Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On Our Own

Kara and Bill arrived home safely and immediately went to bed.  Babysitting your parents can be exhausting!

Wednesday morning the PT fellow came and he has extended the weights and time for each of my rotations.  I am still doing well.  It is also helping my back.  I cannot have any epidural shots in my back while taking Eliquis nor any aspirin based products so it is going to be PT and Tylenol to get by.  

After lunch I went out alone, only the second time, to play Mah Jong.  It is a training class and I am ahead of those learning so I have to be patient while they contemplate their moves.  I will be able to play the next four times and then another 3-4 times before the next season starts.  Hopefully we will all be playing on a similar plane at that time.  

It was dinner time when I arrived home and Ted had dinner ready.  I talked to my sister-in-law Marge who had arrived in the area of the family reunion.  Many are disappointed that we are unable to attend. We are disappointed too.

We watched PBS for some reason and waited for the rains to come from Storm Cindy.  It did rain through the night but we got just the western bands of the storm.  It went ashore near the TX/LA border.  I didn't even know there were A and B storms already!

Before I went to bed, I checked my email and my biopsy results had been posted to my portal.  It was scary to look at but I would rather know going into the doctor Friday than remain in the dark. It said it was benign endometrial tissue.   However, it also said "scant sample so may not be representative."  That is good news but still leaves room to wonder.  I guess we'll know next steps, if any, on Friday.

Ted shot skeet on Thursday and I cleaned out 3 more drawers.  My bag for Paralyzed Texas Vets is full plus I have a few computer bags and a rug.  But I just might get to those brown and black slacks I need to try on.  

Around 5:00, our next door neighbors came over to visit.  They split their time between here, their house in Israel and their son's home in California.  We help out with mail and garbage cans when we are here.  Rafi had his hip replaced this past winter and now needs the other one done.  He wanted to know how I did with my second one.  And they were interested in how I was doing after my hospital stay.  We had a nice visit for a few hours and then we had a quiet evening.

Friday we went to see Dr. LB.  He said the news was good, benign, but I questioned him on the "scant" sample remark.  He said he took random samples circling three times and felt confident it was a good representation of the lining.  He did reiterate that normally he would do a D&C but for now he feels a follow-up ultrasound in 6 months will put us in a better position to go forward with that treatment.  I will take this report to the cardiologist so she knows where we stand.

My family is gathering in Pigeon Forge and they are sending greetings and photos.  One of the two couples we were going on to Nashville with has arrived with the other one due in tomorrow.  All my family should be there by dinner time this evening.  I bet their paths cross!

We are in for a boring weekend so I will end this here for now.  Maybe I will get more photos to post next time.


Friday, June 16, 2017

More Doctors

Kara and Bill arrived Thursday evening right on time.  Friday was my biopsy in the morning.  Dr. LB said he didn't see anything that looked suspicious but we have to wait until next week to see the results.  It wasn't too bad a procedure but it certainly wasn't a picnic!  There was no bleeding issue which was our primary concern and that was a major relief.  I spent most of the day on the couch with my feet up.

Bill fixed our closet catches, cleared the bathroom drain, installed a new thermostat that I can control from an app on my phone, installed an outside remote on the garage door, checked our A/C lines to insure they are clear, cleaned out the dryer vent and installed a dimmer for Aunt Carol.  What a guy!

On Saturday Bill checked our 14 year old water heater and pronounced it ready to die!  When he and Ted removed it there was a lot of sediment in the bottom so his assessment was correct.  Because Bill is an HVAC contractor we got a really good deal on a new one and free installation.  Ted took a spill off the tailgate of the truck when unloading the new water heater but said he was okay.  I bet he is sore tomorrow.

Kara made a grape salad for Sunday and I set the dining room table.  Terry, Carol and Irene were coming over and seven people fit easier around that table.  While Kara worked on stuff for her job I did 3 loads of laundry.  Things are returning to normal.  

We went to church at 5:00 and then to the Mexican restaurant we had taken Kristin to before she left.  Everyone enjoyed their dinner and margaritas.  Ted is limping but you know he isn't going to admit his knee and hip hurt.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  

Ted and Bill decided to check out Academy Sunday morning.  While Kara sliced cucumbers and onions for a side dish, I put the beans together and upon his return, Ted readied his grill and burgers.  About 11:30 Sherida and John stopped by on their way home.  They had their two Yorkies with them who were taking great delight in being taken in and out into the yard.  After they left, Bill took a much deserved nap, Kara continued working on her job things and I put out the dishes we would need to serve snacks and dinner.

Ted told me I bought him a bucket of bullets for Father's Day while he was at Academy.  The girls had gone together and bought him a new scope he wanted.  All in all, a good present day for him.

Sighting in the new scope.

With Kara here to help, we had invited Irene, Terry and Carol back for the Memorial Day cookout that never happened!  With everyone pitching in it was not too much on anyone except maybe Kara.  She is a trooper.  Dinner turned out great and we all had a good visit.  It also gave us some leftovers for Monday's dinner.

Thr PT fellow came Monday morning and as soon as I was finished Kara and I took off for bunco.  It was my second outing that wasn't a doctor's appointment or church!  Everyone was very glad to see me and thought I looked great.  That little boost in self confidence helps a lot.  Linda moved from table to table each time and we were all delighted to see her effort.  She looked much better and only needed someone to carry her glass of water for her.  Everyone enjoyed meeting Kara.  She had a nice time too, a much needed break from work and taking care of us.  Ted and Bill had gone to the gun club and shot sporting clays so they had a nice time too.

Ted grilled chicken breasts and we used the leftovers to make a dinner meal.  Ted put the old water heater out next to the recycling can and it was gone the next morning before the recycling truck came so I suppose some "junk man" took it for scrap.  Either way, it was gone!

Kara was still working so Bill took us to Costco since we don't have a card and we allowed our Sam's card to lapse.  But the drinks I paid $16.66 for at Sam's were $24.99 there. I also tried to buy print cartridges but they didn't carry them. Since these are two things I always got at Sam's, I guess I will renew and not get a Costco card as planned.  

The visiting nurse came after lunch and checked me out.  She is very happy with the appearance of my leg.  It has returned to normal size and appearance and she did some pressing and pulse taking and pronounced it as doing very well.  It is impossible to determine the status of the DVT but the lack of swelling, heat, redness and pain are all good things.

