Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And Away We Go!

Sunday we met up with several couples that we have met over the years.  Some we know better than others but it was a delight to see them all.  We had brunch at Victoria Palms at 10 and I felt like I had never stopped eating from the day before.  A great surprise was to run into Lana and Randy from Chanute KS, one of the HitchHiker owners we met at various rallies.  We had run into them at Pepe's on the River last year and shared tables mixing their group and ours.  What a fun place, that is now up for sale. El Charro, that we found last year and had a great time visiting, is also closed.  Maybe we are the kiss of death for drinking establishments.

I dropped Ted off at the gun club where the guys from brunch all headed, plus Mark was called to join them.  He was to drive Ted home.  We were invited to Niles and Sue's for dinner so I put together an ambrosia salad before heading out for my last Mah Jongg games of this season.  I think Carol got one Mah Jongg but the rest were wall games where we all seemed to be a tile or two away.  We seem to be getting closely matched in our play.

We barely got home and it was time to go across the street and join the other 16 folks for Niles' attempt to make Ted's pulled pork.  It was done just right.  Kudos to the student and master.  Eventually we headed back across the street.  Monday morning was quickly gaining on us.

Because we had done some things preliminarily, we didn't have much to do in the morning.  By 9:00 we were ready to roll.  There were lots of hugs and handshakes as we headed out.  We appreciate all the friendship extended to us in this wonderful retirement community.  We certainly look forward to our return next year.

We drove north for 4.5 uneventful hours.  My leg and hip started to hurt some but I used the cruise control to give my leg a rest and it helped.  We pulled into the campground in Victoria and left immediately to eat.  I used Yelp to choose a burger place since the Pump House was not open.  We ended up at Big Jim's and it was a great choice.  Nothing to write home about on decor but the burgers and fries were way above average.

Last Monday our grandson Sam was in New York with his high school philharmonic orchestra to play Carnegie Hall.  I posted on Facebook but Sam wanted me to cover it in my blog too.  So here is a quick trip to NY.

This is photo #1 for my 2017 Christmas card.  This was such an overwhelmingly wonderful opportunity for these young people and for most, a once in a lifetime achievement.  It was the graphic on their T-shirts.  

On stage getting ready to perform.

Then the tourist things came into play.

My SIL Bill with Granddaughter Morgan who went to NY too.

And the finale, a performance of Aladdin.

They all returned home totally exhausted but it is a trip I doubt any of them will forget.

Tuesday we left about 9:00 stopping twice for bathroom breaks.  I stopped as we passed the house to unload what I had in the car while Ted continued on to the campground.  When I caught up with him he was set up and we both got busy.  I emptied the refrigerator and freezer so we could leave the doors open.  Ted shampooed the carpets.  With my car empty I was able to put all my clothes and the pantry and cold food in.  Then we left immediately for home.  The only thing left to do was get Ted's clothes and clean the floors and bathroom.  On Wednesday the rains came!  Ted eventually went back over to get his clothes and did the floors.  What a guy!  Thursday I cleaned the bathroom and we put her away until June. 

Things were a bit chaotic at the house yet and our TV went kaput in our absence.  Everything is fuzzy, green and purple.  We called our friend John who handles media set ups.  Trouble is he has moved to Georgetown!  Not to worry.  He ordered us a new one and is coming to spend the weekend while we wait for the TV to arrive Monday.  That threw us into overdrive.  I did all the laundry, took care of 3 months worth of mail, did our taxes (ouch big time!), put all the clothes and things we brought home away.  Then we dealt with the yard.  I have a few choice words for our lawn maintenance company.  It is apparent that despite paying them in advance they saw no need to come on a regular schedule.  Our lawn was inches thick with oak leaves, ant hills were all over and some plantings were dead from the freeze.  

Ted cleaned all the pollen off the table, chairs and deck.  He put out our new umbrella then cleaned the courtyard of pollen and leaves.  I put my little Mexican statues on the bricks that stick out (creating an escape ladder in case of fire). 

 The garage door got fixed but the original white paint showed a bit on the side where the door got shifted with the new rollers.  So I painted that.  Ted spray painted the wicker table on the front porch while I swept the leaves and shook the pillows.  I raked some of the oak leaves that were all over the place.  No way did they come and do the yard last week. 

We were orderly by the time Sherida and John arrived.  We went out to dinner to a fish place.  Saturday after Mass we all met Gerre and Barry for dinner and then to see The Three Musketeers.  It was good but so very long.  It was 11:30 when we got home.  

