Sunday, May 27, 2018


Ted was going to Huntsville on Saturday so when Irene mentioned they were going blueberry picking I asked to tag along.  I met them in a parking lot at 5:30 am (or as I usually refer to a time like that as "Oh Dark Thirty") and off we went.  I think we were in New Caney when we finally arrived.  It was dark and the gates were locked but we were third in line.  Once parked inside we picked up our buckets and off we went just as it got light.  They warned me they would pick until 9:00.  By a little before 8:00 I had 14 lbs. of blueberries divided between two 10# buckets.  They were getting heavy to carry so I called "uncle" and made my way to the benches and fans at the weigh station.  I was people watching and amazed at the amount of Asian people there.  I am not sure if they make particular dishes with blueberries or just pick for the same reasons everyone else does.  There were no Hispanics though which was confusing considering the area.  A little girl about 7 was sitting across from me and just singing to herself and she had the most beautiful voice.  My hour of waiting passed quickly.

By then the line to check out was extremely long but moving quickly.  John was in line so Irene and I got all the buckets up to the weigh station while John stayed in line.  When he got to the front we moved all 8 buckets over to him.  They had picked 60#!  I got checked out right before them and we loaded the blueberries into coolers we had brought and headed home.  At the parking lot I moved my things to my car and took off.  

You are advised not to wash the berries if you are going to freeze them.  So I made up two 3 cup packages each for Gerre and Carol and then put a dozen or more 2 cup packages in the freezer.  I kept out enough for my fruit salad I am making for Monday and to make muffins for Thursday.  Mission accomplished!

I had an early lunch, took about an hour long nap and then tackled the wood floors.  Ted came home in time to shower and get ready for church.  Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  It wasn't too late when I went off to bed.

Sunday after Ted returned from an errand south of Houston, we went to the store to get something for dinner and what I needed for Memorial Day.  When we returned home I spent a lot of time on the phone with Kristin, Steve and Keith choosing our excursions and tours for our Greece cruise.  Ted grilled park chops for dinner, we watched some TV and I turned in early.

Memorial Day was Monday and I made deviled eggs and fruit salad to take to Gerre's for a cookout.  She had a big crowd but their backyard is so lovely it didn't seem crowded.  Some of us were in the pool, men were gathered at the tiki bar and two picnic tables hosted still others.  It was a great afternoon and evening with lots of good conversation and food.  I learned you really need a new bathing suit bottom when you are on a diet.  I tried on a Land's End bottom of Gerre's and came home and ordered a black one in the correct size.  For now the two black and white tops I already have will work!

Here is my Facebook post to honor our fallen heroes.

I wish everyone could visit Normandy and see the enormity of what our young men and women did for the free world.  It brings tears to my eyes to see the ignorance, ungratefulness and disrespect shown by so many today realizing they can act like that because of what their fellowmen did so unselfishly.  It has been done and continues in many wars all over the world but the American Cemetery in Normandy that sits on a cliff overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel in Colleville-sur-Mer, France will always stay with me.  God bless the USA!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Onward With The Master Bath

After my partial eating of Wednesday's ice cream dessert, I was concerned about my weigh in at WW on Thursday.  Not a great loss but -.6 beats a gain!  Total 26.2 after 19 weeks!  That afternoon the young man came to finalize what we wanted to do in the bathroom and prepared an estimate and contract.  After our perusal we asked him to come Friday to sign the papers and give him our initial deposit.  

There were some items we had to purchase (towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc.) that they don't buy but will install for free as they work.  Also, if we bought anything that was included in the estimate we would receive a credit memo.

So off we went to the plumbing supply place we used when we replaced our kitchen sink and faucet awhile back. Zach was most helpful and in no time we had a shower head and valve, sink faucets, sinks, grab bar, towel bars and toilet paper holder.  We asked him to email the invoice to me so I could forward it to Chris to be be sure we got what we needed and would work.  

Then we stopped at Home Depot and Lowe's to look at light fixtures and door handles.  We didn't see any light fixtures that grabbed us but we did buy five door handles for the bedroom, bathroom, toilet room, linen closet and master closet. Whew!  Lots of doors.  

Chris called and said everything looked good and it was okay to order it all.  He sent me a credit memo for two sinks, two faucets, and one shower head.  He has been very good to work with so far.  Next up is shower tile plus mosaic trim and floor tile.  Until all this stuff is available as they work, they won't start.  So it us in our best interest to get all this stuff ordered,

When we arrived home I found a pot of red and white daisies with a flag compliments of a good friend, Jennifer.  She is so very thoughtful.  

I have recently received cards for various reasons and I still have them on display.

Well I added these photos, published and they were gone.  Going to try it again!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I Survived!

