Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hitting the Ground Running

We arrived home Wednesday about 2 pm.  After unloading the car I left for the nail salon before I put somebody's eye out!  I was in desperate need of a mani/pedi and had already broken a nail.  This was a desperate situation much like my hair was when we arrived home in August.

On Thursday I attended our ladies neighborhood luncheon and got caught up on all the local news.  Ted used his time to mail two packages, some letters and make a bank deposit.  When I got home he took my car to be inspected so I can get my plate renewed.  All these things pile up when you are gone.  

Friday I made a fruit salad for a funeral at church and after taking it there did all the laundry and then had dinner with John and Irene before attending a play at the theater.  It was after 11 when we got home.

Saturday Ted worked a fund raiser at the gun club.  I am glad he has this outside interest that he enjoys.  Everyone needs something to occupy their free time so you don't get bored or boring!  After church we went to play cards at Linda and Ray's.  Ted won at his table but I was knocked out of second place when I was caught on Hand 5.  We didn't plan on such a busy weekend on our return, it just happened.

Sunday I spent most of the time that Ted was gone shooting, working on a photo book of our cruise.  Because some of the photos were .png files, Shutterfly could not process them.  So I moved on to Mixbook which could.  It takes awhile to download what I had, grab some from FB and email then get them to Mixbook to use.  I have over 23 pages done but am waiting on Kristin's photos.  I have several pages of the other two families and need some of her and Larry.

Here are some random photos of us and the grandkids.


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