Sunday was bad weather all day.  I fixed breakfast and Ted and John worked on a stand for the TV to optimize the placement of speakers.  I fixed dinner and we played Shanghai.  Hopefully the TV will arrive early enough for John to get it all set up.  We have been watching the TV we use for the Wii.  It is sitting on our cooler.  None of us can even read the Guide, the writing is too small.  We decided it looked like a robot.  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Last Week

Sunday was our second last one to be here.  We are pulling out a week from tomorrow.  It is a sad time to leave our second home but exciting to get back to take care of things.  We leave in the darkening days of winter and return to full blown spring.

Ken called to say our armadillo is back and has torn up our backyard pretty badly.  Obviously the grub treatment, coyote urine and dried blood only worked so long.  Hopefully getting the fence repaired may help.  There are all kinds of critters in the easement beyond the fence.  Fence first, grass second!

I did my last load of laundry for the season in the morning while Ted went skeet shooting.  When he returned we went to get coffee since we were out.  Groceries have been put on hold so we have less to carry home from the trailer but no coffee for a week just won't do!

At 2:00 I went to play Mah Jongg.  There were 9 players so we had 3 tables of 3 players.  We named our ghost Phyllis and played 4 games, I won 3!  I tried hands I had never done before and did well.    Made me proud of how far I have come.

I came home to find Ted doing some prep work for leaving.  I brought the extra dinette chairs, my Instant Pot and countertop oven in from the coach house and redid the closet I had removed them from when we arrived.  It just made life easier with them more readily available and less stuff in the closet was nice.  Ted did most of dinner and I did the dishes.  

We are trying to fit all that needs to be done into this last week.  The car and truck need to be detailed, our RV washed, I am shopping with Karen on Wednesday, our last Couples Lunch is Monday, I have to pick up my medical file to take home with my MRI disc, the shooters dinner and awards is Saturday! Of course I will try to fit my last 3 days of Mah Jongg in and one last time to attend Mass with Fr. Roy.  

Our reservation is in Victoria for one night and two nights at the one close to home.  It is too hard to pull in one day, get it empty and cleaned by the next morning to put away.  We need to empty the refrigerator and clean it first thing so it can dry out totally since we cannot open the freezer at all when closed up and we don't want a plugged defroster drain again.  This time we need to shampoo the carpets too so that will be done second so they have over 24 hours to dry.  The rest is taking everything home that needs to go and cleaning really good.  It wears you out.  Having that second day just makes things easier.  We just aren't as young as we used to be.

Breezes was our Monday lunch location and there were over 30 people present.  The food was good and the luncheon menu well priced but the noon lunch was just being served to the last third of the group at 1:35!  I am sure there were lots of unhappy campers.  We arrived early and were served quickly, at least three of us were.  As they delivered our food they asked Charles how he wanted his mushroom burger cooked!!  We were done eating when his came but it was long before the 1:35 serve time.

We stopped and made appointments to have both the truck and car detailed before we leave.  They are both dirty as can be.  Ted helped Mark move his outdoor furniture to the new house while I went to the nail salon.  So long, Gina. See you next year.  

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched the premiere of Dancing With The Stars and I only know 5 of the 12 "stars."

I didn't sleep well Monday night, woke up at 3 am and heard Jonathan and Shelly pull out at 5:00 am and never did go back to sleep.  We didn't have anything particular to do so I wasn't concerned.  I have years of sleeping just a few hours a night, not just recently.  Maybe it is my medicine.  I did my straightening up, ate breakfast and lunch sort of as one meal and played Mah Jongg at 2:00. Got a Mah Jongg and Sue got two.  

Ted was at Niles when I got back so the four of us sat out until it was time for dinner - more leftovers.  

Wednesday I drove to the Imaging Center to pick up my medical file then proceeded to pick up Karen.  We stopped in Weslaco at Wells where I bought awesome shoes for the wedding and 3 other items.  

Ooh La La!

Next we stopped at Sam's for beans for Saturday night then on to TJ Maxx where I bought a baby gift and two more tops.  I have a nice start to setting aside my cruisewear.  If I wear and launder it all summer it will be all faded and worn so I will set it aside.

We met up with the fellows eventually and went to El Patio for a late lunch/early dinner.  Our night meal was an orange while we watched Survivor.