A bit later, after Kara laundered the linens and remade the bed, we left for a late lunch/early dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, their favorite restaurant here that they don't have at home.  Then we dropped them off at the airport.  With a huge storm forming in the Gulf, it is good they are getting out this evening!

Now we wait for the biopsy results on Friday.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Another Week Inside

We certainly miss our girls.  

Today I spent time in the office going through all our cancellations.  I checked off the ones that show credit to my credit card.  I wrote across the top of those I am still waiting for the credit and made a few calls to finish off the requests.  The only reservation in place is the hotel in Cleveland for wedding #1.  I want to get this first round done before I start making any more.

I got the rest of the house in order and called it a day about 3:30.  Ted picked up the six shots I have to take instead of the Eliquis in preparation for my biopsy.  He fixed dinner and we watched reruns on TV.

Saturday I got all my daily things done, Ted washed his truck.  In the afternoon I got my shower, washed my hair and picked out clothes for church.  I still have to do things in small segments because I tire very easily.  Bottom line, this is boring!

We went to church and then to Red Lobster with Terry and Carol.  I wanted some coconut shrimp.  It turned out to be a good choice and we all enjoyed our meals.  I had a glass of wine, the only liquid I have had besides water and one glass of OJ since leaving the hospital.  The veins on the back of my hands are reappearing.  Hopefully my hydration is returning to normal.

Sunday we were invited to Terry and Carol's again for dinner and cards.  Irene came too because John is out of town.  Terry grilled chicken breasts and Carol fixed several dishes, all of which were great.  She is really a good cook.  Afterwards we played cards.  I wasn't doing real well but did get a Shanghai on the 5th game.  But that wasn't enough to put me in 1st or 2nd place.  We brought lots of leftovers home so I am still reprieved from cooking!

Monday was PT day and after that ... nothing.  To pass some time I decided to try on all my slacks and capris to weed out whatever didn't fit or I no longer wanted.  I guess I have been this same size for quite awhile because after going through all the beige, white, navy and jeans, I only had 2 pair to put in the bag.  I will get to black and  brown another time.

Diana came on Tuesday and gave me the first Lovinix shot and showed me how to do it.  I gave myself these shots in 2007 after my first hip replacement so I knew it was easy and not painful.  When she left I got dressed and WENT OUT BY MYSELF to the country club for a working lunch.  Gail got last year's nursing home leaders to meet with us to take over the reins.  We had about a 2.5 hour lunch and went over our responsibilities.  I brought 3 bins of balloons, ribbons, name tags, decorations, cups, etc. home with me.  There are more in storage at the Forum office so we will have to go see what is there that we can use.  I did okay by myself and made it home just fine.  And Gail picked up the whole lunch tab!  It was productive and enjoyable to get out.

Wednesday I took a walk with my PT guy for about a block, half of it an upgrade.  We talked the whole way and by the time we got back to the house I was getting winded.  It is the first time I felt like I was pushing myself.  A block isn't much but it is a start.

In the afternoon I went to the pulmonologist.  He checked me out and said he feels I am back 80%. We had lots of questions that he answered.  I didn't know this but they talked about removing my PE when I was in the hospital but they felt it was too risky.  We asked if I can plan on going to Ohio and Michigan the end of July and he said if we stop every two hours and I do my leg and feet bends in the car, it should be okay.  He reminded us that since they don't know how or why I developed a clot there will always be a chance of developing another.  That's what the filter is for.  My insurance policy!

The biopsy is on Friday.  I will be back then!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Catching H*ll!

I am catching h*ll from my readers about not keeping up my blog.  There isn't a lot to report but here goes.

Both Kara and Kristin came to be with us.  They were so helpful with coordinating all the appointments, directions, tests, medicine dispensing, etc. as well as keeping the home fires burning and all of us fed. Many meals were brought in so in truth, cooking was minimal.   We all were most grateful for the food and goodies brought to us.

I had an appointment with the hematologist who has ordered blood tests to determine if I have any genetic reason for these clots since there is no apparent reason in my lifestyle.  Next was the cardiologist who did another ultrasound but there was no noticeable change in the DVT.  She has ordered a stress test for July 6.  Then she will see me July 11.

We went to my PCP who is the coordinator of all the "ologists."  He ordered a full CBC, urinalysis to be sure the UTI is gone and a hemocult at home test in lieu of a colonoscopy which wouldn't be wise at the moment.  Only my kreatnine remains a bit high.  That is a kidney enzyme and we will bring it up to the cardiologist to see if I need another ologist!  

Then we went to the GYN for the ultrasound.  It showed an 18mm lining versus a "normal" one of 5mm for my age.  So now we have a biopsy scheduled for 6/16 and Kara and Bill are returning.  Prayers are appreciated on this matter.  Think benign!

PT has been coming twice a week and the visiting nurse once a week.  It is comforting to have professionals checking on my vitals and progress.  I have exercises to do twice a day when PT doesn't come.

So that is where we are medically.  The good news is that I feel fine.  I have been pacing myself but have been able to do small things around the house.  Today I did three small loads of laundry.  In between I lay on the couch and elevate my leg.  My foot, ankle and lower leg had been swollen terribly but in the last two days it is almost normal!  We are hoping the Eliquis is working on the DVT and possibly dissolving it somewhat.  My pulse ox has been 98-99 on room air which is normal so we hope the PE is dissolving too.  

We have had many visitors which has helped pass the time.  And we were invited to Gerre's for dinner after 3 appts. in one day.  I sat in the recliner and promptly fell asleep!  The girls had a great visit and we all had dinner when I woke up.  

We had the front door refinished so now the whole outside is done.  Tree gone, fence repaired and cleaned, roof cleaned, house painted, deck stained and yard totally redone.  At least we will be able to enjoy it all this summer.  Our plans are kaput!

We canceled Pigeon Forge and my family reunion, the 3 days in Nashville, the week in Cincinnati to be able to spend the 4th at Elk Lake, our trip to the factory in Indiana and a week with my brother on Grand Lake.

Instead we will leave the last week in July to make Ted's family reunion in Cincinnati the last weekend in July.  We will drive so we can stop as often as we need to.  The next week we will go to Michigan for Ally's bridal shower the next weekend.  Then come home.

Near the end of September we will take the RV to Michigan, drive the truck to Cleveland for the first family wedding, return to Michigan for our granddaughter's wedding the next weekend.  When all the festivities are over we will head to Indiana for our two appointments to get some things fixed.  From there we will head for home.

