Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Astros Are Back!

Praise the Lord, our boys are back in business.  And might I mention my "boyfriend" Alex Bregman hit a grand slam home run.  He was struggling something fierce.  This should boost his confidence and help bring home a Series win.  And they will finish the series, one way or another, back in Houston.

Friday evening was theater night so I invited a widowed friend to be my plus one since Ted was still in San Antonio.  We met four others for dinner and then enjoyed a great performance of Lend Me A Tenor.  I knew nothing of it but it was a rousing comedy that had everyone laughing all evening.  It was a nice night out for both me and Laura.

I packed all my clothes for our trip.  Since it will be in the 50s and probably rainy I have a rain hat, poncho, warm hat, gloves, scarves, windbreaker, down jacket, raincoat, umbrellas and boots!  Then slacks and sweaters.  I didn’t pick this date but it is what it is!  I just hope the rain is minimal.

Saturday sent my head spinning.  First I received a Message asking us to consider going to Cancun with my sister’s family in May.  That sounded good if Ted agreed, and he did.  It is an adults only, all inclusive resort and we have a swim up room with a butler!  Then they asked us if we wanted to join them in Sanibel in September where they are renting a house and my brother may be at his Ft. Myers condo.  Then Gerre called to say Mike was going to send us info on a trip to the Holy Land in October.  We already committed to a Fall New England tour with Tom and Eileen and Ted wants to go to Michigan for my 75th birthday and Cece’s 1st birthday.  I have much to consider.

I went to church and out to eat with Terry and Carol and then came home to watch the awesome 4th game of the World Series!

I straightened up the small area of the house I can use and cleaned our bathroom good, did a load of laundry, ran to the grocery then put ribs in the oven for dinner when Ted arrived home. He got in about 3:00.  We ate dinner and he left for church before 6:00 since he didn’t have a chance after shooting and before leaving.  I had sent info on 3 local churches for 10:00, 10:30 and 10:45 but it was about 11 when he did his last competition so he just came home knowing he could go in the evening.

The rest of the week went down hill.  I started with a cold right after my flu shot and it eventually settled in my chest.  Monday we just dealt with all the stuff sitting around and Ted started getting his things together.  He called the carpet place and they confirmed our 10 am installation for Tuesday.

They had given us a 10-12 window so at 11:55 am while driving to the thrift store for a 2 hour shift, I called to ask what was up.  They called me back saying they were delayed due to weather!  There was no "weather" where I was so I confirmed 2:00.  The weather did hit our area later and we were all sent home when the ditches were filling, the bathroom floor was flooded and they were concerned we would all get stuck in a flooded parking lot.

At 2:00 I called again.  And 3:00!  They arrived at 3:30!  The amazing thing is despite already being one week late, I had to keep making the phone calls instead of them keeping ME the customer advised as if my time meant nothing!  The carpet and installation went fine but it was 8:30 before they finished.  The bad part was they emptied office drawers and shelves to minimize weight and just stacked it all over the place so we spent hours going through it all, disposing of what was no longer needed and organizing and filing what was.

By Wednesday morning I had most everything put back except for the china cabinet.  After returning from getting haircuts, Judy came over and together she cleaned the glass and mirrors in the china cabinet while I brought all the dishes and things from the kitchen table to the dining room table.  Finally, we got it all done.

Thursday I had a 6 month doctor appointment, blood work, a quick lunch by myself and then off to play cards and I won!  I had good cards every hand.  That hardly ever happens.  My Dime purse is full.

We went to Mass at 6:45 for All Saints Day.  We could have gone Friday but I really wanted a day of nothing on the agenda but then I remembered I had to get weighed.

Friday I had my “to do” list handy and took off to get weighed in. I was still under goal so I was happy about that.  I proceeded to Kohl’s to get Cuddle Duds for my trip.  Unfortunately I only bought the top.  I didn’t notice they had tops,  bottoms and sets.  I also found a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jean capris.  Regular price for both items was $82 and I only paid $28!  I can never quite figure out all their discounts at Kohl’s but I took it!

From there I went to Walmart for my two prescriptions.  I hit the donut hole so my Eliquis was $300+ and the first of the year I have a $365 deductible.  I have 3 months supply at home so I told them I wasn’t going to get the Eliquis and will come back after 1/1.  That should push me back a month or two and hopefully avoid the donut hole next year.  I thought it was going away!

I had a free birthday lunch card from Chick restaurant so I had lunch on them.  The last thing on my list was download two books to my Kindle so I did that as soon as I got home.

We leave late this afternoon for Ireland.  I hope the weather isn’t too bad.  But if it is, I am prepared!


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Well This Week Is Going Down Hill

Monday Irene and I decided to go to the Premium Outlets to Chico’s with me driving.  Somewhere that morning I got Katy Mill Mall in my head and drove all the way to there before I realized what I had done.  It is twice as far away as the other mall.  Irene kept saying "this doesn’t look right."  We had a good laugh, turned around and headed to the right mall!  It had rained hard all night and into the morning but the sun came out, the temperature was fine and we both did a good bit of shopping.  We stopped for a quick lunch in between.