Mimi drove to breakfast Thursday morning and only five attended.  So many have left for home.  But it is so nice to have good conversation without a big crowd.  When I returned home Richard was just arriving to wash and wax the RV and I followed Ted to the detailer to leave my car.  When it was finished, Ted took the truck to leave and picked up my car.  He stopped at the store for ketchup, brown sugar and bacon for the beans I am making for Saturday's Shooter Banquet.  

Eventually we went to get the truck and then went to Mark and Dortha's for pizza and to see their new house.  There were 7 couples and we had a good visit.  We came home about 8:00 and closed up for the night.

Saturday we went to get our hair cut.  Then we returned a flashlight to Ford left by a serviceman when he worked on my car.  For our gesture we were given a coupon for a free oil change!  Since we hadn't had anything but coffee, we stopped for lunch at McDonald's for more fish!

Niles came over and asked Ted to take him grocery shopping.  He wants Ted to show him how to make pulled pork.  Then Sue came over to say she will stop for me when it is time to play Mah Jongg.  In the meantime I was sorting my clothes (stay vs. home) and dusting all the wood in the bedroom. 
I drove me and Sue to the clubhouse because her golf cart needed to be plugged in.  It was hot and we were late.  We ended up with three tables but only 3 at our table and we all got a Mah Jongg.  When we came home I fixed grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Just a few Friday's left!

Saturday I fixed the beans and put them into the refrigerator.  It was two big 13 X 9 pans full.  At 3:00 we took them to the clubhouse and put them in the oven, leaving instructions for them to be taken out at 5:10. Then we left for our last Mass of the year with Fr. Roy.  He was in rare form and we enjoyed our last sermon.  Dinner was served just as we returned.  The beans were great from all accounts and just the right amount.  We watched a highlight video of activity at the range this year but we didn't win any door prizes or the gun so eventually we came home.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Less Than Two Weeks To Go

We were up early to make our 8:30 appointment with Dr. Flores in Progreso to have our teeth cleaned. Afterwards Ted went for a pedicure and I enjoyed my only pastry of the season with a cup of coffee at Renee's while I waited for him.  I bought a purse at one of the small stores before going to Jessica's for the balance of the eyedrops we need to get through until we come back in January.  We took advantage of our free margarita even though it was 11 am.  Someone said it was 5:00 in Poland!  The music was playing great songs to dance to but no one was dancing!  We were not going to venture out there on our own!!

When we came home we went to the grocery and the post office to get small boxes to send the pills out that we had purchased for others.  After dinner we watched the finale of one of the strangest seasons of The Bachelor.  

Tuesday was our normal routine, Ted took the clay pigeon thrower down to the gun range but only he and Mark showed up so he worked with him again.  While he was gone I vacuumed and dusted.  It is a constant fight especially with the fields being plowed and the traffic of the Border Patrol on the unpaved levee road.  Mah Jongg was at 2:00 and we four neighbors, Kathy, Sue, Linda and I, were at one table.  Kathy is in charge of the St. Patrick potato bake and we are all helpers.

Dinner was beef stew made in my pressure cooker.  It turned out well again this time.  Wednesday was going to be another early day so we went to bed earlier than usual.

My Wednesday morning appointment was with the doctor who has been seeing me and managing my medicine and shots.  The second shot did not do much and the pain is starting back up.  Instead of receiving a third shot, he adjusted my medicine and will have my records available for me to pick up next week.  Then I can see the pain doctor who took care of Ted prior to his back surgery when I get home.  

We had invited our Lark neighbors for dinner Thusday night so we had to go to the grocery.  We did that after Ted came back from the skeet club.  He rubbed his pulled pork to sit overnight.  I made a chocolate eclair cake because it needs to sit overnight.  We watched Survivor of course.

Thursday was busy!  I picked up Joanne and Ginger for breakfast and got the Cafe Lechero.  It fascinated me watching them make them all winter.  No one warned me how hot the glass would be!  It was good but nothing to write home about (though that is what I just did, didn't I?).  Our numbers are shrinking because so many folks are heading home.  

When I arrived home Ted was shredding his pork. 

I made shell macaroni salad and started to make cole slaw but the apple I bought to put in it and the bags of chopped cabbage were nowhere to be found.  We obviously didn't get one bag off the belt or out of the cart so Ted went back.  There was a long line at Customer Service so he just bought it again.

Ten of our Lark Drive neighbors came over at 4:30 for drinks and appetizers before dinner. It was a nice time to relax before we kicked into gear for the St. Patrick's Day Potato Bake.  The Lark Drive group was in charge.  