This could all change but for now it is our goal.  It allows us to do the four most important family things and get the RV all fixed up.  There is always something to get worked on.  

Your concern and prayers are greatly appreciated.  I hope to be able to continue good reports!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Mundane

Just a quick posting to let you all know I am doing well.  I am probably going to have this massive DVT in my left leg to one degree or another for the rest of my life.  We have the filter in place as a precaution and I am on blood thinners.  Removal is very dangerous so that would be a last resort.  My ankle and leg will probably swell throughout the day the more I am on it or even sitting.  Lying down with it elevated for now has shown the only decrease in swelling.  Long rides will need to be broken up and the sardine seats in an airplane are no longer on my radar.  Premium or Comfort seats will be needed.  

The girls have been magnificent as well as all our neighbors, family and friends.  Gifts, flowers, balloons, food galore and cards a plenty have arrived to cheer me on.  It is working!  I am determined to return to my full calendar with a constant eye on my leg, breathing and hydration.  In retrospect I can see small signs that indicated something was going awry.  But none was readily apparent to me as anything of great concern.

We have one more hurdle to get over tomorrow with a transvaginal ultrasound to take a look at something that appeared on my abdominal CT in the hospital.  I am 17 years post menopausal with absolutely not even a whisper of anything wrong and I have yearly Pap smears which all have been normal.  But we will do this just to check it out.  

I hope all my readers are having a great summer.  Hug your loved ones, make that call to someone you need to touch base with, talk to God each and every day.  You don't want him saying "who?" when people pray for you.  

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Little Drama

Monday it rained and we had no place to go so we just kicked back and enjoyed a free day at home.

Tuesday started out well.  I went to the Forum office to take my two hour computer training for assigning jobs, notifying registrations and applying hours.  I thought I had slept funny and asked Ted to put some Flexall on my shoulder blade and thought nothing more of it.

When I returned at noon, Ted and Terry were sitting out on the deck cleaning guns.  I fixed a sandwich, ate and headed back out to run some errands.  My first stop was a quick in and out but I was short of breath.  I sat in the AC for several minutes before heading to the next place.  Another quick in and out but I had to go back to the car to sit before going next door.  After that quick in and out I decided to go home.  Something was wrong.

I told Ted I just couldn't catch my breath. My toes, feet and lower legs started cramping terribly. It hurt like crazy.  I tried several things to no avail so I lumbered in to our bedroom to change into PJs with plans to lay down to see if I would feel better.  But I couldn't get undressed so stumbled into the hall and told Ted to call 911, I couldn't breathe.  He helped me dress into loose clothing and I laid on the couch waiting for the ambulance.  We live just 2.5 miles from the hospital so we were there in no time. I was whisked into triage and within 6 hours had several test results indicating a pulmonary embolism in my left lung and a Deep Vein Thrombosis in my left leg.

So that's where I have been.  I was on Heparin immediately and when my numbers hit the right one, I started on Eliquis.  There seems to be no obvious reason for me having a DVT and clots so the detective work continues.  

Kara arrived and when she wasn't liking their answers, demanded a vascular specialist be called in.  He checked out my DVT and said we needed an interventionist cardiologist.  The next guy looked at my file, sent his NP to talk to us and had me in the cath lab at 3:00 to place a filter in my artery to catch any clot that might break away from the DVT.  

It took until Saturday to spring me from "the joint."  I may have a procedure to get rid of the DVT.  It is too big to ever think a blood thinner will get rid of it.  The cardiologist wants to check my heart because my enzymes went up indicating a possible mild heart attack or trauma from the clot passing through the heart, the hematologist wants to help discover the WHY of the clot, they want me to see my GYN because of a thickened uterine lining not seen in "older" women.  Looking "under the hood" is not good for old folks.  They always find more than you came for. It was late afternoon on Saturday when we got home.  Kara got me settled in and sorted my medicine out.  

Sunday was a little busy.  Ted went to church at 11:00 while Kara stayed with me.  Irene and John stopped by after church and brought me a pot of daisies.  They visited for a few hours.  Then Terry, Carol, Sharon and Don brought dinner over.  As they were leaving Mike and Judy came with begonias and a quiche.  They visited for awhile and when they left we ate our dinner.  It was delicious and had remained at a perfect temperature.

I am not doing much beyond walking to the bathroom and back to the couch.  The left leg is painful with the DVT and my stamina is still low.  Tuesday morning, in addition to the doctor appointments, we will be very busy cancelling our first three campgrounds in our summer trip and moving our departure date from 6/19 to 7/6.  That may change too but we are trying to get back to normal in segments.

It was a strange Memorial Day.  Only recovering from Kelly's 5/25 birth in 1966 has found me so in need of healing.  Connie stopped by for a two hour visit.  Other than that we watched a lot of war footage in remembrance of the day.  I am having soreness in my calf still but walking better.  I have better balance and stability but not much energy.  Apparently this is to be expected.

Kara was able to get into my records from the hospital and we are shocked at my numbers.  The heart enzyme was so high is why they are checking further for a heart attack.  My DVT number which indicated a 0-.5 range came in at 20!!  You could look down the list and see all the out of whack numbers during "the event" and then mostly returning to normal.  The vein and heart are the focus today as Kara sets up my appointments.

I have dodged a massive bullet.  The pulmonologist said "your life changed forever on Tuesday."  I don't want to believe I can't return to an energy level within my restrictions to keep on going.  Long rides are certainly out and our overseas travel may be at an end too.  The RV can be stopped at every rest area if necessary and as many days as needed can be used to get somewhere.  Our Hawaii trip will more than likely be cancelled.  The long Toronto to Vancouver flight is stumbling block #1 and five days at sea out of the reach of emergency medical care is #2.  

I cannot tell the folks around me who are aware of all this how much their responses have meant to me and our family.  Kara has been impressed with our support system.  We are all in this together.  Prayer Warriors Unite!

Monday, May 15, 2017

A New Week

I blew it!

My calendar was getting so messy I decided to start over.  My recurring things get written at the top of the proper square.  This Saturday we should have played Shanghai.  Unfortunately I used the square for the previous Saturday to write the names of attendees to the Foxy Ladies Luncheon.  They ran right down to the word Shanghai.  While transferring my info, I X'd out the names (including the word Shanghai accidentally) because the luncheon was over.  So we went to church, went to Outback to dinner and then to Lowe's.  We came home to 4 messages flashing on our land line where no one ever leaves messages!  My heart was in my throat.  Something serious had to have happened!