Judy couldn’t go downtown on Tuesday so I was home and we made that trip on Wednesday.  Irene gave us the address for the upholsterer but it was a digit off and it took us a few minutes to figure out where the shop was.  Good thing I had been there several times with her so I knew some landmarks!

Albert was a great help in explaining to Judy how he would rebuild the back cushion and told us 8 yards of fabric.  We went across the street to the fabric store and eventually chose a fabric.  I thought one color "Gold" looked better with her valance material but she was really drawn to the other "Taupe." To me the Taupe looked winter white and grey while the Gold looked beige and pale gold.  She sent her husband a picture and he chose the Gold too.  Once she got home with the samples she wrote we had chosen the right color with the Gold!  Good thing too because that was what we purchased and carried back across the street to Albert’s shop.  We ate at Panera’s and I came home and took a nap, something I seldom do.

By Thursday I had EVERYTHING out of the sitting area, office and dining room.  I mean EVERYTHING.  The second couch, coffee table, in front of the fireplace, kitchen table, sideboard, queen bed and dresser in the guest room are covered with stuff from the china cabinet, bookcases, table tops, etc.  Only my couch and the double recliner were empty for sitting to do anything!  I was expecting them between 10 and 12.  I wanted this done while Ted was gone and before we left for Ireland.

A little before 10 they called to say the carpeting was not in when they went to pick it up!  How does a factory, delivery service or end user not follow the transit of things?  I am not sure what to believe but she said it was still in production in Dalton GA and they could probably install 11/8! Even if I went in and picked out something else that was in stock, it still had to come from Dalton, GA.  I called Irene and she told me to tell them to just proceed and when it arrived she would come over and oversee the installation AND put all my dishes away.  So I was busy writing instructions to help Irene when about 3:00 I got a call that they can do it Tuesday, 10/29.  Hmmm!  I am supposed to work 12-2  so Ted will have to stay here.  Since he won’t be home until Sunday afternoon, his having to live in this clutter will be minimal.  I hope he appreciates all the work and aggravation I saved him from!

I am not even going to mention the Astros!  Someone from outer space must have kidnapped our team and left these look alikes here to replace them.  I turned them off last night!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

And the Astros Are Going to the World Series!

On Tuesday a second fellow came to measure for my carpeting.  After the first one said my $2200 estimate went to $4000 and it could be done the first week in November when I told him it was by 10/30 or it wasn’t going to happen, I chucked that store.

I went to an Independent who was much better to deal with.  The new carpeting goes in this Thursday for $1900.  Now the fun of emptying the bookcases, china cabinet and all the stuff sitting on top begins.  I am not sure where to go with all of it!

Wednesday was our Newcomers luncheon.  They had a program on safety but it was too long.  They tried to squeeze too much in.  It is a shame our society has come to this but my biggest takeaway was  if you are ever in an active shooter situation, when help arrives come out with your hands empty and up.  They don’t know who is who and you may even get handcuffed.  Deal with it.  They are as anxious as you so you want to minimize their stress.  I hope to never have to use that info!

I met Gerre for our birthday lunch on Thursday. They are a day apart so we just go out together and pay our own bill.  Otherwise we would have to go out twice!   We spent 2.5 hours at Outback Steakhouse catching up.  From there I went to sign the contract for the carpeting installation.

I had a few plans for Friday, none of which happened because of not feeling well and car trouble.  Judy was to drive us to the upholsterer but her car wouldn’t start and had to be towed.  I was coming down with a cold and wasn’t much up to driving into Houston.  I could also have gone to a Forum meeting at the new offices but that didn’t happen either.

By Saturday I was really under the weather.  I didn’t do much of anything but I did start emptying stuff for the upcoming furniture move for the carpet.  I would do a little then rest.  Ted was helping so we got the sitting room bookcases all emptied and tops of things cleared.  I didn’t go to church with him and he came home right after bringing dinner that I couldn’t taste anyway.

It is Sunday and Ted is already gone to San Antonio to shoot in the National Sporting Clays tournaments.  My brother Dan and Sue have arrived from Ohio and he will meet up with them.  I hadn’t planned to go anyway so getting sick didn’t change any plans.  I only have a cold and even though I feel crappy there is no reason for him to miss the biggest outing of the year.  I have plenty of time to finish up unloading and I can stack stuff all over the place because “the bull” has left the china shop!  By the time he returns, all will be back where it belongs.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Still Hangin’ With the Astros!

We had a pretty quiet weekend, not doing much.  The highlight of Saturday was me slicing off the side of my pinky on the mandolin while slicing cucumbers.  With the Eliquis I bled like a stuck pig but kept pressure on it until we could get it bandaged.  After all we had church, eating and cards to play.

We had a great experience at Wendy’s.  We were the ONLY people in the restaurant.  They were out of chili, they made Ted’s "plain double cheeseburger" with all the fixings.  Ted wants nothing on his burger and told them!  So he waited again.  They brought that and no one had dropped any French fries so we waited some more.  I walked over to see what the problem was and she was crediting our card for the whole order!  Geesh!  So much for grabbing a "quick" bite.

