Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It Did It Again

I lost the last part of the previous blog.  It just disappears when I post it!  Writing it once is enjoyable, twice is annoying!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Can the End Be in Sight?

I did a lot of shopping over Friday and Saturday.  I have worn the same size for over a decade so I had no "Doesn't Fit" clothes section in my closet.  Unfortunately, it all fit!  I had been to the mall but I am not ready to invest in too many better clothes until I know they will fit for awhile.  So I headed to Kohl's and was able to buy several tops that will see me through.  I also bought a pair of white denim capris in size 10!!  It was nice to have a few things to choose from when getting dressed.

Saturday my day turned to more errand type shopping.  A piece of upholstery material for my bedroom bench, return a printer cartridge and get a different one, hit At Home for bed pillows and candles then on to Walmart next door for a squeegee, toilet brush, hook for back of the door, new nylon scrubbers (I just couldn't hang a pink one and blue one in our new shower) and a few greeting cards.  So many little things I kept forgetting to pick up.

While I was gone Ted shot on a team at a fundraising event with three friends creating Team Ted.  They came in Second, one target behind First Place.  Each received a trophy.  I hope there is room for it on his shelf.  

We were invited to John and Irene's for dinner to thank us for bringing them dinner previously.  I made a coconut custard pie for dessert.  I only used 2 points all day before we got there but I think my dinner and dessert may have used up my remaining 21 points and quite a few of my weekly ones.  I may pay for this next Thursday!  

Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend Came and Went

Saturday, despite my phone advising me of the time and distance to church along with a traffic report, I fooled it and we went to Gerre's instead.  That will teach them to pigeonhole me.  I was flabberghasted to learn that my phone assumed where I was going at 4:40 on Saturday when I got in my car!  Big Brother is indeed watching.

Our plans for a swim party were ruined by showers but that didn't stop the festivities inside along with a great meal.  Eventually we left for Fay's and watched 45 minutes of fireworks over the lake.  Her deck afforded the whole bunch of us front row seats.

I don't know what my phone thought when we left at 8:45 for church on Sunday!  I didn't look.  We saw friends Jeff and Rachel who had a thyroid tumor removed that froze one of her vocal chords.  She had just had some sort of treatment and could talk some but very softly and a bit gravelly.  And it was announced a young man had died in an accident.  I told Ted we will be having a funeral this week.  Monday morning I received word they were in the process of planning a funeral for a 14 year old boy.  How sad!  I learned on Thursday it was a four wheeler accident.  

We originally received word that both our shower enclosure and granite would be installed Wednesday.  Then it was changed to granite installation on Thursday. There are a few things for the contractor to do when those two things are done but they are minor.  I will send Gregg an email and see what date we can have the painting done.  I am confident that we will have it all done before Ted's cataract surgery.  

So no one was coming on Monday and I took the time to assess my clothes for the cruise in September.  I have enough but will need to keep checking how they fit as we get closer.  

Then I printed our Seapass and luggage tags while I had the time.  Getting the cruise tags on luggage after you get off a plane can be tricky.  We have tried folding, tape and staples in the past.  Last year in anticipation of our Hawaii cruise that never happened due to my DVT and PE, I bought special plastic tags with screw on metal rings for both us and Irene and John.  They worked well!  I printed enough to have the cabin info visible on both sides.  I have two extra tags and will take them to Kristin for her two cruises.  

Other than that, I didn't do much.

Tuesday I didn't have anything particular to do so I put a new chicken dish in the crock pot and did two loads of laundry.  I called Sam's and ordered two half sheet cakes for the funeral on Thursday.  They are predicting 1,000 in attendance because of the many church groups the parents belong to and the friends and groups this young man encountered in his short 14 years.  

The shower enclosure people arrived about 9:00 on Wednesday. But I will not call Gregg to paint until the granite is in.  I don't want to waste Gregg's time changing dates if the granite isn't here as they said.  It is all coming together!

Thursday morning we had no idea if anyone was coming.  Ted went to Sam's and picked up the two cakes and took them to church while I stayed home.  Then he stayed while I went to WW.  He told me no one was coming after he called Chris.  Ted chewed him out because once again communication was non-existent.  When they said it would be Friday Ted said we weren't going to be home and it would have to be Monday.  I went to my meeting then picked up Jeanette to attend our neighborhood ladies luncheon.  Returning home, Ted announced we were going to the granite place to get some answers.  We went to the storefront for the granite fabricators.  They had us on their calendar for Friday and assured us the ogee edge was being done.  They said the hold up was the contract they were working from said "waterfall edge" and we told the template guy "ogee edge" so it had to be reworked.  We set it up for Monday morning and saw them erase us on Friday and move us to Monday.  Now we wait!  No word from Chris all day.

I am down 32.8# and am about 7# away from goal.  When all this construction is done and I start cleaning the house thoroughly as it should be I hope the extra energy spent helps me get there!  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

And We Are Still Busy

We didn't do a whole lot over the weekend but we did get out and about some.

We met Gerre and Barry for dinner Friday and then enjoyed a comedy production at our community theater.  It was interesting, funny and well done.  

Saturday we went shopping for towels, rugs and wall decor for the bathroom.  I was dragging granite pieces, paint chips, original rugs, original soap dish with me.  We bought proper colored towels but have bath sheets instead of towels so they have to be exchanged.  I also forgot to get one extra hand towel for Ted's sink.  The newest rugs look too gray for the granite, wall color and towels.  However, they do look great on the floor tile, the one thing I didn't have with me!  Back to the rug drawing board Sunday.  We exchanged the soap dish for a different color and it works.  

We picked our ailing neighbors up for church and then we all went to dinner.  It was after 8 when we got home.  Jeanette had a cortisone shot in her knee and feels she can drive now that she can once again push on the brake!  

We are invited to Ted's shooting buddy's home on Tuesday for an Independence Day celebration, Tommy and Susan are coming here Wednesday and Thursday is WW, Ted's doctor appointment to get his clearance physical done for cataract surgery (not sure why they need to know he had his gall bladder removed in 1990, but oh well!) and the granite should be installed.  John and Sherida are back from the dentist in Mexico and have brought me tortilla chips I can't find here!  They will be stopping by on Monday.  July is looking a lot like the rest of the months.  