When I heard the messages asking where we were, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I felt really bad but also was greatly relieved nothing worse had occurred.  They had started without us, were understanding and expressed their relief that we were okay.  Maybe I AM doing too much!!

Sunday we had a leisurely day.  I opened my presents, talked to the girls and eventually went to Krogers and HEB.  One had prime steaks on sale and the other ribs.  We came home and Ted fixed dinner for me.  We avoided the crowded restaurants and the big family groups.

Wine A Bit You'll Feel Better.  The kids know I hate to cook, though I continue to do so after 52 years but Ted does a lot of it now.  They thought this apron appropriate.

I had the bunco bag so went to Marleah's a little early Monday to put the items out for her on the tables.  Linda was able to come and we arranged for only one winner to move from each table so she didn't have to attempt to walk.  What a spread Marleah had!  I won $15 so that made me happy.  

In the meantime John was picking up Ted for his annual endoscopy.  I couldn't pick him up and get to the center by 12:30 but I arrived at 12:45 and John left.  We were home by 2:30 with great news.  They took a biopsy of some irritated stomach tissue but expect it to be no more that that - an irritation.  He said to come back in one year and continue his medicine.  It's always a relief when that is over.  It has been 9 years since his diagnosis of Barrrett's Esophagus with high grade dysplasia, Stage 0 cancer.  After treatment at Methodist Hospital in Houston in 2008 he has had a yearly check up and praise God, so far so good.

Tuesday was my turn to get tests - mammogram and bone density.  Except for running into my friend Judy in the waiting lounge nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I laughed when she said they would use my forearm since I have no hips!  Not natural ones anymore.  Results should be here in a week or two.  I knew Ted was leaving for his sporting clay banquet so I stopped at Culver's for a combination lunch and dinner.

I thought Wednesday would be an easy day because the window washers were coming in the morning, Isabelle to clean in the afternoon.  I was up early because morning is not an exact time.  All of a sudden I had lots of computer work to do regarding training for Forum.  I worked on it through the window cleaning and the house cleaning.  Ted had left for a haircut and just went into his hobby room when he returned.  When everyone had left Ted suggested we go to Honey Bee for a sandwich because he found a coupon.  All right by me!

Back to the Thrift Store I went on Thursday for a morning shift.  I was hoping to run into a lot of kids clothes but maybe mothers aren't cleaning closets yet.  I have some things to take to the family reunion but not much.  Here is a photo of Lily and the twins at Easter, all in dresses from me found while working.  Two of them still had tags when I bought them.  I will work again next week and probably a few days in early June, so here's hoping the pickings are better.

I came home with a headache that didn't go away until about 8 pm.  I am seldom bothered with them anymore so I am not sure where this one came from.  Ted fixed dinner AND cleaned up.  Bless him!

Friday I got my hair cut for the first time since we left Mission.  To say I needed it is an understatement to say the least.  It was good to see Cindy after so long.

It was time to see West Side Story so we met Barry and Gerre at Applebee's for dinner.  They treated us for taking care of Tucker for them.  It was a nice production of WSS and the stars had amazing voices.  We were home much earlier than after the last production!

Our impatiens are starting to flower and add color to our newly planted area.  I hope the magnolias are done dropping their leaves soon!

Saturday was a quiet day.  Ted worked a charity event at the gun club and I did laundry.  We went to church and then to dinner with Terry and Carol.  

Sunday Ted went shooting and I finished the laundry.  At 3:30 we left for Irene's to meet up with the Panama Canal cruise people for dinner and cards.  Irene is the "hostess with the mostest."  Here are her decorations for Memorial Day.  

She was all set for dinner for 12.  We had brisket, turkey, beans, cucumbers, cole slaw and rolls.  Dessert was tres leches cake, apple pie with ice cream and sugar cookies.  The bad part is they are coming to my house next week and my set up won't even come close!  But no one will care.  I like friends like that.  

And I won!  With four jokers I went down and out quickly in game 5, catching 3 or 4 with full hands.  It catapulted me to first place. And I needed the dimes!  Ted was second at his table.  Tomorrow starts another week and we have quite a bit to do.  More later.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


We live in a zero lot line patio home.  That means we have no side yard on one side and a little one on the other.  However, they are built so there is no way to see into your neighbor's house nor they into yours.  Thus, the closeness doesn't bother us.

We like not having much yard to take care of but this winter was a major shock when we got home.  Despite sprinklers, pre-paid lawn care and pre-paid fertilizing, our yard was a mess, thick with oak leaves covering dead grass and plants brown from a freeze.  

The fertilizing people came out and fertilized again once I raked all the leaves but the lawn maintenance people just never showed up again after I called and complained they could not have been coming on the regular schedule I paid for.  So we hired a new company.

This fellow had a vision far beyond anything I could have imagined.  He trimmed everything, even the trees hanging over from the easement.  Despite having the oak trees trimmed awhile back he thinned them more to get sunlight in.  

He laid lots and lots of sod and cut the crepe myrtles that hadn't been done in two years despite our requests.  Two very long segments of metal edging were replaced, 9 new plants and many flats of impatiens were planted.  Topsoil was added where necessary, he fertilized, mulch was put down and everything was cleaned up.  The crowning piece was the wall.  It was just rocks sitting on rocks creating a planting oval.  The oak roots lifted it up in many places and it was all askew.  I wasn't expecting how he chose to fix it.

He broadened the oval to cover some roots but he cut out huge ones that were heading to the sidewalk.  Then one fellow used a chisel, shaping each rock and built a new wall with no mortar or anything.  I didn't take any before photos but here are a few after ones.

The back where we had a tree cut down in that far corner because it had grown through the fence.  The corner segment was replaced and a rot board put on the bottom.  Then they cleaned it.

The wall

The front

The side.  We had the paver brick walk, deck, and bull rock with French drain put in a long time ago.  The grading is such that you will end up with moss or mud in the middle otherwise so we opted for this arrangement.

And now we have to water twice a day for three weeks.  Someone at the water company will have a fit when we go from winter watering to this new schedule.  Thank goodness there aren't big areas to hit.

Friday I had to work as a dresser for The Forum Vintage Fashion Show.  They were the entertainment for the Women of Distinction luncheon held at the Marriott.   Our president was being honored.  At the finale the models all walked the runway and we were told to follow them because we had been behind the scenes.  That's the first time I received a standing ovation for helping someone get dressed.

