Monday, October 8, 2018

A week with Irene

After hosting the breakfast on Thursday with Irene and shopping with her on Saturday, on Sunday she and John invited us to Del Frisco's to celebrate my birthday.  We met them after they had been to church.  This restaurant is not on my WW app so I couldn't determine points but they did list calories.  I chose fish and chips based on that!  I was amazed that was the best choice of the things I liked.  They brought us a complimentary appetizer and I had a piece and then they comped us a small coconut cream pie (my absolute favorite) for my birthday and I took a small piece and the others finished it.  It is fabulous, best ever.  I never got hungry the rest of the day so when Ted heated up some leftover chili, I ate an apple.  Result on Monday?  A half pound down from Sunday morning.  I think the trick to this Maintenance is plan ahead, use what is available to determine your best option, celebrate important things and watch day by day so things don't get out of hand.  

Monday I went to the hematologist's office for bloodwork so results would be ready for my Wednesday  morning appointment.  It was only 45 minutes over, blood drawn and back home.  I had Carol, Irene and Mary stopping over at noon so I finished up around the house.  Ted was already gone shooting.  Mary was subbing in Canasta and we played a single hand to help her refresh then all traveled together to Jane's.  Her husband played with us when a sub cancelled at the last minute.  I came in second, a first in this group.  

Tuesday I was back at Irene's to assess the furniture and the swatches we had collected.  Once we thought we knew what she was going to do we left for another trip to the Upholstery shop.  Little by little we got the various patterns matched up to the correct furniture.  We chose one pattern from his stock and then made our way across to the fabric shop to get one final chair print and a valance to match.  Back to the upholsterer to determine how much of each we needed.  Then back to the fabric shop to buy it and one more trip over to give him the fabric.  I am certainly glad they were right across the street from each other!  

We had left at 10 and it was almost 4:00 when we got back.  I picked up my car, stopped for a bite since Ted was shooting (what else?) and I didn't feel like making something.  I was all ready to put my feet up!

Wednesday I met with the hematologist.  He complimented me on my weight loss, asked if my IVC filter had been removed (yes) and gave me a copy of my blood test results which were all good.  He said he would order a six month's prescription for my Eliquis at the same dosage.  I told him about the residue still in my vein that had the clot and that Dr. D wants to collapse a vein due to valve leakage when it is totally gone.  However, because I am doing so well I should see her in January to readdress it.  He said don't have it done.  I have no pain, no swelling, traveled on a 10 hour flight twice (wearing compression stockings) successfully and now have two friends who have had less than desirable outcomes.  I tend to agree with him but we will see what January brings.

Ted and I went to Sam's and Stein Mart before coming home.  We both got flu and pneumonia shots and a few other things at both stores.  Our new Medicare cards arrived so he left to have them laminated.  One more thing taken care of.  I guess eventually this new Medicare number will have to be given to all providers over the next year.  

Thursday was the monthly neighborhood birthday luncheon.  Jeanette always goes above and beyond when it is her month to choose.  I brought everyone an individually wrapped popcorn ball, she brought birthday glasses filled with peanuts and candy corn and also cupcakes.  Merry made place marker candy bags and of course everyone else had a card for each of the four birthday girls.  It was a nice afternoon and a great end to my birthday week.  Ted was gone when I got home so I took a nap.  Both my arms were sore from the shots and I woke myself up everytime I moved the night before.  

Friday was laundry day and not much else.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Jet Lag

I thought arriving home at midnight and going right to bed for a night of uninterrupted sleep would get me turned around!  It sounded good in theory but hasn't worked out quite like that.  I have been falling asleep around 8 and waking up at 3 or 4!  No harm done but I really need to shift that 2-3 hours.  Tonight I am having iced tea with dinner.  It always keeps me awake.  

We unpacked, I did laundry, we went to church and our favorite Mexican restaurant where they have taken to greeting us with hugs, cleaned the house, was taken out for a Birthday lunch and had my nails done.  That's it besides posting all those pictures.

Since I was going to be busy Thursday, I weighed-in on Wednesday.  This was my 4th weigh-in in what is a 6-week Maintenance process so I thought I had two more weeks to go!  Nope!  I weighed exactly the same as the day I left on my cruise, 6 weeks had passed since I made Goal so I achieved Lifetime!  This means I have maintained my goal weight within 2 lbs. for six weeks.  Now I have to weigh-in once a month, stay within 2 lbs. up or down and I will not have to pay anymore!

Thursday was the Continental Breakfast I was helping with so I went to the store to buy what I needed and started chopping and mixing so I was ready bright and early Thursday morning. 

Our breakfast was a success!  Over 50 women came and put a pretty good dent in the food and emptied two 42 cup coffeepot contents and two 10 cup decaf pots!  My yogurt parfait bar received many positive comments and my pico de gallo impossible quiche was all gone.  Here are the hostesses.

It was my birthday so that evening we met Tommy and Susan at Saltgrass for a birthday dinner for Ted 9/27, Susan 10/3 and me 10/4.  Then we went to their motorhome at the campground for cake and to meet two more couples, friends of theirs.  Between the ice tea at dinner and getting home at 10:30, I slept until 7:30!

Friday we tackled the closet in the twin guest room.  We keep the luggage in there along with anything that needs to go back in the RV plus boxes and gift wrapping bags, paper, etc.  I also keep a pile going for the Paralyzed Vets that come once a month.  We emptied it of everything, moved the shelves around and then systematically put things back.  It is amazing the room you can achieve when you get organized!  Next up is the closet in the Queen guest room!

Saturday I went with Irene to an area of Houston where Wholesalers maintain all kinds of businesses,  to look for fabric.  We cut lots and lots of swatches, stopped at the Upholstery shop and feel we made great progress on choosing what will go on her chairs.  I asked to stop at my favorite flower shop and bought a new arrangement for the bathroom.

stop at Central Mart to look around followed by lunch at Cheddar's and it was time to head home.  We were delighted to hear of Kavanaugh's appointment on our drive north.  What an ugly thing that had turned into.  I would not have liked that to happen to anyone.  Character assassination with no proof.  That's just not right.  

We went to church and then out to dinner with Terry and Carol.  And now we start preparing for an RV trip to San Antonio for Ted to participate in the Sporting Clay Nationals.  My brother Dan and a whole entourage is coming from Ohio too.  We leave in a week and a half.