Ted went shooting Sunday and I gathered up my bags and off to the mall I went.  First I stopped at Office Max to get two ink cartridges and received three reams of paper for free.  Then I went to BB&B to exchange the bath sheets to bath towels.  On my way to get them I saw something I liked even better.  However, the shelf was almost empty.  I asked about availability and a girl took me to the back and brought them up on the computer.  I could buy the few things that were there but needed to order 3 rugs and 2 towels.  She got that finished, took 20% off everything, handed my coupons back to me and told me to use them when I paid for the things I had in my basket!  Wow!  Terrific Customer Service.

Then I took the other rugs back to Marshall's and bought a picture for above the toilet in that room.  I ended up with a credit!  With all that settled I headed to Macy's.  I bought some "skinny jeans" and a blouse.  When I paid she asked if I wanted to make a $3 donation to the Armed Forces to receive 25% off that day and for the next week.  With my new coupon, I shopped some more and bought 3 pairs of capris.  No more baggy butt as Ted calls it.  Finally, something that fits.  I headed home!   

My new white capris had an ink spot on them so they had to go back, I needed to return the towels that matched the bath sheets since I had taken them back on Saturday, and I wanted to turn in 10 ink cartridges for a credit on my rewards account.  We met Sherida and John for lunch, gathered up my tortilla chips they brought and did all our errands.  We then stopped at the grocery and finally I went to the nail salon.  It was 6:30 before I finally got home.

Tuesday I made my red/white/blue salad (strawberries/blueberries/bananas) and a blueberry cobbler to take to Tal and Cindy's house.  Their kids, the other in-laws plus mostly the kids' friends were all there and in the pool.  Lots of little kids were running around.  I was so impressed that everyone introduced themselves to us!  So many times in a situation like this young people tend to ignore you.  We had  a good time talking to their daughter-in-law's father.  His job had been Catholic school start ups and so much has changed in the past several decades.  The food was amazing.  Tal had his smoker going filled with ribs and chickens and had already done pulled pork.  I ate too much.  We came home about 7:30.  

We had invited Tommy and Susan for dinner on the 4th.  They are at the close-by campground and we normally go there but due to the holiday being in the middle of the week there were no festivities.  With the rain predicted I said I would cook here at home.  It rained buckets all morning and afternoon so our deck dining got moved indoors.  

We all enjoyed a nice meal and celebrated Tommy's birthday!  

Thursday we expected the granite people but there was some kind of glitch between the installer and vendor so our contractor moved to Plan B.  Ted went for his pre-op check up and Dr. C was as confused as we were about the need for it for cataract surgery.  My corner cabinet was delivered and I put it together while Ted went to the grocery.  We both know our strengths.  By the time he returned, I had it done.  No one else showed up for the granite so we stayed home for nothing!

Friday we were surprised by the doorbell ringing and it was a fellow wanting to make a template for our granite.  The first two only "measured" but this guy built a template and said he would try real hard to get this in by next week.  The glass is being delivered today to the company building our shower enclosure so maybe, just maybe, we can give a Gregg a date to do the painting.  We are still in the guest bedroom and bath waiting to put everything back where it belongs.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Someday ...

Remember I told Ted I just need to get through April, then it was May and then June.  July looks promising!  Usually we are gone so I expected our social life to be non-existent.  And redoing a bath isn't something you do too often.  But I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger and I am not sure how that happened.

We went to church Saturday night after I came home from the shower and Ted returned from working some charity event at the gun club.  

Katelyn and Matt

Afterwards we tried to eat at Cheesecake Factory with Terry and Carol but ended up at Brio because of the wait.  We finally used a courtesy offered by the dealership where I bought my Expedition - free valet parking at the mall!  All you need is the license plate holder with their name on it. I seldom go to the mall but with the crowd around the restaurants, this perk was much appreciated!

My friend Irene fell last week and has a fractured pelvis.  She isn't in a lot of pain but is pretty much confined to a wheelchair until it heals enough to put weight on it.  Carol and I told them we would bring dinner over Sunday and then play cards.  I made mac and cheese in my Instant Pot (so incredibly easy) along with cole slaw (Carol likes mine).  Ted bought an angel food cake and I cut up strawberries, huge blackberries, raspberries and blueberries (from my freezer) to top the cake followed by Cool Whip.  Carol made baked beans.  We stopped at Spring Creek BBQ and bought turkey, brisket and pulled pork plus some green beans.  They threw in 6 of their rolls for good measure.  Quite a feast!  

We enjoyed a nice meal, played cards (I came in third for lack of one ace in the third round!) and then enjoyed dessert.  Since I had some mac and cheese I didn't eat the cake, just the berries.  I hadn't put sugar on the fruit but instead sprinkled lemon Crystal Light sparingly over it.  Enhances flavors, adds a bit of sweetness but no calories.  

Monday was Ted's ophthalmology appointment and he is now scheduled for cataract surgery 7/25.  The bathroom should be done, he will have to see the doctor the next day and then in one week.  If all goes ok, we can take off the first week in August.  And I will have made it through July!

Tuesday I worked at the thrift shop and in the afternoon was expecting the drywall guy to come fix the light switch hole.  But they changed it to Wednesday when the tile guy will come back to fix the top row in the shower.  It starts with a small gap, continues on, then the next piece is about 1/8-1/4 inch bigger and at the end overlaps the crown molding.  Not going to fly with me!!

Ted went to finish his Sporting Clay league followed by a "banquet" and I waited for the carpet guys.  Our bedroom carpet needs stretching and all the carpets need cleaning.  I will be ready to call them as soon as the bathroom is done.  

Wednesday the tile got fixed but I don't think the tiler was happy with me.  He kept saying he was going to show me by measuring.  I told him I don't care how it measures, I care how it looks.  Having half the tile on top of the crown molding and the other just below it (as it should be) is not what I want.  I don't know how Chris made him understand but he fixed it.  They drywalled the last few spots, put in the new toilet and put up the towels bars, door handles, etc.  They won't be back now until Thursday when the granite is installed.  We can have the painting done now but I am getting the feeling Gregg is too busy since his answers to my inquiries have been non-committal.  I need to nail him down or move on.  

Once Ted was here to run the show, I left to play Mah Jongg.  I won two games out of six.  One was a closed hand (pays more) and I pulled my own tile so I got paid double!  Made up for last week!