Audrey Hepburn

Mi Lady and her maid

Poodle skirt, saddles, neck scarf outfit

My friend Donna.  She looked gorgeous.

A Flapper

Two military uniforms

Ready for the prom!

Now here is a stylish lady ready for Ascot opening day.

And another!

Recognize Lucy and Ethel?

She could be in a 1940s train station waiting to board.

This had to be a 30 minute show so we were rushed with second changes.  Due to the time constraint our whole collection was not shown.  

In the evening we went to a birthday party for a dear friend.  His wife does such a lovely job of entertaining.  We met new neighbors of theirs and enjoyed talking to them.  It was delightful weather and we sat outside some of the time.  I have no idea what time we came home.  Maybe a whole bottle of Riesling is too much!?!?!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Looks Busy

Thursday was the Installation Luncheon for Junior Forum.  This is always the most fun event of the year.  I was honored for being a Volunteer of the Month in November and was recognized as the Co-Chair of the programs at Regent Care Nursing Care this year.  The skit performed to induct the Executive Board and President was entertaining as always.  Here I am front and center in mostly white.

Friday I tackled the pantry and twin bedroom closet.  When we returned from Michigan I had shoved our suitcases and our Christmas items in that closet because we were leaving for 3 months.  When we returned from the valley, the bags and bags of groceries were also shoved into the pantry helter shelter.  

It was time to pay the piper.  The pantry didn't take too long but the closet did!  Now the closets in the house are in pretty good shape.  Up next - kitchen cabinets.  I am throwing out and donating while cleaning.  I have been an executor twice and believe me when I say, unless it is stock, bonds, cash or precious gems, no one wants it!  Do everyone a favor and throw away, donate or give away now.  You can enjoy someone enjoying an item of yours.

We met John and Sherida at a steakhouse for dinner.  We had a good visit and came home about 8:30.  All my activity was catching up with me and I was ready for my couch.

Saturday Ted took all his Monopoly pieces to Randall's to claim his free items.  He has had hundreds of tickets.  Now our clean pantry and refrigerator have all kinds of goodies I seldom buy!  Oreos, Pepperidge Farms cookies, Ritz crackers, popcorn, donuts, bananas, pot roast, soft drinks, tissues, etc.  He is running out of hope to win the $1 million.  

I did three loads of laundry, had my nails done and we went to church.  We stayed a little afterwards to watch our friends and neighbors renew their wedding vows after 50 years.  We came home to leftover brisket and baked potatoes in the oven on low.  Easy meal, easier cleanup.  Then TV.  My childhood punishment of being made to stay in is now my adult reward!

Sunday I skipped the kitchen cabinets and hit the top file drawer in our office cabinet.  It took awhile to go through it all and I continued working on the shredding.  Ted went shooting for a bit but we did little else.  I finally finished the shredding on Tuesday, garbage day.

Monday was bloodwork day so we had a two person appointment with our GP.  Everything seems to be okay but the bloodwork will tell us if our numbers are still good.  We took more Monopoly coupons to Randall's and shopped.  We spent about $70 but when she took off the many coupons we saved $33!  Ted won't know what to do with himself when this game is over.  We have a dozen Fandango coupons to send to the kids to see movies for $5.  Of course I remember double features, newsreel and cartoon for 25 cents!!!

In the afternoon I played Canasta at Michele's.  Irene and I had two bad hands but we still won!  I came home to find Ted still working on more Monopoly pieces.  There are two funerals at church so I am signed up to bring a cake, a pasta salad and pick up tablecloths to launder.  

Alison, our IT person, came over Tuesday to fix a malware problem that was messing with our computer.  Ted left for the men's lunch, taking 85 year old Harry with him.  I finished my sister-in-law's 2015 Amended Tax Return.  I was expecting this letter to her since the same person who did her 2014 wrong, did the 2015 wrong too.  I did her 2016 return correctly so I think we now have the situation under control.

We were off to the pain doctor early Wednesday morning.  He doesn't want to use more steroids than I have already received in the facets shots and the epidural.  He asked if I could wait it out with perhaps some pain pills for a few months to space shots out.  I haven't been taking any meds and been doing my back exercises and have been able to function.  Besides, we are leaving in 5-6 weeks and have no time for spaced out shots.  I have some meds to take with me as well as pain patches so I will just hang in there.  We dropped off the script at Walmart and Ted picked it up when he was out.  

Ted took my pasta salad to church when we got home from the doctor.  Then he put the rest of his tickets in the computer for the Second Chance lottery.  He had a $25 grocery gift card!  I also typed an email to my photographer son in law to give him winning codes for Shutterfly for a free photo book, free prints and a reusable shipping bag with photo.  Spreading the wealth!  

I drove to church to pick up the tablecloths but there was a note saying there was nothing to wash.  So I wrote I had been there but saw the note so I would bring my cake over in the morning.

The landscapers showed up and went right to work.  Limbs were cut off, vines pulled down, the wall rocks removed, crepe myrtles cut back.  They were going to town!  They also were scraping areas to lay new sod and they marked off the new margins of the wall.  It should take two days I am told.  This is getting long so I will wrap this up!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sleep, What a Wonderful Thing

Thursday afternoon after my friends left, Ted came home and suggested we go to Mama Juanita's for dinner.  He never gets an argument from me when he suggests eating out!  We chose to sit out on the patio because the weather and sunset were just glorious!

We had just ordered when two couples from our neighborhood came in and we decided to all sit together.  The ladies have lunch and the men have lunch but we don't all get together as couples quite as often.  There has been a problem down the street with a Class B RV parked in a driveway.  That is a no-no!  The lady claimed she needed it to transport her mother.  It came to light she is actually in a nursing home!  She was told by the HOA that her vehicle dimensions exceed what is allowable.  Part of the problem is she has a small trailer in the garage, she and her daughter each have a car and then this Class B on a small cul-de-sac.  It not only does not follow the covenants, it presents a dangerous situation if an emergency vehicle needs access to any of those homes.  Our RV is way bigger than a Class B but I have to pay to store it.  That is part of the expense of living In a deed restricted community.

We came home to watch Amazing Race and I went to bed before the news was over.  And I slept until 8:30!  I need to eat Mexican every night!  I felt so much better in the morning.  