Only four couples came to play cards.  We kept the TV on to track the Astros game.  It wasn’t a fun one to watch.  After 5 out of 6 hands I remained in first place with only 15 points.  Then Pam got a Shanghai and I had 152 points in my hand and I dropped to third place!  Darn.

Sunday we went to WalMart to get a tentanus shot for me and a flu shot for Ted.  I had gotten my flu shot on Tuesday.  They had asked if I wanted a tetanus shot then but I didn’t want two at the same time in case I had any reactions.  Neither ended up bothering me.

We finally got a good rain on Monday while I was at Canasta.  There were 12 of us playing.  I did not win, of course.  This is the group where I am always in the middle!  I told them I would not be there in November.

Here are some photos of Cece!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Oh Those Astros!

After church on Saturday we went through the Chik Fil A drive thru. I just wanted to go home and take it easy.  After Ted went shooting on Sunday we saw the movie Judy, the story of Judy Garland’s last days.  What a terrible childhood she had (in flashbacks) and her decline into pills and booze at the end. She was only 47 when she died. So sad!  We hardly ever go to the movies and recently have gone twice.

I met Irene Monday at a local carpet store and brought home four samples and we picked one out.  They agreed to come measure on Tuesday which they did. He said he would call me with an actual amount. 

I played cards on Tuesday and guess what? I did not win. Ted had an eye doctor appointment to check his pressure and all is good.

We had our neighbor birthday luncheon on Thursday and 11 were in attendance. With our lunch we had cupcakes, cards and candies supplied by Jeanette and I brought everyone a milk chocolate Dove bar because it is my Birthday month.

While there, the rug guy called and his price had gone from $2400 to $4000!  And he paid no attention to what I said about when this could be done so I told him to just forget it.

After lunch I went to another smaller store with twice the rating as the other establishment. I brought home 8 samples, chose one, set up a time to measure and was given a price more in the $2000 range. If that holds and they can do it all in my timeframe, it will be a go!

So another birthday week for us is in the books. Ted enjoyed his group at Perry’s, we had a good time at the country club as guests of Terry and Carol and my ladies luncheon was a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Welcome October

It is fall.  In Texas that is just like summer ... but with pumpkins!

I cleaned the furniture and things on the deck and had the same black cleaning rags as I get with the front door!  Then I put out my fall/orange/Halloween decorations and bought mums for the wheelbarrow in the side yard.  I am not a big decorator, just a few things here and there.

Tuesday I worked at the Thrift Shop.  Only three of us were there and frankly I think we got more accomplished than when we have more workers.  Of course by the time new donations come in, the bins refill so the next day’s crew had plenty to work on I’m sure.

I mentioned a possible big dental bill recently but we determined my partial apparently was not seated correctly and after suffering one day, the next morning after removing, cleaning and reinserting it, I was fine.  The dentist said my bridge was getting loose, they cleaned and xrayed my teeth and sent me on my way,  Then Monday when I removed it, my bridge came with it.  Now the dentist could see what was going on underneath and determine a course of action.
They gave me an appointment for first thing Wednesday morning.  After xraying the anchor teeth for the bridge, the condition of the bridge, etc., he determined it could be re-cemented in with the caveat that there was no guarantee about how long it would last.  So that’s what he did.  So far, so good!
We both got haircuts in the afternoon and had dinner at an old establishment, Mel’s.  It is the place Enron whistleblower Sharon Watson met with Barbara Walters for an interview.  Not a place the media would think to look!

After almost a year’s absence I attended the Continental Breakfast hosted by Newcomers.  I am making a concerted effort to attend what I can while home.  It is just a matter of putting things on the calendar, signing up, or making a reservation, if necessary.  It was a wonderful event, held in a gorgeous home, decorated to the nines!  Fabulous food too though I ate just a few bites of each thing.
Then it was a lazy afternoon.  Getting all dressed up and then home by noon sort of throws my "starter" off.

We received word that Ally was going to the hospital but in the end was sent home.  Today is my 74th birthday and just maybe little Cece Acosta will be my second best birthday gift ever, behind my engagement ring for my 18th birthday! Without that ring, none of the "rest of the story" would be playing out.

Friday was a long day.  I cleaned the whole house except for our bathroom which I promised myself I would do on Saturday.  Ally was to be induced at 3:00 when she was due to check back into the hospital.  I watched the clock from 3:00 on and finally got ready to attend a birthday get together for me at the country club, compliments of Terry and Carol.  We were joined by five other friends.  There were gifts and cards with a gorgeous cake for me and Jack who had a birthday recently.
It got later and later but not much progress was being made at the hospital.  A sonogram revealed the cord over the cervix beneath the babies head.  The decision was to do a C section before the waters broke which would put more pressure on the placenta.  We left for home and almost immediately got the news that she was being prepped for surgery.  It seemed to me to take a long time but at 10:20 she was successfully delivered.  What a relief and now we have the same birthday!

Here are our cards, flowers and balloons in celebration of our birthdays!  And two of Cecilia Kade Acosta, known as Cece!