Friday we were scheduled to go up at 1:00 to set up tables and do whatever else needed to be done.  I did a load of laundry and when I got back Ted said everything was done and we weren't needed until 4:00.  Things were under control and we fed 131 people in 20 minutes!  I was serving butter with a scoop from my right hand and sour cream with another scoop from my left.  Who knew I was ambidextrous?

Ted and Mark ready to serve pulled pork on top of the potatoes.

Sue, Linda and Bruce at their station that duplicated mine and Bob's.

 Some attendees all decked out.

Saturday was quiet.  Ted took my car to the Ford dealer because there was a wet spot on the floor on the passenger side and appeared out of nowhere.  It was just water but was not dripping from under the dash.  Turns out a critter chewed on the drain tube from the heater core that collects condensation from the AC.  Or something like that!  Anyway we had to hang around waiting for it to get finished.

We asked our potato crew if they wanted to go to Dirty Al's for dinner after all our hard work for the potato bake so all 10 of us met there at 5:30 after we went to church.  I was bummed because I was looking forward to the coconut shrimp I had last time but it isn't on the regular menu!  Only fixed occasionally as a special.  We had a nice time and Dortha invited us all to their new house on Thursday because they are closing that morning.  No furniture so bring your own chair and pizza will be served!  They will leave their motorhome on their RV site until the furniture has been delivered so it doesn't block the way.  

They have their RV lot for sale and have purchased a port home.  They tried to get us to buy it, or do a 6/6 rental but we said no, we are happy with a 3 month rental.  We are set for next year!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Time March(es) On

While Ted shot skeet on Sunday, I went next door to do two weeks of laundry.  The machines are so large I can get done in two hours.  When I came home I had time for a sandwich before heading to Mah Johgg.  I finally got a Mah Jongg, it has been a long while!  I also took a bunch of nothingness and managed to make a good hand (but not good enough!) and when my hand went dead I was able to switch gears but not in time!  Progress!

When I returned we left immediately to pick up Jay and Stella.  We had plans to eat at Cheddar's.  Being it was Sunday, 4:30 was a really busy time and we waited a little over 30 minutes for a table.  Service was not slow but the sheer volume of food being prepared made waiting longer than usual. It was all very good as it always is.   We had a nice visit and it was dark by the time we got home.  We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

Monday was ladies lunch day.  Just as I was leaving, Ruth came by to collect $3 for the Survivor pool.  I picked Zeke from last season.  Hope he does well!  Ted had called the AC place and learned our unit was in and they would be over to install it.  I picked up Marissa, Joanne and Bev but Coco was stuck at the doctor and Ginger simply forgot!  We had about a dozen ladies and a good discussions of things we have made/are making.  My recent list was not very long but when the kids were young, I baked and sewed many things in their school days.  Coco's husband dropped her off so we gave her a ride home.

My tire light came on when I drove home and Ted checked them all.  My right front one had a big nail in it.  He had been getting tire prices because my tires were ready to be replaced so there was no time like the present!  So off we went to Pueblo Tire.  All four tires were replaced with new Firestone tires.  We came home, made dinner and watched TV while I worked on my table runner.

Tuesday was Mah Jongg again.  All four of us each got a Mah Jongg and there was one wall game.  Two ladies are seasoned players so it appears we newbies are moving right along.  As soon as I got home it was time to go to the clubhouse for the fish fry and wine tasting sponsored by the lawn service.  This has to be a major contract for them and it was a nice gesture.  We started saving a table for 8 and ended up with over 20 by continuing to add tables.  It was a beautiful evening to be outside on the patio overlooking the pool.

There was fried catfish, tator tots, hush puppies, Cole slaw and brownies plus wine.  There was a big turnout but I think the food held out.  It was another nice night.  

On Wedneaday Linda and I drove to Mercedes to the Outlet Mall and also stopped for lunch at Outback Steakhouse.  After soup and salad we headed to the stores.  We were disappointed that there was no Chico's anymore.  We both bought things at Hanes, I bought a pair of cute Crocs that don't look at all like Crocs and a few items at BonWorth.  I really like their clothes - reasonable, comfortable and launder well.  Then I treated myself to a new Coach purse.  My last one is getting a bit shopworn.  It rained really hard and we were walking in a few inches of water.  There weren't any other stores we needed to visit so we came home.