I am still working on closets so we took our huge laundry bag filled with things that needed to go back to the trailer out to storage.  Ted was hungry so we stopped at Popeye's and I had the one chicken tender kid meal.  He called my brother Dan during lunch to discuss our October trip to New Braunfels for the Sporting Clay competitions in San Antonio.  The subject now is golf carts.  I am working on the sleeping arrangement for 5 couples, what we will do as couples, or just the ladies, and food!  Every one has their priorities. We are really looking forward to that week but so much water has to go under the bridge before then.

I have all our summer RV reservations made except the coming and going from home.  We know that route and all the parks so do that as we go.  We'll be home a month then switch gears and do the Cleveland (wedding)-Detroit (wedding)-Vancouver (cruise)-Hawaii-Home thing.  We will have 3-4 days to turn around and head to New Braunfels.  Busy summer and fall.

Ted worked a gun event at the gun club on Saturday and I stayed home waiting for Tucker.  Once I had him settled I went to the grocery.  We decided to wait to go to church at 11:00 on Sunday and leave for the airport to pick up Pat and Kelly afterwards.  No sense getting all fixed up to go to church and just come home, then do it again on Sunday.

We went to 11:00 Mass along with lots of families who, for whatever reason, choose to not avail themselves of the nursery or cry room.  The two young boys in front of us read Jedi books through the service.   At least they were quiet and were not climbing all over.  Que sera, sera!  

We stopped at La Casa Del Pan (House of Bread) bakery.  We wanted just a cup of coffee and roll before heading to the airport.  Ted said it reminded him of Renee's in Progreso and El Estacion in Mission.

The ride to the Hobby Marriott was smooth but the traffic traveling north was bumper to bumper.  After we picked up Pat and Kelly we took the circle freeway home.  It's a longer trip but at least traffic was light and there were no traffic jams.

Pat and Kelly were celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary so we took them to Pappasito's Cantina.   The restaurant was so noisy we asked to be re-seated outside on the patio.  It was very pleasant and quiet enough you could talk.  The outside plants and decor are really nice.  It is a new restaurant and I think some baffling in that carvernous area inside would go a long way.  There is nothing to absorb sound and made conversation difficult.

We came home and relaxed the rest of the evening.  Before too long we all started heading to bed except Ted.  He needed to put his brisket in the smoker at midnight.  Terry and Carol were coming to dinner Monday evening.  

The kids slept in and we spent a quiet day at home.  Ted took care of the brisket and made sangria.  I made twice baked potatoes, Parmesan asparagus, crunchy fruited cole slaw and rolls.  Carol brought an apple pie and ice cream.  We had a nice dinner and sat for quite awhile around the dinner table.

Tuesday we took a ride to the 7 story Sam Houston statue, the Prison Museum and McKenzie's for lunch.  

By the time we returned Ted had to leave for his Sporting Clay league.  Pat and Kelly took my car to visit the shopping areas, get a bite and then attend a movie.  I had a pot roast in the crockpot so made myself an open faced roast beef sandwich for dinner.  When Ted came home he did the same.

Ted took the kids to the airport Wednesday morning.  I started washing all the linens to remake the beds before Isabelle arrived.  It was a nice visit.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back is Better, Insomnia Not So Much

My back has been great but who knows for how long.  I just wish I could fall asleep and stay asleep for a night.  This is not a new problem for me.  I have never been a good sleeper nor require a lot of sleep. 

I did get 5 bags out of the guest closet for the Paralyzed Veterans of Texas who came Tuesday morning.  It was good to have that stuff gone so I can work on the rest of that closet.  

John stopped by to bring the TV stand that Tom had shortened and he set all the things that you and I don't even know exist on a TV.  He has disks, test patterns, blue paper to look through, sets the speaker output, etc.  You just don't plug them in anymore.  He is a great friend to do all of that for us.

We decided to have beef stew for dinner but it came out more like vegetable soup.  I used the Instant Pot and emptied out the freezer of all the half filled bags of vegetables plus a couple potatoes.  At the last minute we threw in a can of diced tomatoes.  With the moisture from the frozen vegetables and liquid off the tomatoes I probably should have cut back on the beef stock a bit.  But it was good as stew or soup.  

Marena stopped by to give us her garage door opener so we can put out her garbage.  I offered her some dinner but she was on her way to Dallas.  Her mother is still in hospice care in Edinburg TX.

Monday was our 52nd wedding anniversary.  We decided to have lunch at a restaurant that we never heard of until recently.  I wanted to pick it for our April Foxy Ladies luncheon but not without checking it out first.  It has a bit of everything with decent prices and good portions.  I talked to the owner and the size of our group will work just fine.  

When we arrived home Terry was sitting on our deck waiting for Ted to come home to help him with his new gun cleaning case.  He filled his magazine with the uplula, went through what each thing was for and put a battery in the light probe.  We had a nice visit sitting outside in beautiful weather.  When we came in I moved the bags marked TPV to the porch.  

Tuesday was an Appreciation Tea for Activity Chairs in Newcomers.  My 17-year running bunco group is the oldest group out there.  It was a lovely party with silver, crystal, little sandwiches and enough scones, clotted cream, cookies, candy, cakes, etc. to cause a diabetic coma.  

I had to go to the grocery on Wednesday for my Shanghai ladies coming on Thursday.  I am still not sleeping well and was tired most of the day.  But I did sleep better that night and back and leg are still good.

Thursday I put my drinks out, filled the snack table bowls and set my brownies on a cake plate.  I love the "after lunch" group versus having to make more food.  I didn't win at cards and have lots of leftover  snacks.  I hope Pat and Kelly will make them disappear.

Our calendar is clear until church on Saturday.  Sunday we have to pick Kelly and Pat up at the Marriott  at Hobby Airport.  They are attending a conference for Marriage Encounter and will be visiting until Wednesday, Tucker is also coming for a few days.  Fun times!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Week

Saturday we were home all day except Ted went out a time or two to run some errands.  I had some cards to send, papers to sign and some "cyphering" to do as my Grandma would say.  This RMD the IRS insists we take calls for some major moving around of funds and investing.  I think I have it all figured out for now.

Our daughter Kristin was having Easter dinner for 6 or 7 people so I had to send her my recipes and directions on how to get dinner on the table.  I didn't receive any phone calls so I am hoping she had her dishes prepared and in the refrigerator ready for Sunday's dinner.