Thursday, Gregg the painter came to give us an estimate just as I was getting ready to leave for WW.  He went over all that has to be done and gave us a price half of what the contractor's painter wanted.  Gregg has painted our house inside and out plus the deck and I know what kind of work he does.  We will call him with the day the granite and glass will be installed and he will come right after that occurs!  

I went to my WW meeting having missed the last two because of working those days.  I would get weighed and leave right away.  Today I was able to stay after weighing in down 30.6 lbs.  I am 9.6 lbs. away from goal.  (Happy Dance!).  Afterwards I went to Ross and Marshall's looking for rugs and towels for our bathroom.  I found two pictures that work well that I noticed while standing in line, I didn't find towels and feel the rugs I brought home are too busy and clash with the granite.  Back to the mall tomorrow.  I did buy two shirts for me too.  

Tomorrow is dinner at Joe's Italian restaurant followed by opening night at the community theater.  No big plans for the weekend though!  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Just Staying Home

I haven't done much of anything but stay home, watch the doors stand open while we air conditioned the outside and gathered up the dust!  Now that's a waste of time.  

Workmen have been in and out everyday.  The shower and floor are tiled.  The new door has been hung and the other door opening dry walled.  All the electric has been completed and the new lights hung.  Two different companies are bidding on the granite more for timing than cost and we have ordered our shower enclosure.  I have picked out the paint and sent all our timing info to the painter but he will be last to come in I think.  And now we wait!

I put an ad in our neighborhood classifieds offering my ivory drape to a good home and a gentleman right across the boulevard picked it up the next evening.  It was posted for a half hour and I had four inquiries.  Shows you free is good!  I was pleased when he emailed me shortly after picking it up saying how nice it was and thanked us saying that we are good neighbors.

So I thought why not post the two vanity light bars?  Same result!  A lady picked them up the next morning.

There are many still trying to recover from Harvey and I just couldn't see tossing usable things away.  I also didn't want to charge for them.  They served us well and were being replaced for aesthetics, not because they needed replacing, and I knew Free would move them quicker than anything and I was right.

I fibbed when I said I just stayed home after looking back on the week!  It was just that one of us was always home.  I took my bunco group (9 attended) to lunch on Monday as a farewell thank you gesture.  I chose a nice restaurant and picked up the tab.  One lady is interested in keeping the 18 year old group going so I sent her all the info and forms I had on my computer.  I will be the #1 sub and will play when I am in town and am needed.

I played Mah Jongg on Wednesday but received three phone calls and was so distracted that I played poorly.  I couldn't turn my phone off because I knew Ted would have questions and he did.  Also, one call was from the doctor for my September ultrasound on my legs.  I was flustered because I didn't have my calendar with me and was just hoping I picked good dates!  I did.  Mah Jongg is not a game where you can chit chat during play.  You need to concentrate and listen for tiles called.  I didn't win any games.  😬

I worked Thursday at the Thrift Shop and to add insult to injury, I gained .2 at WW.  That's less than 3 ounces but still a gain and no loss.  Getting meals together with all the activity was more "grab as you go" and that is never good.  Back on the bandwagon this week!  And now I have another box to ship to Ohio because I worked the kids' table and lots of nice things came in.  I buy mostly for my sister's 7 great grandkids.  My 14, 16, 24 and 28 year old grandkids aren't too interested though a Minecraft T-shirt I bought last year was a big hit with Morgan!  

Tomorrow I am attending a baby shower for a friend's granddaughter.  We have moved on to the next generation in both family and friends.  We have one granddaughter married but no great grands on the horizon.  I know Katelyn is a Disney nut so I chose Minnie Mouse red polka dot wrapping paper.  After 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters I have seen enough pink everything to last a lifetime.

Let's hope this all posts.  I still haven't figured out what has changed to cause the posting problem.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Tiling Done!

The shower and floor tiling was finished on Saturday.  Now they can measure for the frameless glass enclosure.  Also the granite template needs to be made for the countertops.  The drywalling where the door was needs to be done and the new door hung on the other wall.  We bought a new high seat toilet just to finish off the things you can do in a bathroom to make it easier to use. Last I assume are the faucets, towel racks, lights, etc.  It will be awhile before it is totally finished.  The shower glass can take up to three weeks.

I spent the rest of Saturday sweeping, then dust mopping, then using a Wetjet and finally using the wood floor cleaner on all our wood floors.  Dust was terrible in our bedroom and I took a metal sculpture off the wall to take outside to hose it down.  Pictures, flower arrangements, furniture, windowsills, everything was covered in dust!  

When I had everything done but the two guest bedrooms and bath that we are still using, I stopped and got dressed for church.  We picked up our neighbor to go with us.  He cannot drive because of retina surgery and his wife has been fighting an undetermined illness involving her leg and cannot drive so they asked us to give them a ride.  Only he was able to go, she was feeling too poorly.  I have told them we will drive them anywhere they need to go.  Maybe God is keeping us here to help them.

We met Terry and Carol at Red Lobster later. Their daughter Karen has lost about 30 lbs. on Weight Watchers and now Carol is getting interested.  She was curious about my WW app I use when eating out.  By the way, the magic number last Thursday was 29.2.  Really want to hit 30 this week!  I am closing in on goal but the last pounds are hard to lose.

Happy Father's Day to all the fine fellows in my life, especially Ted who has always been the port in a storm for our kids.  

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dust, Dust Everywhere

I don't do well in dust and chaos but I am hanging in there!  It is Saturday and I think the worse of the dust will be over.  I could write a dissertation on my dresser in the dust.  

To add to the mix, our new security system was installed and they came on Friday.  I don't know how to say "what the hell" in Spanish but I bet it was uttered a few times by the tilers as our Vietnamese installer had to get into our closet to change out a motherboard!  It was a day of diversity!!  Then there was the lawn maintenance crew but they stayed outside and away from all the goings on in the driveway!  

This is the shower almost completely tiled.  It will take almost three weeks for the frameless glass to be ready.  They cannot measure until the tile has all been set.  It is bigger than it appears, about 4 X 4 floor plus the bench.  We chose to keep the seat (bench did not translate to my Spanish tilers) having had experience with hip surgeries and back surgeries in the past.  Most of our neighbors are empty nesters and retirees.  A walk in shower, with seat and grab bar could be a blessing not only to us but to any buyer down the road.  I remember the doctor asking after my first hip surgery "What are you going home to?"  When I told him no steps, walk in shower, seat and grab bar he said I was good to go, no rehab place was needed.  

