Sunday, September 20, 2015


I took the new BP pills W-Th-F.  By then I was retaining water, a side effect I had been warned about, couldn't sleep and felt like my body was buzzing.  My pressure was way up Saturday morning too!

I had enough!  My BP was perfect in May when I was at the doctor before all this pill crap started.  So I decided except for my cholesterol pill that I have taken for 10 years, I was not taking any medicine.  Maybe not the wisest choice but I know how I feel and it wasn't good.

By Saturday evening when we went to dinner with Terry and Carol after church, I was feeling much better.  Sunday morning, after lots of bathroom breaks through the night, I felt like my old self again.  My plan is to monitor my blood pressure a few times a day, deal with any hip pain with rest, exercise, heat, cold, Tylenol.  If that doesn't work then maybe it is just time to get it replaced.

Ted had his end of season luncheon for his shooting group.  He made BBQ and added a pound of chopped brisket to it.  I made beans for him and he bought potato salad.  Not too much trouble.  While he was gone I started getting things ready for my Bunco group due here on Monday morning.  I used some of the blueberries we picked in Michigan to make muffins.  I also went to the store for tea, lemonade, fruit, quiche makings, etc.  The hard part is having the house in order, Bunco tables up, food ready and yourself dressed by 10 a.m,

At 6:00 Sunday evening we went to the visitation for a friend who succumbed to brain cancer after a two year battle.  She was only 64.  Then I learned another friend's 40 year old daughter died from cancer too.  This is all so sad and it is hard to stay upbeat.  My prayers are with both families.

When we returned from the visitation we were invited next door for the evening.  The couple have three homes and a house sitter for this house.  All three of them happened to be in town at once and wanted to talk to us about visiting Michigan.  We had a very enjoyable visit and appreciate getting to know them better.  All of us are gone so much I thought maybe our house sitters know each other better than we know each other.  But apparently not!

I met my 10:00 deadline Monday morning with Ted's last minute help making our bed, emptying garbage, etc. and then made himself scarce.  I have no idea where he went!  It was the start of our 15th year of Bunco, there were three subs and we had a great time!  Needless to say, I was pooped and took a nap in the afternoon.

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