We attended church at 9:00 Sunday morning. People were still leaving the parking lot when we arrived so we parked in a spot just vacated.  We found seats easily.  It was just a bit hectic having the 7:00 crowd trying to get out of the way of the 9:00.  Mass has a lot of pomp and circumstance on Easter so it takes quite awhile but Fr. Sebastian didn't hurry a bit.  When the folks started piling up outside waiting to get in for 11:00, Fr. Tom came in, started serving communion immediately, told the ushers not to take up the second collection and must have told Fr. S to make his exit quickly.  Those waiting must have parked in the spots vacated by the folks who attended Mass in the gym that was over way before ours.  A new huge parking lot was built recently.  It didn't change a thing.  We need a longer time between Masses, plain and simple.

We came home for a bit and then left to meet 3 couples at the country club for brunch at 1:00.  I was  pretty hungry by then.  When we finished, Jody and Dave met us at Irene and John's for an afternoon of cards.  Guys played together, girls too.  I was losing until the last hand when I got a Shanghai and caught everyone with their entire hands.  That put me in the lead.  Ted won at his table and his brother came in second.  It was a big Rogers win day!  We came home with our change purses revitalized!

Monday I played bunco for the first time since Christmas!  Carol, one of our newer players, had a unique yogurt bar.  She had vanilla yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple, raspberries, grapes, raisins, flax seed, granola, coconut and mini chocolate chips!  It was awesome. Along with this she had two quiches.  Great breakfast and because she was leaving town she encouraged us to take some home.  Made a great lunch for me!  

In the afternoon, we met with a new landscaper and lawn maintenance fellow.  He will be pruning trees from the easement in back hanging over our fence into our yard, our crepe myrtles that didn't get trimmed in February, and our huge live oaks that we had trimmed last year.  Sod will be put down where necessary and leveled with topsoil.  Our small wall around the plantings will be extended outward and reworked over some oak roots, 6 plants will be added, mulch put down and the metal edging along the drive and bull rock replaced.  And he will start doing our lawn maintenance.  The other folks have not been back since April 2 so my call firing them may have been a moot point.  Maybe they fired me!

Tuesday was my scheduled epidural and nerve block day.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:30.  All went well but it took 4 people trying in 3 locations to get my IV started.  We were home about 9:30 and I was fine.  I worked on all our insurance policies.  Trying to compare apples to apples takes a bit of doing but I got it done.

Then we had dinner at Terry and Carol's which was delicious.  Their daughter and grandson were visiting from College Station and it was so good to see them.  It was almost 11:00 when we came home.

Wednesday Isabelle came to clean.  Ted ran a few errands and I was laying low on the couch letting my shot do its thing.  I was sleepy because despite the anesthesia that morning I still couldn't sleep.  I think I slept 2:00-4:30 and then 6:00-9:00. Not too restful.  I was planning on taking a nap but when the cleaning crew showed up, that went down the tubes.  Probably a good thing because that would only have screwed up going to sleep that night even worse. 

Our Newcomers fashion show luncheon was Thursday.  I filled a table for 8 but found tables of 10 when I arrived.  Irene asked if Margi could join us and I said yes.  Jody said she had told Lynn we were full, but I told her to text her and she could have the last seat.  Without consulting me, my sister-in-law invited someone else to that seat.  In the end both ladies found other seats rather than claim the seat in the confusion.  Poor communication!  It all worked out in the end and I hope neither woman was offended.  Try as I might, things can get confused!

John and Sherida stopped to pick up John's clothes and we will see them on Saturday where they are staying this weekend.  We have been invited to dinner at the Anderson's, their hosts.

Friday was our last regularly scheduled Forum meeting.  I was scheduled to bring fruit. So I bought a prepared one all set up with dip in the middle.  We had lots to cover and since my back seems to be doing okay, I signed up to be a dresser at our Vintage Clothing fashion show in May at the Women of Distinction luncheon and for three 2-hour shifts at the Thrift Store.  I think this will get me to 47 hours.  I thought I was closer than that but I guess not!

We did nothing much Saturday and eventually got ready and went to church.  From there we went to Anderson's for a pleasant evening around their lighted outdoor pit (it was chilly!) after a pulled pork dinner.  A couple who had been out of the area for a long time has returned and it was so nice to see them.  One very sad thing is that a resident of our development died at the swim finish line of the Ironman held over the weekend.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

And Easter is Almost Here

We didn't have to be anywhere until 2:00 so we had a relaxing Sunday morning.  I baked some cookies for Monday when I was hosting Canasta and we eventually got ready to go see Tommy and Susan who are at a nearby campground.  After visiting for awhile we left for Hasta La Pasta for dinner.  We didn't know where it was but when we left the restaurant I realized it was right around the corner from the Forum office.  At least I can figure out how to get there if we want to go again.  We went back to the campground and stayed until 7:30 when we headed home.  

Monday was Canasta at my house.  Ted took the sweet tea and chips to church for the funeral lunch.  I had taken the easy way out since I had so much to prepare for my own guests.  I had summer sausage, cheese and crackers, salsa and chips, chicken egg rolls, fruit and cookies plus several selections of drinks.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the snacks and had a good time.  As soon as they left we had to get ready to pick up Terry and Carol for Terry's birthday dinner.  After Italian on Sunday, we had Italian on Monday too at Brio's.  I opted for the grilled pork chop for that reason.  It wasn't very late when we got home but after these past busy two weeks, I was ready to unwind.

Despite being tired and having slept little Sunday night, I didn't sleep any better Monday night.  

I woke early to two messages "R U up?"  One was from Irene whose land line, TV and Internet were out and wanted to know if ours was too and my daughter Kristin, on her way to work after returning from vacation in Baja! 

Baby grey whale photo taken by SIL Larry while in Baja.

 I spoke to both Irene and Kristin and then filled out my hospital record prior to my shot next week.  Seems like a lot of info for one shot!

Ted had his men's luncheon Tuesday (at ANOTHER Italian restaurant) and I just took my time getting everything back where it belongs.  I love having the ladies over but the older I get the harder it is to set things up, make food, entertain and then clean up.  Having two days "off" was pure delight!  But there was a another funeral at church Wednesday and I had to make my special fruit salad but I did it Wednesday morning.  After my third night of not sleeping well, Ted said he would take the salad up to church for me.  When I stand in one spot, whether I am cooking, washing dishes or getting myself ready for the day, my back pain goes into overdrive.  It is less painful to walk than to simply stand still.  One week until shot time!