Our security system is up and running and all this technology is taxing my brain!  I can run my whole life from my IPad or telephone.  Our installer was very patient with me and told Ted I was good with the new technology.  "You can fool some of the people some of the time, etc.!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Demolition Begins!

To avoid losing my pictures while writing, I am going to post them separately as they occur.

Counters and sinks removed.

Huge tub that we haven't used once in 15 years.

Original walk in shower.

After Day 1

The wall and door which crowds Ted's sink will be dry walled and the door moved around the corner.  

Tub gone and the right hand wall will become the entry to the commode room.

Shower things removed.

The shower footprint will be enlarged.  It will be tiled, have a decorative band and a niche for bottles decorated same as the band, pebble look floor and frameless glass.  Plumber due for Day 2. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

And the Renovation is Scheduled to Begin

We went to my cardiologist appointment and of course she blamed the hospital on the communication snafu on the day of my procedure.  She insisted they have a second number to call if the doctor does not respond to the first.  I find it hard to believe his own nurse in the cath lab or the manager of the cath lab didn't know this and try several ways to reach him.  He was at the other hospital completing a complicated procedure but someone dropped the communication ball.  I also told her how disappointed I was that after being told my hematoma could get bigger and cut off my air supply and to call 911 if that happened that no one from her office or the hospital called to check on me the next day.  She said she didn't know about the hematoma or she would have. Again ... Whose job is it to report to you on your patient?  

I told her it was said and done and let's move on.  This time she indicated a vein in each leg needs to be collapsed.  So I will have another Dopplar on both legs in September and then see her two days after.  If the thrombosis residue is diminished she will set the wheels in motion because insurance clearance will take a month.  So in the meantime we will go to Rome for 4 days, then cruise for 9 days and have the procedures done one at a time when we return.  I think she said they will do my right leg first which looks perfectly fine to me to see how well I tolerate it.  If all is good they will do the left that has two very visible veins.  I have to wear compression stockings while flying and if I will be walking all day, plus continue with my Eliquis.  So for now, once my mammogram is done next week and comes back Normal I am good to go until Fall.  Ted will see the eye doctor June 25 and hopefully his cataract will be ready to be removed.  Then he will need to stay close for two weeks.  

The third thing on the agenda and keeping us home is the bathroom renovation.  We have picked everything out but the paint which we won't need for awhile.  We have the 5 door handles already, two lights were delivered yesterday, all the tile was delivered today and Chris is trying to reach the plumbing supply place to check on our hardware and sinks.  We have chosen the granite but that comes later.  They are starting Monday.  So just maybe sometime in July we may be able to slip away for a little while.  

Tuesday I worked at the thrift shop and will go back to cover a double shift for a friend on Thursday.  There were so many bags to be emptied!  I didn't feel like we made much of a dent in what needed to be done!

I took a half day vacation Wednesday morning, i.e., I did nothing, but then we took off to run errands to the post office, bank, dollar store and grocery store.  I mailed a package, then deposited a check, stopped to find a plastic devil egg dish but they didn't have any so I bought just a plastic platter.  I have to make two dozen deviled eggs for a funeral on Monday along with two gallons of tea, a gallon of lemonade and a case of 8 oz. water bottles.  They are expecting 500 people, thus the large amount of things needed.  We bought all we needed at HEB and chose coconut shrimp for our dinner.  It was really good!  

Thursday was WW at 9:30 and thrift shop work at 10:00.  I am down 28.4 now!  Less than 11.5 lbs. to go!  Things were a mess at the shop.  We have no control over donations and sometimes it just gets overwhelming.  There was a need for children's play clothes in the store so packed summer bins were brought down and we checked and tagged both boy and girl clothes.  I went through the infant bins again and refilled the store bins.  There was a pile between the two tables that we all tackled and when we left it was all cleared off!  Sandy and I also did several bags that had been brought in.  I left at 2:00,  more than ready to sit down!

I bought lots while I was working though, a small phone case that can be hung around your neck, perfect for traveling as it can be slipped under your clothes and hold your phone, driver's license, credit card and a few dollars while leaving your hands free and a pair of Chico slacks in my new size!  There were lots of new with tag items for the kids - Justice tops and bathing suit for Lily 

and five baby outfits that I keep on hand for our prolific extended family.  There was a Mickey Mouse purse for Morgan or Kara who both love Disney items 

and a 3 piece swim set for Jameson.  

Mixing work and pleasure!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Wind Down Week

Tuesday and Wednesday we recovered from our day in the sun and geared up for one last group to be entertained at our house for awhile.

I spent part of the time pampering myself.  My eyebrows have needed touching up for some time so I took care of that on Tuesday.  And Wednesday was haircut day and it was way past being needed.  In between I did three loads of laundry.  When that was all done I went to the store again for food for Thursday's crowd.  Then I used my blueberries to make 24 mini muffins for a funeral on Friday and a dozen large ones for Thursday's Shanghai group.  

In between all of this we have been picking out things for the bathroom.  Chris stopped by with the piece of granite he thought would work best with our espresso cabinets and the "warm" tones of the rest of the house.  Gray and white are the big look now but that just isn't me.  Too stark for my taste and just wouldn't go with our bedroom or anything else in our house for that matter.  He was right on and we agreed with his choice when we put it on the counters above the espresso cabinets.  Next up is floor and shower tiles.  We hope to get to that by the end of this week.

I went to my WW meeting Thursday
 morning and am down 27 lbs.  Finding things to wear is getting difficult.  Even my recent purchases, some of which I haven't worn, are now too big!  

We had a group of 10 to play Shanghai and I couldn't do diddly squat.  Everytime I wanted to buy a card, the person in front of me took it!  I would need one of any five cards and could not draw or have one thrown.  I hadn't backed myself into a corner needing a specific card but I couldn't get what I needed for love or money.  So I lost! 

Ted had spent all afternoon at the gun club to get out of the house and brought Subway sandwiches home for dinner.  He knows after entertaining and cleaning up that I wouldn't feel like cooking.  He knows me well.