When we left the valley a week early at the end of March I told Ted "I will be all right if I can just make it through the end of May."  The calendar was so crowded!  Today I attended the changing of the guard at the year end Board of Directors for Forum luncheon.  Now on to ending all these doctor appointments, procedures, trips and the piece de resistance of this summer, the renovation of our master bath!  Hang with me to see how Summer 2018 plays out!

Saturday I was still very sore.  When the filter was pulled out I bled profusely and two people were pushing very hard on my neck.  I wondered if I was going to suffocate, get a broken neck or broken back.  It felt like they came close on all three!

I stayed quiet all day and Ted asked if I would be okay if he went to church and left me alone.  I promised to stay put until he returned.

Sunday our Greece cruise folks were meeting at Mike's so I took a Tylenol 3 so I could attend.  We made good progress considering there are 18 of us.  Some have made plans, including the six of us - Me, Ted, Kristin, Marge, Keith and Steve.  We are touring the Vatican Necropolis under St. Peter's Basilica and houses the tomb of St. Peter.  It was quite involved getting reservations so we suggested that if anyone was interested to email right away.  No one said anything so maybe they are visiting the Vatican that day instead.  We have three groups of six which seems to be a reasonable number for most tour transportation.  Another excursion we have decided upon is a tour of the Amalfi Coast, lunch and a visit to Pompeii.  The rest is still being looked over and we will be deciding when we have agreement among the six of us.  Then everyone will share what they are doing and whether there is room for others if interested.  I think on the ship we will have two tables at 6 pm for dinner and exchange the days experience with the others.

Gerre invited us back to their house for dinner which we appreciated.  When I got up from the table my back protested greatly.  It is just going to take time for all the soreness to go away.

Monday our bunco group played for the last time.  Going on since October 2001, I have chosen to not lead it any longer and no one else in the group wants to.  A huge card group of 40 ladies was started on the same day and it became impossible to get subs when needed.  I have invited them all to lunch in June as our farewell.

I wasn't sure I was up to it but I was scheduled for a shift at the thrift store.  Both bins of baby onesies, pj's, bottoms, bibs, caps, etc. were overflowing so I separated it all by size and transferred it to the proper bins in the store.  Then I used the steamer on clothes that needed it before they could be put on the floor.  I was ready to leave after the two hours were up.  Glad I didn't sign up for four hours!

Since I have to post this without adding more later to be sure it will post, I will wrap this up with a photo of the lovely tablescape at Champions Country Club at our luncheon today.  Menu - vegetable tortilla soup, pecan chicken on greens salad, rolls, tea, fudge and carmel coated vanilla ice cream.  Delightful!  

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Blog is Changing

I cannot find out why this will not allow me to add days or photos.  The best I can do is write what I can at one sitting and post.  Maybe that will be an improvement on my ramblings!  So here is the past week in a nutshell.

I hosted Shanghai for Couples Saturday night, elected to stay home Mother's Day and avoid the crowded restaurants, and hosted Ladies Canasta on Monday.  Though I lost lots of dimes Saturday, I took second place on Monday!

Tuesday I worked at the thrift shop and did my pre-op at the hospital afterwards.

Wednesday Ted had his endoscopy and it went well.  A few biopsies were taken but Dr. W thinks all is okay.  We will get results next week.

Thursday was the Forum Installation Luncheon, always a fun time. That was followed by four loads of laundry when I returned home.

Friday was a nightmare.  I was up at 5 am to take my third shower in 24 hours with special soap the hospital gave me.  We arrived at 6:45 and got totally prepped for my 9 am surgery.  At 12:30, when no one had been able to reach my surgeon, i told them I was going home.  By the time I dressed they said he was just finishing up an emergency at the other hospital but now the cath labs had two pacemaker cases being done so the labs were no longer available to him.  I called their office on our way home and told them what I had done and why.  They asked me to go back and they would guarantee I would be next in whichever lab finished first.  I can deal with emergencies (my 8:00 gall bladder surgery happened at 2:30 because of an emergency but they kept me informed of the progress) but when no one can locate your doctor for 6 hours it is a different story. 

I had been discharged so I had to be readmitted, start a new IV (that had blood on the floor, the nurse, my bed and all over my arm) and then wait some more.

I was not put out and I didn't know if I would suffocate or have a broken neck or back by the time they  shoved the tubes down my neck to my groin. I developed a huge hematoma at the insertion site that they marked in purple.  By the time I got to post-op they had to put new markings because it was getting bigger.  It hurt to move anything.  I was finally released at 5 pm.  Ted got me home and settled on the couch, put ice on the hematoma, gave me a Tylenol 3 and made me a shake.  

I slept on the couch because it has a gently sloped arm which worked better than a pillow.  I had one more pill before going to sleep.  I woke myself a couple times when I turned my head which hurt my neck but overall it was not a bad night.  I am still sore and can't turn my head but I feel better than yesterday!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Lost Weekend (Blog that is!)

