Sunday, May 29, 2016

Days 1-7

You knock off the first two days very quickly.  It is the day you leave and arrive.  After a 9 hour flight we arrived at Heathrow about 1 pm. We had to go through Immigration and Customs and then met our driver in the outside hall.  He gathered our luggage and we followed him to the garage where he loaded us and our things into a new Mercedes sedan with the steering wheel on the wrong side!

It was a long ride to the Tower Hotel at the end of the Tower Bridge.  We were met by our Director, Alison, and immediately given our room key and found our luggage already In our room when we arrived there.  She had given us some paperwork, explained the evening's activity and signed us up for the Windsor Castle tour later in the week.  

Neither of us had slept much on the plane so we took a short respite before getting ready to meet up with Tom and Jeanne and the rest of our group.  We went by motorcoach across the Tower Bridge to a pub on the opposite side of the Thames River.  We watched many tour boats loaded to the gills with tourists and learned it was a holiday weekend here too so the city was even more crowded.  

Dinner was a drink, mushroom soup or smoked salmon, chicken or fish pie and apple crumble.  I had homemade lemonade, Ted a beer.  I had soup and Ted gave his salmon to Tom and we both had chicken pie and dessert.  It was very good and I was stuffed.  We met Chuck and his wife who entertained us with tales of their Antartica Trip on the same ship we are sailing on this trip.  The motorcoach brought us back to the hotel where we immediately retired for the evening.

We were up early on Monday having gone to bed at 9 pm.  We had our included breakfast at the hotel and then boarded the bus to Hampton Court whose most famous resident was Henry VIII and his six wives.  It is a huge place and we observed Flemish tapestries that have been hanging there for over 500 years, many portraits and learned more history of the divorces, beheadings, death and survival of the wives.  We walked for a couple hours.

After a bus ride back to the hotel, we joined Alison and another couple on a ride on the Underground (we were given passes) to Campton Road, an area of eclectic stores and stalls.  One area was former horse stables and there was beautiful architecture throughout the area.  We stopped at Hawley Arms for a local beer before reversing our Underground route back to the hotel.

We were on our own for dinner and walked to the Dickens Inn on the marina, visible from our room.  It has a tavern on the first floor, pizzeria on the second and a grille on the third and no elevator despite being a newly built building.  We trudged up the steps, had dinner and more local beer before making our way back to the hotel where we climbed into bed immediately.  I wish I had a Fitbit to know how far we walked that day.


Tuesday was an absolutely miserable weather day.  After breakfast we boarded a bus headed to Windsor Castle.  It rained all the way there and only picked up more steam as the day went on.  I had been there about 20 years ago, right after St. George's Hall had burned, and was anxious to see the renovations.  The train station has been expanded to include many high end shops and security now rivaled the airport.  Finally we were able to get in out of the rain by entering the building that houses the miniature of the castle called Queen Mary's Doll House though it was never made for children to play with.  It is a perfect 12:1 scale and everything is an exact duplicate from the vacuum cleaner and books to the Rolls Royces in the garage.

From there we entered the Apartment State Rooms and toured through all open to the public. The last was the new St. George's Hall with the many shields of the Order of the Garter and the octagon room that replaced the destroyed small, private chapel in 1992. 

After a quick stop at the big Chapel of St. George we hurried to the bus in a downpour.  Everyone was wet despite the umbrellas, weatherproof jackets, hoods, etc.  After a very long and damp ride we arrived back at our hotel.  

We went to our room and put on dry clothes and headed out for a late lunch/early dinner with Tom and Jeanne.  It had stopped raining but the wind was still cool.  We had a nice view of the marina as we enjoyed a good meal with wine and dessert.  Afterwards we all headed to our respective rooms,  the day had worn us out.

London is exhausting!  We went to bed about 8 pm, I woke up for maybe an hour around midnight then fell back to sleep until 8 am!   We dressed and went to breakfast where Tom and Jeanne finally located us.  We agreed to meet and head to the Imperial War Museum that Tom wanted to see.  I mapped our route - walk to Tower Hill underground, go on the black line to Embankment stop and switch to the brown line for two stops!  All of this is accompanied by lots of up and down many steps!

We visited the WWI floor and the display of medal winners.  By then we had been there for a long time and decided to move on to the Shakespeare Globe Theater.  It was another walk to the Castle and Elephant (I kid you not) stop for two stops and then a 10 minute walk.  We learned we were too late for a tour so checked on performances for tomorrow.  None of us relished the walk back to the underground stop so I decided to check on the riverboats.  Fortunately the pier right there had boats that would drop us off right at our hotel!  So our being tired allowed us to ride on the River Thames as a new experience.