On Friday I dropped the mini muffins off at church for the funeral then continued on to the country club to meet Gail so we could pass the baton of Regent Care Nursing Home on to the three new Chairs (not to mention the 6 containers of supplies and decorations I have housed all year!).  Gail treated us all to lunch and we spent two hours discussing all kinds of things.  I saw a half dozen other friends enjoying their lunch too.  

I returned home around 2:00 and we took off for Floor and Decors to pick out our floor and shower tile.    This is worse than looking through wallpaper books!  A young man Kevin took us under his wing and was oh so patient.  We chose floor tiles, shower tiles, hexagonal shower floor tile and decorative tiles for a band around the shower walls and the inside of the niche that will be built.  It took us quite some time to choose.  There are such subtle shades of colors and needing to pick four different tiles that all went together well with the granite and cabinets was no easy task.  

We stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and came home for the evening.  It has been a busy week so I took a nap for an hour or so.  Sometimes you just have to stop and regroup.  

I have been busy cleaning the linen closet and all the cabinets in the master bath.  Getting down is still a problem for me but only half the problem of getting back up!  It is taking me much longer than it should have.  We went to church and then out to eat.  I am getting really good at finding things on the menu that work for me.  

While Ted was shooting Sunday I finished up with my projects and then went shopping. I bought a size 10 dress.  Woohoo!  

Tomorrow is an appointment with the cardiologist.  We will see what she has to say about her colleague's lack of professionalism last week!

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Ted was going to Huntsville on Saturday so when Irene mentioned they were going blueberry picking I asked to tag along.  I met them in a parking lot at 5:30 am (or as I usually refer to a time like that as "Oh Dark Thirty") and off we went.  I think we were in New Caney when we finally arrived.  It was dark and the gates were locked but we were third in line.  Once parked inside we picked up our buckets and off we went just as it got light.  They warned me they would pick until 9:00.  By a little before 8:00 I had 14 lbs. of blueberries divided between two 10# buckets.  They were getting heavy to carry so I called "uncle" and made my way to the benches and fans at the weigh station.  I was people watching and amazed at the amount of Asian people there.  I am not sure if they make particular dishes with blueberries or just pick for the same reasons everyone else does.  There were no Hispanics though which was confusing considering the area.  A little girl about 7 was sitting across from me and just singing to herself and she had the most beautiful voice.  My hour of waiting passed quickly.

By then the line to check out was extremely long but moving quickly.  John was in line so Irene and I got all the buckets up to the weigh station while John stayed in line.  When he got to the front we moved all 8 buckets over to him.  They had picked 60#!  I got checked out right before them and we loaded the blueberries into coolers we had brought and headed home.  At the parking lot I moved my things to my car and took off.  

You are advised not to wash the berries if you are going to freeze them.  So I made up two 3 cup packages each for Gerre and Carol and then put a dozen or more 2 cup packages in the freezer.  I kept out enough for my fruit salad I am making for Monday and to make muffins for Thursday.  Mission accomplished!

I had an early lunch, took about an hour long nap and then tackled the wood floors.  Ted came home in time to shower and get ready for church.  Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  It wasn't too late when I went off to bed.

Sunday after Ted returned from an errand south of Houston, we went to the store to get something for dinner and what I needed for Memorial Day.  When we returned home I spent a lot of time on the phone with Kristin, Steve and Keith choosing our excursions and tours for our Greece cruise.  Ted grilled park chops for dinner, we watched some TV and I turned in early.

Memorial Day was Monday and I made deviled eggs and fruit salad to take to Gerre's for a cookout.  She had a big crowd but their backyard is so lovely it didn't seem crowded.  Some of us were in the pool, men were gathered at the tiki bar and two picnic tables hosted still others.  It was a great afternoon and evening with lots of good conversation and food.  I learned you really need a new bathing suit bottom when you are on a diet.  I tried on a Land's End bottom of Gerre's and came home and ordered a black one in the correct size.  For now the two black and white tops I already have will work!

Here is my Facebook post to honor our fallen heroes.

I wish everyone could visit Normandy and see the enormity of what our young men and women did for the free world.  It brings tears to my eyes to see the ignorance, ungratefulness and disrespect shown by so many today realizing they can act like that because of what their fellowmen did so unselfishly.  It has been done and continues in many wars all over the world but the American Cemetery in Normandy that sits on a cliff overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel in Colleville-sur-Mer, France will always stay with me.  God bless the USA!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Onward With The Master Bath

After my partial eating of Wednesday's ice cream dessert, I was concerned about my weigh in at WW on Thursday.  Not a great loss but -.6 beats a gain!  Total 26.2 after 19 weeks!  That afternoon the young man came to finalize what we wanted to do in the bathroom and prepared an estimate and contract.  After our perusal we asked him to come Friday to sign the papers and give him our initial deposit.  

There were some items we had to purchase (towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc.) that they don't buy but will install for free as they work.  Also, if we bought anything that was included in the estimate we would receive a credit memo.

So off we went to the plumbing supply place we used when we replaced our kitchen sink and faucet awhile back. Zach was most helpful and in no time we had a shower head and valve, sink faucets, sinks, grab bar, towel bars and toilet paper holder.  We asked him to email the invoice to me so I could forward it to Chris to be be sure we got what we needed and would work.  

Then we stopped at Home Depot and Lowe's to look at light fixtures and door handles.  We didn't see any light fixtures that grabbed us but we did buy five door handles for the bedroom, bathroom, toilet room, linen closet and master closet. Whew!  Lots of doors.  

Chris called and said everything looked good and it was okay to order it all.  He sent me a credit memo for two sinks, two faucets, and one shower head.  He has been very good to work with so far.  Next up is shower tile plus mosaic trim and floor tile.  Until all this stuff is available as they work, they won't start.  So it us in our best interest to get all this stuff ordered,

When we arrived home I found a pot of red and white daisies with a flag compliments of a good friend, Jennifer.  She is so very thoughtful.  

I have recently received cards for various reasons and I still have them on display.

Well I added these photos, published and they were gone.  Going to try it again!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I Survived!

When we left the valley a week early at the end of March I told Ted "I will be all right if I can just make it through the end of May."  The calendar was so crowded!  Today I attended the changing of the guard at the year end Board of Directors for Forum luncheon.  Now on to ending all these doctor appointments, procedures, trips and the piece de resistance of this summer, the renovation of our master bath!  Hang with me to see how Summer 2018 plays out!

