Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day One

It was a mad house of luggage on Saturday morning.  Kara and Bill had stayed at the Royal Pacific but the other 8 of us were at Kristin's creating three mountains of luggage, one for each family.  We left on time with Ted driving my Expedition and Larry driving his Subaru.  That gave us lots of room for all that luggage.

Upon arrival at Port Canaveral we gave the contents of both cars to the porters and the fellows left for our offsite, pre-paid parking.  Bill was right behind us in their rented car so the 9 of us waited for all three men to come back on the Shuttle.

We wore the shirts Kara's friend embroidered which elicited lots of comments and good wishes.  Our first group photo was as we boarded the ship in them. 

Another of her friends had sent along golden, 50 anniversary Mickey ears.  Ted agreed to wear them for the group photo only.  I hung them in our room.

Our accommodations are terrific.  We all have balconies and a split bath which is a toilet and sink in one, a shower, tub and sink in the other.  Ted has his sink, I have mine.  Kristin decorated our door.  This is a big thing on Disney cruises.

We had the mandatory muster drill and then went to dinner in the Enchanted Garden.  Disney has rotational dining.  We move each night to a different restaurant but our waiters move with us.  Their service has been wonderful.

The first night show was a Welcome Aboard variety show.  Disney characters are in most of the productions as well as having photo ops throughout the ship, throughout the day.  Most things are geared to children but there are plenty of places that are adults only.  Last place I would go would be the two kids' pools!  They seem to empty and clean them a lot.

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