience, and arrived in Cincinnati on time.  I picked up my car with no problem and met my P&G friend Karen for lunch.  From there I headed to church to meet up with my K-12 school friend for Mass.  She was my Plus One for the Anniversary dinner to follow.  We drove separately a short way to the restaurant and arrived before Karen and Ron.  They were certainly surprised and delighted to see me.  

Her children did a really great job decorating, ordering a cake and gathering the whole family.  After everyone was finished eating, there was much laughter, lots of ribbing and teasing with tears of joy thrown in.  I am very glad I took the time and expense to be there.

I went to Karen's to sleep and got sick in the middle of the night.  I had started feeling poorly before the party but pushed through.  There was no ignoring it later though.  I didn't get much rest and by 9:30 the next morning I called Karen on the phone to come down to my bedroom.  She asked what she could do and brought me some things. 

 I took a shower and ate toast and tea Ronnie made and stayed in my PJs watching it snow until about 3:30 when I had to get dressed and leave for the airport.  Just as I went out to the car the snow turned to sleet.  Great!  I took my time, stopped for gas and was so grateful when the rental car shuttle driver walked up to the car and requested my luggage.  It is like walking a half marathon to get to your gate in these airports anymore.  When we landed in Houston it was a Terminal change again resulting in what felt like a full marathon!

I arrived a few minutes early in McAllen and was relieved to be at Gate 2, ground level, about 50 feet from the front door and a bench to sit on until Ted arrived.  And it was 66, not 22 degrees out.  It was good to be home.

I took Monday to continue recovering and rest and eventually felt better.  Tuesday I played Mahjong and won two games!  Unfortunately I received a text that my friend's 8 month old granddaughter who had aspirated food into her lung, had died that morning.  Such heartbreaking news.  I finished the game but didn't start another one and apologized but left.  We were going out to eat with Jay, Stella, Tommy and Susan but I kept thinking about those poor young parents.

Wednesday was Gonzales Burgers for lunch and then the flea market.  Terri, Les and CeeCee joined all of us.  The burgers are so big we all split one.  Ted had a business  lunch so I split with CeeCee.  We perused the offerings at the flea market and I bought 3 more games for the Silent Auction, a new laundry bag and some hand cream.  You think there is nothing you need to buy and still come home with something!

When we came home I could not find my I-Pad!  We looked high and low and could not locate it.  I called over to Tommy's and Teri got on the phone and helped me Locate My IPad and it worked.  The beeping started in the coach house and it was in a bag with the new games in the old laundry bag I started using to hold all that is going home and put in the coach house.  I am not sure how that happened.  We had taken each bag out of the laundry bag looking but had not looked in each individual bag.  Why would we?  

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  Hope you all have a nice day celebrating with your love.


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Big Week Coming

Sunday was 80 and sunny!  I put shorts on for the first time this year.  Ted went shooting and I cleaned and then went to the laundromat.  Shortly after coming home I left for Mahjong and won TWO games!  I am getting more familiar with the card.  It is only good for two more months before the 2019 cards come out.  Ted made dinner and he watched the Super Bowl while I paid sparse attention to it.  

Monday we were getting ready to go to the post office and Walmart to refill my script.  Trudy called and asked to ride together to the ladies lunch but I hadn't signed up.  She said "come anyway."  One of the gals taking care of it was on the cruise and the other one went somewhere else.  Only four of us showed up and eventually the manager asked if he could release the tables he had reserved for 24!  Not sure where the disconnect was but somebody goofed!  After lunch, Trudy and I stopped and bought a few door prizes and gift certificates for the fashion show and then came home.

After dinner we went for a walk and then watched The Bachelor.  This guy needs a backbone.  These girls are jerking him around big time.  

I woke up at 5 am Tuesday and spent the rest of the morning in the bathroom.  Something certainly didn't agree with me.  Ted went shooting and I was still in my PJs when he returned.  I decided to forego Mahjong, just in case!  I was tired from getting up so early and it took every ounce of strength to get a shower and straighten up a bit.  I talked to Kara and Kristin for awhile and Ted made dinner.  We stayed in for the evening and I was feeling much better.  

We both listened to Trump's SOTU address.  I wish some of those politicians would come down here to see what goes on.  There is only our gun range separating us from the river.  Helicopters are up most mornings and nights.  There was an old Hispanic farmer on our news begging for a wall across his river property.  He draws water from the river for irrigation and has been run off by drug dealers when he tries to turn the pump off or on.  The farm has been in his family for 4 generations.  He is afraid.  

My Jet Pack wifi battery died.  I can play some games and write on my blog but I can't connect to the Internet. Ted tried Battery Plus and Verizon but neither had one so he had one shipped. Since it is a lithium battery it has to come ground.  Lots may have transpired when I get this published but I may be able to use a public wifi when I travel this weekend.  We also received a call from Ted's brother Kevin and we have decided to all go to Ireland in the fall.

Thursday breakfast with the ladies was at my favorite place.  I came home and made 4 dozen Rolo pretzel bites dipped in white chocolate for the Fashion Show and will fill the lemon tarts tomorrow before getting dressed in my modeling clothes.  

I received a call from Matt at Grand Circle Tours and started the process of reserving rooms for the Rogers Clan to visit their grandparents' homeland.  Only one of the eight Rogers sibling has passed away and we decided before we all have to gather for a wedding or funeral, let's go on a trip to remember.  So the wheels have been set in motion for this to happen.  We have only been to Dublin so we look forward to seeing the rest of the Emerald Isle.  It will be our sixth trip with GCT.