Saturday I was still very sore.  When the filter was pulled out I bled profusely and two people were pushing very hard on my neck.  I wondered if I was going to suffocate, get a broken neck or broken back.  It felt like they came close on all three!

I stayed quiet all day and Ted asked if I would be okay if he went to church and left me alone.  I promised to stay put until he returned.

Sunday our Greece cruise folks were meeting at Mike's so I took a Tylenol 3 so I could attend.  We made good progress considering there are 18 of us.  Some have made plans, including the six of us - Me, Ted, Kristin, Marge, Keith and Steve.  We are touring the Vatican Necropolis under St. Peter's Basilica and houses the tomb of St. Peter.  It was quite involved getting reservations so we suggested that if anyone was interested to email right away.  No one said anything so maybe they are visiting the Vatican that day instead.  We have three groups of six which seems to be a reasonable number for most tour transportation.  Another excursion we have decided upon is a tour of the Amalfi Coast, lunch and a visit to Pompeii.  The rest is still being looked over and we will be deciding when we have agreement among the six of us.  Then everyone will share what they are doing and whether there is room for others if interested.  I think on the ship we will have two tables at 6 pm for dinner and exchange the days experience with the others.

Gerre invited us back to their house for dinner which we appreciated.  When I got up from the table my back protested greatly.  It is just going to take time for all the soreness to go away.

Monday our bunco group played for the last time.  Going on since October 2001, I have chosen to not lead it any longer and no one else in the group wants to.  A huge card group of 40 ladies was started on the same day and it became impossible to get subs when needed.  I have invited them all to lunch in June as our farewell.

I wasn't sure I was up to it but I was scheduled for a shift at the thrift store.  Both bins of baby onesies, pj's, bottoms, bibs, caps, etc. were overflowing so I separated it all by size and transferred it to the proper bins in the store.  Then I used the steamer on clothes that needed it before they could be put on the floor.  I was ready to leave after the two hours were up.  Glad I didn't sign up for four hours!

Since I have to post this without adding more later to be sure it will post, I will wrap this up with a photo of the lovely tablescape at Champions Country Club at our luncheon today.  Menu - vegetable tortilla soup, pecan chicken on greens salad, rolls, tea, fudge and carmel coated vanilla ice cream.  Delightful!  

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Blog is Changing

I cannot find out why this will not allow me to add days or photos.  The best I can do is write what I can at one sitting and post.  Maybe that will be an improvement on my ramblings!  So here is the past week in a nutshell.

I hosted Shanghai for Couples Saturday night, elected to stay home Mother's Day and avoid the crowded restaurants, and hosted Ladies Canasta on Monday.  Though I lost lots of dimes Saturday, I took second place on Monday!

Tuesday I worked at the thrift shop and did my pre-op at the hospital afterwards.

Wednesday Ted had his endoscopy and it went well.  A few biopsies were taken but Dr. W thinks all is okay.  We will get results next week.

Thursday was the Forum Installation Luncheon, always a fun time. That was followed by four loads of laundry when I returned home.

Friday was a nightmare.  I was up at 5 am to take my third shower in 24 hours with special soap the hospital gave me.  We arrived at 6:45 and got totally prepped for my 9 am surgery.  At 12:30, when no one had been able to reach my surgeon, i told them I was going home.  By the time I dressed they said he was just finishing up an emergency at the other hospital but now the cath labs had two pacemaker cases being done so the labs were no longer available to him.  I called their office on our way home and told them what I had done and why.  They asked me to go back and they would guarantee I would be next in whichever lab finished first.  I can deal with emergencies (my 8:00 gall bladder surgery happened at 2:30 because of an emergency but they kept me informed of the progress) but when no one can locate your doctor for 6 hours it is a different story. 

I had been discharged so I had to be readmitted, start a new IV (that had blood on the floor, the nurse, my bed and all over my arm) and then wait some more.

I was not put out and I didn't know if I would suffocate or have a broken neck or back by the time they  shoved the tubes down my neck to my groin. I developed a huge hematoma at the insertion site that they marked in purple.  By the time I got to post-op they had to put new markings because it was getting bigger.  It hurt to move anything.  I was finally released at 5 pm.  Ted got me home and settled on the couch, put ice on the hematoma, gave me a Tylenol 3 and made me a shake.  

I slept on the couch because it has a gently sloped arm which worked better than a pillow.  I had one more pill before going to sleep.  I woke myself a couple times when I turned my head which hurt my neck but overall it was not a bad night.  I am still sore and can't turn my head but I feel better than yesterday!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Lost Weekend (Blog that is!)

Friday we drove to Huntsville to Able Ammo to check on clay bird throwers.  Inquiring minds (of certain people) want to know about them.  We stopped by a new 55+ community on the lake just to look but the models are either too small or too large. Not enough space in the 2 bedroom one story and too much upstairs in the 3 bedroom ones.  I don't want a second story.  Our present house is unique in that in a one story we have two eating areas, three bedrooms, an office and a hobby room plus the standard two baths, FR/breakfast area/Kitchen, a sitting area and laundry room.  I think I will stay put!  We stopped at Vernon's for dinner.

Saturday we went to church and then out to dinner with Terry and Carol.  

Sunday Ted shot and I went out to buy succulent plants to replace the ones that froze in January.  I hope these do as well as they did, at least initially!  Not good to let desert plants out in freezing temps.  

That is a condensed version of a very quiet weekend.  The next two weeks are crazy busy so I want to get this blog thing straightened out if I can figure out what is wrong!

Since my filter removal was scheduled for Monday but then cancelled I had no other plans.  I did clean all the wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Tuesday was my primary care physician bi-annual visit.  He was pleased with my weight loss.  I had charted my BP for two weeks since the hematologist was concerned.  Dr. C agreed and cut that dose in half.  My cholesterol was 131 and he halved that script too!  I have to see him in 3 months to check on my numbers and evaluate the meds.   

I met Judy next door at Panera Bread for lunch after my appointment.  I hadn't seen her since last fall.  We had an enjoyable meal.