Thursday was my neighborhood luncheon.  We all met at LaMadeline, a French restaurant of sorts.  I like the different fare they offer versus most other restaurants.  We had a full house!  Afterwards I went to the mall to use my Christmas gift cards before Mothers' Day gets here.  I am still setting aside clothes for our cruise.  I bought 2 tops, 2 shorts, 2 ankle pants, 2 pairs of shoes!  Quite a haul.  

Friday we did nothing!  Sometimes you just need to do that.  I was working with Kristin on researching cruises to Asia for next year but that was about it.  Our last Friday in Lent meal was the old standby , grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I wish we were into salmon, lobster, calamari, etc. but we aren't.  Grilled or fried fish and shrimp are about it for us.  And McDonald's fish sandwiches!!

Happy Easter!  The Lord Has Risen, Alleluia.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hectic Chaos

Our friends arrived Friday and I reminded them the house had been closed up for three months except for a few visitors now and then.  However, I don't believe any of them cleaned!  I gave them two choices - ignore it or clean it.  Isabelle was coming Wednesday.

We ate at a fish place Friday night and three of us had decent enough meals but poor Sherida got the shaft.  She had less than a dozen shrimp, no bigger than quarters with tails still on.  And a pile of plain white rice to fill the plate since the shrimp took up very little room.  I don't think we'll frequent that place again.

Saturday after Mass, we met Gerre and Barry after sending John and Sherida on ahead, at our normal restaurant before going to the theater.  We saw The Three Musketeers and it was so long!  It was about 11:30 before we got home.

Sunday it rained all day so Ted and John worked on a stand for the new TV.  I fixed a roasted chicken dinner and we played Shanghai.  Ted and I both lost.  I used the carcass to make chicken soup that we had for lunch on Monday.  The fellows came to cut down our tree, and fixed a whole section of fence.  Ted also had them add a board across the bottom to keep critters out.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

We waited ALL DAY Monday for the TV.  My email notification said 1-5 pm.  At 5 pm they told me the end of the day.  At 8:00 they said they didn't know where the truck was and the driver wasn't answering.  At 9:13 pm it arrived.  We were not happy campers and I would be questioning the driver about how he spent his day since the TV was on the truck for 17 hours!  We had intended to go out to eat but ended up getting pizza before the place close by closed.

John did some set up but finished up Tuesday morning.  They were finally able to leave about 1 pm.  Unfortunately they left their hanging clothes!  Their granddaughter is going to Georgetown next week and they are returning here to visit other friends the week after that so no harm was really done.

I had to work the Senior Luncheon so I left before anyone else got up. They were on their own for breakfast and seemed to fare okay.  Our theme today was a luau so I wore my blue lei with my uniform. The tables were decorated so cute with fresh fruit as the centerpiece.  Lunch was pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, roll and cake.

The cutest couple.

All the ladies sporting their leis.

Another well costumed couple.

The whole room or at least as much as I could get in the picture.  We normally have about 250 seniors.

Our bingo prize table.  This is about half way through bingo so many prizes were already gone.  Both of the ones I took had already been taken.

We joined in the entertainment, dancing to the music, New York, New York.

Not sure what this song was.

As soon as I arrived home, our company left and shortly thereafter, Ted left to shoot.  It gave me time to rest and then clear my desk.  He called on his way home to see if I wanted him to bring me anything but I had eaten leftovers so I guess he stopped somewhere along the way.  We are enjoying our new TV!

Wednesday was my appointment with the pain management doctor who Ted saw before his laminectomy in 2006.  He was not complimentary about who had done my procedures nor the medicine they prescribed.  He said none of it would be a true fix.  What was done got me through the last month in south Texas and the drive home but I had to agree I am pretty much back to where I was before and the medicine didn't seem to be doing much.  Now I am scheduled in two weeks for an epidural under anesthesia followed by PT and traction.  Only time will tell.

We went to Denny's for brunch since we had no breakfast and it was not quite lunch time.  Then we stopped at Lowe's for some flowers to perk up our sad grass.  I am still waiting for the supervisor to come have a look.  I want his take on what the technician told me on the phone "the grass is doing fine and there are only 2-3 holes in the backyard."  I swear he hadn't come on a regular basis either.  When they talked about the copy of the  invoices left I knew something was wrong since the only ones I have ever seen are on the computer. Again, I pay in advance.  This is a bad idea I'm afraid.  The yard is looking a bit better with raking and sweeping and some flowers but the grass has a long way to go.

Ted left for Beaumont, the grass guy is coming Thursday morning and Isabelle came to clean.  I always pay her 150% of her normal rate when she cleans after a long absence.  It is also a thank you for keeping a slot for me with my comings and goings.  I watched Survivor on our new TV and went to bed early due to grass guy coming early and a 10:30 GYN appointment in the morning.

The 7-7:30 arrival time actually turned into 9:00.  I am so glad I got up at 6:00 to be showered and dressed before he came!  He put down a granular treatment, ordered another one in 3 weeks followed by our regularly scheduled one 4 weeks after that.  Let's hope it works.  Things are looking better but still not good.

Since I was up early the house was all in order before I left for the doctor.  I came home and finished the laundry.  Ted arrived home and after tending to his paperwork proceeded to nap in his recliner.  Not much else went on.

Ted worked an oil company outing Friday at the gun club and I used the time to try a new nail salon, the 4th since my old salon was sold.  This one did okay but time will tell how well it holds up.  I met Ted at the McDonald's in Walmart for yet one more Friday fish sandwich, only one more Friday to go!  We grocery shopped and then came home.  

I received an email that I was to receive a package via UPS from Bogota, Columbia!  My first thought was that someone was sending a package of drugs to our address and intended to steal them off our porch.  Then there were emails about delays.  At 8:30 pm I received another one saying my package had been delivered.  When I looked at the front porch - nothing.  Oh no, my worst fears were realized.  I turned on all the outside lights and there it was, outside the gate.  Is it really too much trouble to bring  it to the door and ring the bell?  It was a thank you Easter basket from our house guests who told me they ordered it through Costco!  

Ted had to work again at the gun club on Saturday.  I slept poorly and was tired all day.  Little by little I got my jobs done and we went to church at 5:00.  Since we had plans to eat out Sunday and Monday we came home and had salads.  Ted had a leftover piece of pizza with his and I had the last of the chicken soup with mine.