Thursday is still Ladies Breakfast day so off we went to Rosie's.  I am going to hate cooking again when we get home!  There wasn't a big group but a few new ladies made it interesting.  People are from all over and it is entertaining to exchange stories.  Biggest topic now is "when are you leaving?"  Some live here full time but travel to get out of the heat and folks like us travel back to our "bricks and sticks" as regular homes are called in RV lingo!  It started raining so we pretty much stayed in all afternoon.

Friday was a very nice day and we had errands to run in the morning.  I will take a stained glass class next year and make a sunflower patio table.  Our first stop was Target to buy an 18 inch glass top folding patio table.  I can leave it here with Kathy until I return.  Next we stopped at Hobby Lobby to look for yellow glass but we had no luck.  I will try at home.  We went to the bank, then McDonald's for a Friday fish sandwich for lunch.  We returned home in time for the hearing test set up in the clubhouse.  He said I could hear grass grow but Ted misses 3-4% of spoken words.  He advised him to be checked in one year.  Then it was time for Mah Jongg.  I had no Mah Jonggs but got within one tile a few times.  We completed 6 games so our play is speeding up.  

When I returned home Ted said he called the lady who owns this lot to make arrangements for next year and she told him she had rented it to someone else for 4 months versus our 3.  I understand her decision but don't understand why in the month that has passed she didn't tell us.  We started scrambling because it is late in the season.  With the help of a good friend here, we were able to secure a lot on the same street but the opposite side and a few down.  It was not in the rental program.  We told her if she was more comfortable just renting the spot without access to the coach house, that was fine.  Hers is beautiful and she doesn't know us so that is the deal we struck.  There is more room including a pergola covered patio with nice outdoor furniture and big grill.  We will be OK there.

On Saturday we drove to the flea market to pick up three things we needed.  It will be our last trip there this year.  Then we had lunch at Freddy's, a newly opened chain.  The burgers are a bit thin so I would recommend getting at least the double.  However, their custard is to die for.  We tried a mini sundae just to check it out.  

Later in the afternoon we went to church and there were six huge balls of flowers, mostly pink roses.  By big I am talking 3 feet in diameter.  There was a 7th spray of pink roses at the feet of a wall hanging of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I knew in an instant a wedding was happening at 5:15!  I would have liked to see the procession of what I bet was an incredibly awesome bridal party.  

We came home in time to change clothes for a dance with Ralph and the Cruisers again.  Or as Ted says, American Bandstand for Seniors!  About 12 couples attended.  We danced some and enjoyed all of the music.  It was over at 10:00 and we came right home.  I needed to turn the clocks back!

Sunday was our usual skeet for Ted and Mah Jongg for me.  I had a Mah Jongg on the first hand but went downhill from there.  I had not taken my phone so did not get Ted's text that we were due at Bonnie's at 4:30 for happy hour.  She had invited the folks that will be our neighbors and the folks now on the lot we will occupy next year.  We know the first couple and met the other one when we walked down.  But it was a very nice gesture on her part to be sure everyone knew one another.

It was after 7:00 so dinner was late!

I wanted to share some photos Sherman took over in the park recently.  The flowers, butterflies and birds are all coming back.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Beginning of the End of Our 2017 Stay

March started on Wednesday!  2017 is flying by!

Gerre, Barry and Tucker took off a little before 8:00. She gifted me a Mah Jongg set she had brought with her for us to play.  When I tried to give it back to her, she said it was for me to keep. It is absolutely gorgeous.  Instead of plain white, the backs have blue flowers in clear plastic.  I can't wait to show the Mah Jongg gals.  What a wonderfully special gesture.  I know two groups play at home but it will be so nice to have my own game.  

We wasted the whole day waiting for the AC repairman.  Instead of enjoying Smokin' on the Rio BBQ cook off events, we stayed close to home because no time was given.  It was about 3:00 when he came.  After much stopping, starting, pushing, clicking it was determined that the unit is shot.  Our extended warranty company was closed on Saturday but they had opened a claim on Friday.  Ted called the info into the repairman's office so they can file the claim Monday.  We have no idea when this will all get done.  The one AC is doing a decent job with the door closed at the stairs.  When it cools down at night we open it and use a fan in the bedroom and we are comfortable.

So we missed church at 4:00 and had to find another Mass later.  Our neighbors had invited us to dinner at Wallbangers and we were glad we didn't offer to meet them!  We ended up at a 6:00 Spanish Mass!  We came home to leftover meatballs and spaghetti and then put our feet up.  It was a busy week, well worth the effort, but kicking back felt good!