I had ultrasounds on both legs Wednesday morning and then the contractor came in the afternoon about the bathroom.  It's a lot easier and cheaper to redo a bathroom than move!  We discussed my wants and my concerns and came up with a bigger footprint for the shower that will be tiled and enclosed seamlessly with a large rain shower head.  The tub will be removed, the toilet room door will  be moved from next to Ted's sink to around the corner to where the tub had been, new granite countertops installed, new tile floor, new faucets, light fixtures and doorknobs.  He will not start until we have all that is needed on hand and then it should be just two weeks to finish.  We have another guy coming so we haven't made a decision.  

Thursday was busy!  First up was my Weight Watchers meeting.  I was on several doctors' scales, all saying something a bit different, so I wasn't sure if I had made it.  I was delighted to have lost 2 pounds for a total of 26 lbs. in 18 weeks.  So I received my 25 lb. charm!

Next up was our neighborhood lunch.  Everyone enjoyed my choice.  I try to pick some place different but I am not sure the others are onboard since Macaroni Grilll, Chili's, etc. keep being chosen.  They had a great lunch menu.

From there I met Ted at the doctor's for my ultrasound results.  I have "leaky valves" and will need to have a superficial vein collapsed but not until the deep vein is able to handle the rerouted blood flow.  She did give me a prescription for compression stockings to help with "pain and swelling."  I told her I have neither so she said to wear them when I fly and as needed!  

And then it was on to our friend's 80th birthday party.  It was a surprise, held at one of our nicest restaurants and turned out very nice.  I saw several people we have not seen in awhile.  I had several appetizers, a glass of wine and a piece of cake with no icing!  That was my dinner!  

Let's hope this will Publish!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Another Week Is Speeding Along

Monday I did the bed linens, cleaned the guest bathroom and tried on every pair of pants, slacks, capris, shorts, etc. in my closet.  There is now a big box on its way out of here.  Next up will be tops when I get a chance.  They claim you wear 15% of your clothes 85% of the time.  Sounds about right!  We had the leftover lasagna for dinner.

On Tuesday I was invited to a Newcomer's Tea as a thank you to this year's Activity Chairs.  It was catered by Pretty Posh Parties and was oh so formal and classy!  The tables and chairs were beautifully set and we were served quiche, small sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, cookies and tea.  The sugar cubes were pastel colored butterfly shapes.  I won a Panera Bread gift card.

When I returned home I finished up the three loads of laundry I had started before I left while Ted fixed dinner.  We had salads with grilled chicken.  I needed that to counteract all those carbs and sugar!

I got around to my tops on Wednesday.  Now there are two boxes going out and my closet looks so much better.  In the afternoon, friends Kelly and Mike stopped by for a visit.  We are friends through mutual friends and then Facebook.  We have watched their 5 grandchildren and our 4 grow up in our years of knowing one another.  We eventually went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and stretched our wonderful visit to almost four hours.  We just might cross paths again in Indiana this summer.  We were so glad they made time to see us. 

Since it has been awhile that I have been available to help at a funeral lunch at church, I signed up for Thursday because Ted had a big shoot and was going to be gone all day.  It was a small group of about 60 people and four of us were able to handle it with no problem.  I made a fruit salad and took it along.  I was home by 2:00 so I still had a long wait for Ted to come home.  

I am having difficulty getting my whole blog to publish.  It picks up what I write at first but if I go back to add, it doesn't publish that.  I will try writing and publishing each time I write to see if that helps.  I am tired of re-typing!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Ironman Texas

I handled the three suitcases' contents and our mail on Monday after our arrival home.  That gave me Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for our own personal Ironman (Ironwoman?), my sister Margaret.  A lot of shopping and cleaning plus laundry was involved but I was ready on Thursday morning for an early trip to the airport. 

Our first stop was for her to register.  This is big business!!  Lots of vendors are in the Ironman Village too.  Participant Shirt (Margaret Kennedy).  

A quick photo of the three of us.  

We accomplished all she had to do as far as logistics, locating her bicycle transporter, etc.  and then we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes before heading home.  After visiting and naps we opted for Joe's Italian restaurant for dinner for her heavy carb diet prescribed before the race.  Did I mention it is 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and a full marathon of 26.2 miles running.  I have been elected to clap and cheer.  

A swimming practice was being held between 8-10 on Friday morning.  Ted made waffles (carbs) for breakfast before he left to work at a chaplains' gun shoot at his club.  I drove Margaret to the Marriott to meet up with her friends to do their practice swim and to find the Transition area, Finish Line, etc.  She called after 12 to come get her.  She didn't want lunch and promptly took a nap.  In the time she was gone I went to the store and made two lasagnas - one vegetarian for her and one regular one for our dinner.

I was up at 4 am to take Margaret to the race venue.  She gave me her phone to keep and my communication now depended on the Ironman app.  I checked as she completed the 2.4 mile swim, the 112 miles biking and she was a few miles into the 26.2 run when we went to church.  When I checked later her check-ins had stopped about a third of the way into the run.  I knew something was wrong and we went immediately to the area of the Finish Line to inquire.  She had been taken to Medical having collapsed from heat exhaustion.  By the time we made our way to Medical we learned she had been released at 6:12.  We learned later they could not find her emergency paper with my number on it so she could not call me.  Kristin suggested I try to contact her friend in Florida through Facebook and lo and behold she had contacted him and he had sent me a message to call her at a phone number of a friend.  We met her in the hotel lobby all wrapped in a silver warming blanket.  But she was feeling better and we brought her home.  After a shower she went right to bed.

An 11:15 flight Sunday morning meant packing up to head back to Florida for her.  She felt much better and was in fine spirits when we dropped her off at the airport.  She was handling her disappointment very well.  Her race time numbers were right on target and the heat exhaustion hits many as evidenced by all the beds in Medical having been full.  She proudly wore her Texas Ironman backpack on the plane.

Ted and I headed to Katy to meet Tal and Cindy at a sporting clays competition followed by dinner.  I fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got home.  This Ironman thing can be tiring even for those of us who clap, cheer and worry!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On to St Marys, OH

We were in no big hurry Monday morning but we did have to watch the time because we had to turn the car in back at the airport before our weekend time was up and then start our weekly rental.  Sounds crazy but doing it that way versus a 10 day rental was $2200 versus $800!  You read that right!  The airport taxes almost doubles the cost.  We were allowed to keep the same car so that made it easy.  Drive in, get recorded, drive out.  