Friday we drove to Huntsville to Able Ammo to check on clay bird throwers.  Inquiring minds (of certain people) want to know about them.  We stopped by a new 55+ community on the lake just to look but the models are either too small or too large. Not enough space in the 2 bedroom one story and too much upstairs in the 3 bedroom ones.  I don't want a second story.  Our present house is unique in that in a one story we have two eating areas, three bedrooms, an office and a hobby room plus the standard two baths, FR/breakfast area/Kitchen, a sitting area and laundry room.  I think I will stay put!  We stopped at Vernon's for dinner.

Saturday we went to church and then out to dinner with Terry and Carol.  

Sunday Ted shot and I went out to buy succulent plants to replace the ones that froze in January.  I hope these do as well as they did, at least initially!  Not good to let desert plants out in freezing temps.  

That is a condensed version of a very quiet weekend.  The next two weeks are crazy busy so I want to get this blog thing straightened out if I can figure out what is wrong!

Since my filter removal was scheduled for Monday but then cancelled I had no other plans.  I did clean all the wood cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Tuesday was my primary care physician bi-annual visit.  He was pleased with my weight loss.  I had charted my BP for two weeks since the hematologist was concerned.  Dr. C agreed and cut that dose in half.  My cholesterol was 131 and he halved that script too!  I have to see him in 3 months to check on my numbers and evaluate the meds.   

I met Judy next door at Panera Bread for lunch after my appointment.  I hadn't seen her since last fall.  We had an enjoyable meal.

I had ultrasounds on both legs Wednesday morning and then the contractor came in the afternoon about the bathroom.  It's a lot easier and cheaper to redo a bathroom than move!  We discussed my wants and my concerns and came up with a bigger footprint for the shower that will be tiled and enclosed seamlessly with a large rain shower head.  The tub will be removed, the toilet room door will  be moved from next to Ted's sink to around the corner to where the tub had been, new granite countertops installed, new tile floor, new faucets, light fixtures and doorknobs.  He will not start until we have all that is needed on hand and then it should be just two weeks to finish.  We have another guy coming so we haven't made a decision.  

Thursday was busy!  First up was my Weight Watchers meeting.  I was on several doctors' scales, all saying something a bit different, so I wasn't sure if I had made it.  I was delighted to have lost 2 pounds for a total of 26 lbs. in 18 weeks.  So I received my 25 lb. charm!

Next up was our neighborhood lunch.  Everyone enjoyed my choice.  I try to pick some place different but I am not sure the others are onboard since Macaroni Grilll, Chili's, etc. keep being chosen.  They had a great lunch menu.

From there I met Ted at the doctor's for my ultrasound results.  I have "leaky valves" and will need to have a superficial vein collapsed but not until the deep vein is able to handle the rerouted blood flow.  She did give me a prescription for compression stockings to help with "pain and swelling."  I told her I have neither so she said to wear them when I fly and as needed!  

And then it was on to our friend's 80th birthday party.  It was a surprise, held at one of our nicest restaurants and turned out very nice.  I saw several people we have not seen in awhile.  I had several appetizers, a glass of wine and a piece of cake with no icing!  That was my dinner!  

Let's hope this will Publish!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Another Week Is Speeding Along

Monday I did the bed linens, cleaned the guest bathroom and tried on every pair of pants, slacks, capris, shorts, etc. in my closet.  There is now a big box on its way out of here.  Next up will be tops when I get a chance.  They claim you wear 15% of your clothes 85% of the time.  Sounds about right!  We had the leftover lasagna for dinner.

On Tuesday I was invited to a Newcomer's Tea as a thank you to this year's Activity Chairs.  It was catered by Pretty Posh Parties and was oh so formal and classy!  The tables and chairs were beautifully set and we were served quiche, small sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, cookies and tea.  The sugar cubes were pastel colored butterfly shapes.  I won a Panera Bread gift card.

When I returned home I finished up the three loads of laundry I had started before I left while Ted fixed dinner.  We had salads with grilled chicken.  I needed that to counteract all those carbs and sugar!

I got around to my tops on Wednesday.  Now there are two boxes going out and my closet looks so much better.  In the afternoon, friends Kelly and Mike stopped by for a visit.  We are friends through mutual friends and then Facebook.  We have watched their 5 grandchildren and our 4 grow up in our years of knowing one another.  We eventually went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and stretched our wonderful visit to almost four hours.  We just might cross paths again in Indiana this summer.  We were so glad they made time to see us. 

Since it has been awhile that I have been available to help at a funeral lunch at church, I signed up for Thursday because Ted had a big shoot and was going to be gone all day.  It was a small group of about 60 people and four of us were able to handle it with no problem.  I made a fruit salad and took it along.  I was home by 2:00 so I still had a long wait for Ted to come home.  

I am having difficulty getting my whole blog to publish.  It picks up what I write at first but if I go back to add, it doesn't publish that.  I will try writing and publishing each time I write to see if that helps.  I am tired of re-typing!