On Sunday Ted went to Coyote instead of Mission Skeet to shoot sporting clays with his group.  They just wanted to do something different.  I putzed around making myself an omelette, straightening up, getting ready, etc.  As soon as Ted came home it was time for me to go to Mah Jongg.  I didn't take my set because I need to get a special bag for it.  I was one tile away in two games and nowhere near in the third.  We all continue to learn as situations arise and we need verification on a rule.

Ted was across at Sue and Nile's when I walked back so I joined them.  We stayed there until way past dinner time so we asked if they wanted to go to Soup and Salad but they declined.  While we were there Stella called and invited us to her birthday lunch on Monday at Kurai Chinese Buffet.  I don't know what I ate but I liked it!  There were 10 of us in all and only one couple was new to us.  It was nice to see everyone.  

Tuesday, while Ted shot clay birds, I had my nails done.  Sure wish I could take Gina home with me!  I went to the grocery afterwards and made it home just in time to go play Mah Jongg.  No one won any game, they were all wall games.  Not sure if that means we are that good or that bad!  I fixed dinner so we could be outside to watch the Mardi Gras parade.  We ended up with Niles, Sue and Dortha joining us in our drive.  Beads, candy and doubloons were thrown during the parade.

The Border Patrol led the parade! 

After the parade we were all invited to the Clubhouse for drinks and dessert.  The Line Dancing Class provided a bit of entertainment.

We had another beautiful sunset to end the day.

Wednesday I had a doctor appointment at 8:30.  He decided I should get one more shot, continue my meds until all the pain is gone, then back off the meds gradually.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  The one concern he raised was a notation in the report of "stenosis in the central canal."  That could involve an ablation or worse, a laminectomy.  But let's hope it doesn't come to that.  I am doing much better and hope this lasts for a long time.  

We stopped to see Sandy and Rusty's new furniture in their Mobile Suites.  It was purchased in Shipshawana IN, made by the Amish.  They build it from frame to upholstery.  It was really nice and confirmed our plan to go to Lambright as soon as we arrive.  That will give us a week for them to come up with what we want.  Sandy chose a set off the showroom floor.  If we can't get it then, we can go back through there in August on our way south.  Let's hope it works out.

Ted went to shoot skeet when we came home and I did all the work I hadn't done before we left at 7:45.  Late in the afternoon we went to McDonald's for fish sandwiches for dinner.  Just as we finished Bob and Kathy came in.  She had cataract surgery in the morning and had a clear patch plus dark glasses on.  We decided to stay and had a nice visit with them.  It was dark when we got home.

Thursday is breakfast out so I picked up Marissa, Joanne and Ginger.  We arrived first so got to choose where to sit versus taking leftover seats.  Remember - if you are on time, you are late!  We had a great conversation about ancestry with Joanne who is adopted, Ginger who was adopted by an aunt and uncle, me who was raised by grandparents and Marissa who is Spanish and has 8 last names!!  We encouraged Joanne to take the DNA test.  She could have siblings she knows nothing about!

We had to tell our neighbors we couldn't go to Poncho's for dinner because we had to leave at 5:00 to get to Weslaco by 6:00.  Construction starting on 23rd Street exit slows the traffic down.  We made it in 35 minutes though.  I apologized to our neighbors because it seems every time they ask us to eat out, we can't!

I had another shot(s) in my back.  First it is really cold numbing lotion, then numbing shots and then the medicine so I don't know just what they do back there.  The pain in my leg stops instantly!  We stopped again at Luby's on the way home.  It is a cafeteria and we can get whatever we want.  I had chicken fried chicken and Ted chose Salisbury steak with grilled onions.  We both cleaned our plate.  Eating at 7:30 will do that to you!

Friday we whiled away the whole morning before even getting dressed.  We had some lunch and I prepared to go to Mah Jongg while Ted left to see about getting tires on my car.  He came home shortly after me and we had pancakes for our first meatless Friday this Lent.  After an evening of TV, we headed to bed.

Saturday it rained!  The first hard rain we have had since coming January 2.  We stayed in, eating a late lunch, then went to church.  We called Linda and Bruce to see if they wanted to play card bingo next door.  They agreed and we picked them up.  I won the first game, Ted the second and that was it!  Since we only had one meal we decided to go to Dairy Queen.  The four of us talked until 10 pm.  We enjoy having one on one time with our friends here.  Mostly we are in groups and it is hard to have these good discussions.

We are down to three weeks before heading home!