It started snowing!  Not heavy, but enough you could see it and the streets were wet.  Then it sleeted.  Oh happy days!  It didn't take but a few hours to get to our next destination, Sue and Dan's.  It was in the 30s and I was ill prepared clotheswise.  While Dan went to sign his taxes, the three of us went shopping for some warmer clothes for me.  Jeans, slacks and a pullover sweater would hopefully get me through the cold spots of the next week.

We ate dinner at home and watched Netflix on TV.  We only have cable and found the programming interesting.  I would love to dump our cable.  After a good night's sleep Ted and Dan prepared to go shooting and Sue and I went shopping for their new grandbaby, #17!  I wrapped the things I bought and left the gift bag for them to deliver later.

Once the fellows came home and cleaned up, we drove to the Versailles Inn to meet their son Ed and his wife Vicki for dinner.  I had amazing walleye (pickerel to non-Michiganders) and lots of laughs.  We had an amazing time just talking and telling stories.  We all went to bed shortly after arriving back home.  The cool weather had done our shooters in.  We had to be on the road by 8:30 the next morning so another good night's sleep was in order.  It was a 2.5 hour drive to the Detroit airport to pick up Kristin.  

Our timing was spot on because she walked out just as we drove up.  From there it was just 45 minutes to Kara's.  Thursday we had lunch with Kelly and shopped for presents for Morgan.  Friday we arranged the flowers for the tables at the restaurant, picked up the cakes, pressed off clothes, etc., all in preparation for Morgan's Confirmation on Saturday.  Kristin's best friend since age 8 came for a visit with her 2 year old daughter..

Kara and Morgan went to church at 6 for practice and dinner while the rest of us went to Kelly's for dinner.  

Here are some photos of the Saturday celebration.

Flowers for the tables

Morgan being Confirmed


Kara's family

Us with Kelly's family and with Morgan 


 Two cakes, one gluten free for Morgan.  

On Sunday Bill's sister and brother in law came for dinner.  Ted made pulled pork, I tossed a salad and Kara made a fruit salad.  Morgan and I made a corn casserole too.  She was using her Home Economics skills!

Monday morning we were up and out at 9 am for the flight home.  We landed at 2:00 and were happy to arrive home a short time later.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Time in Cincinnati

We drove to the airport, parked offsite and took the shuttle to the terminal.  However, he dropped us all off at Arrivals instead of Departures!  I am not sure why but we had to make the best of it and make our way to the ticket counters upstairs.  I had paid for Premium seating on United so we had a very comfortable ride except for a bit of turbulence.  Finding the car rental at the airport was fun.  There are no signs!  National told us to follow the purple line but we couldn't find one.  The luggage guy said to go through the double doors which only put us outside with the parking lot and private pickups so we started walking and someone pointed to an area so we continued to there.  You can take a bus from this spot but still no signs!  Ted asked the driver if they were in the Witness Protection Program.  He laughed and said most everyone has trouble finding them.  Too much trouble to fix a known problem?

We chose a Chrysler 300 from the Emerald Aisle and drove across the river to Ohio where we stopped to get distilled water for Ted's CPAP machine and saw 12 Tesla charging stations in the parking lot.  A glimpse into the future I suppose.  

We eventually made it to Karen's.

On Saturday we went to Gabe's, a Ross type store, and ran into Karen's grandson and his wife.  They were just coming from a funeral and took the opportunity to shop this store since they live north of the city.  I bought a couple tops, gave them hugs, and we went home.  Church was at 5:00 and afterwards we went to a German restaurant that normally has great food.  After an hour's wait for a table we were served the worst meal I have had in ages!  Ted and Karen both sent stuff back and I just answered "no" when the waitress asked me if it was good.  Oh well, it is only one meal out of thousands I will eat in my lifetime!

Donna picked me up on Sunday and we made our way to our old high school.  We met up with 40 of the remaining 200 or so classmates who graduated in the Class of 1963.  What a fun time!  We had lunch, toured all the buildings and were allowed to use the marble stairs, a BIG no-no all those years ago.  Here we all are sitting on the marble stairs.  I am far left, top row because I am still able to climb, sit down and get up! 

Donna B R and Donna B P, friends since 1950

After four hours Donna dropped me off.  Cindy, Karen's daughter and her husband, had arrived and we got in a short visit before we left to see Ted's family.  We had a great meal with Peg, Dave and Dan.  When we returned to Peg's, Kevin and Barb joined us for Graeter's ice cream for dessert.  After a few hours we all headed home.  What a great day of seeing friends and family!  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Heading Out

It has been a very busy week.  Monday I had bloodwork done.  The results were two pages long and all marked NORMAL!   In the afternoon I played Hand and Foot at Kathleen's. Terry was celebrating his 75th birthday, so six of us had dinner at Landry's to celebrate that evening.

I worked in the morning at the Thrift Shop on Tuesday.  It has been difficult getting all my hours in with being out of commission last summer and gone this winter.  But I am in striking distance now and by the end of April will have accomplished my goal.  If I have time in May I will check the calendar to see if I can lend a hand somewhere.  Our group is committed to 10,000 hours and if all members did just what they had to, we would be 2,000 hours short.  So it is important to not only do your obligation but to add some extra hours when you can.

I saw the hematologist on Wednesday.  He was pleased with the blood test results, cut my medicine in half and said to return in six months.  That afternoon I played mahjongg and won a game.  I was a tile away two other times so I know what I am doing.  Sometimes you just don't get the tiles!

Thursday was Ted's turn to see the doctor to set up his annual endoscopy.  I had lunch with the neighborhood ladies and at 4:00 saw the cardiologist.  She has started the paperwork on setting up the filter removal surgery.  I should hear from the Scheduler today. 

We fly out this afternoon for Cincinnati.  We will spend three nights at my sister's while I attend my 55th high school reunion.  The school is consolidating with another Catholic girls' school run by Mercy nuns and the property will be sold.  So this reunion has very special meaning.

Monday we move north on to my brother's for a two night visit with some shooting and fishing thrown in.  And Wednesday we will leave early enough to pick up Kristin at the Detroit airport at 11:00. All roads lead to Kara's where we will be for the next five nights to celebrate Morgan's Confirmation on Saturday.

We return Monday, the day before our 53rd wedding anniversary.  I think we may be too tired to even consider celebrating.  Maybe the next weekend.,

Here are a couple photos taken at the gala - The Big Board, the mechanical bull and the venue and crowd.