We had a bit of time to rest up before dinner.  The folks who had not taken the London pre-trip had just arrived that day so the entire group was having dinner.  There will be four groups with their individual leaders on the ship.  We will continue to stay with Alison in the yellow group.  We gathered in the Upper Foyer for a talk and buffet dinner.  It was nice to only have to ride the elevator to our room.

Thursday was our panoramic tour of London and we were driven to all the highlights of the city.  Traffic is horrendous and I am surprised they don't have a daily talley on the news listing dead bicyclists, motorbike riders and pedestrians.  No car goes fast enough to kill any drivers or passengers.  Crossing the street involves looking in every direction because vehicles come from all directions.  We enjoyed the tour but were grateful we weren't driving!

The groups split up two and two and gathered at two different pubs for a lunch of fish and chips.  Afterwards we and a couple from PA walked down the block to the theater district and bought third row seats to see Beautiful, the Carole King Story.  It was fabulous!  I don't know if it was the music being from our generation, the story or the talented actress who played Carol but I would go see it again in a minute.  We caught a bus right outside the theater and used our transit card one last time to go back to the hotel. I think there was $1.60 on it so we cut it close.  I don't know how much was loaded on it in the beginning but we made good use of it.

As we walked from the bus stop to the hotel, we ran into Tom and Jeanne who were going to dinner so we just walked with them.  We ended up at Weatherspoon's where I ordered a special "3 small plates for 10 pounds sterling" so I ordered soup, chicken fingers and topped chips.  The portions were huge and I asked if this was indeed the small plate special and was assured it was.  I ate the soup, some of the chicken fingers but the "Chips" were French fries covered with cheese and pieces of ham.  I was expecting potato skins, not a huge dish of French fries, so ate one forkful only.  Ted ate the rest of the chicken but the fries we left.

We headed back to the hotel where we readied our things for the 8 am departure in the morning.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Countdown

Monday was a welcome relief in that the only thing I had to do was go to the dermatologist.  A new "thing" cropped up on my thigh and was growing.  He took one look at it, pronounced what it was and froze it off.  Then he looked at my back and neck finding something he didn't like and did a biopsy on that.  I am not going to borrow trouble and worry about it just yet.  Odds are it isn't anything or if it is can be handled easily.

We decided on a light supper so stopped and bought deli chicken noodle soup, rolls and things for salads.  It was easy enough to put together and clean up.  It was a big TV night.  We had a DWTS final, The Bachelor first episode and a recorded Starz Outlander episode we missed on Saturday.  There was only one dead body on Outlander!  After so much NCIS you can get tired of dead bodies!

I was scheduled to get my hair cut on Tuesday but received a text asking to change it to Wednesday.  So that just left the eye doctor on Tuesday afternoon.  I kept my appointment and Dr. D said he wished all his cataract patients my age could see as well as me.  Not even a prescription change needed.  He recommended Systain for any irritation caused by heated air in the winter or allergens in the Spring.  Ted brought Skyline chili home from Kroger and fixed it for dinner.  It tasted so good!  

We watched the DWTS finale and couldn't be more pleased at the outcome.  The deaf male model was an awesome dancer despite having absolutely no hearing.  He was a joy to watch and absolutely deserved to win.  

Wednesday I eventually started the laundry and then left to get my hair cut.  I wanted it short for the summer so Cindy obliged!  I was to get it cut before Chicago but she had medical issues and had to cancel my appointment.  But I am good to go for now.

Ted had to go to Arlington for two days so I didn't do much but finish the laundry and fix my dinner when I returned home.

Thursday I put all my clothes in my suitcases to see how good I was doing on room and I am fine.  The paperwork I need is all together so my toiletries will be the last thing to go in.  I played cards in the afternoon and still didn't win!  One bad hand out of six and you are in the toilet!  

It started raining really hard around 5:00 and I was concerned about Ted driving in it.  He called about 7:00 and wasn't too far from home but was stopped for a wreck.  By the time it stopped raining on Friday we were in a No Go Zone because of all of the flooded roads.  This is the worst I have ever seen it in our area.  Normally it is south of us.   Here is my friend's street where their car was swamped and floated four houses down and allowed water into the car itself.  It is ruined.

I went to the nail salon close by and had no trouble going, but it was pouring down when I left.  Despite being parked right in front, unlocking the door remotely and having an umbrella, I was soaking wet from the waist down.  I came home and stayed.

We finished packing and have two large bags and one carry on.  There are no fees for these.  However, no TSA pre -check when flying internationally.  I think we are ready!

What a mess the area is in spots, and traffic is a nightmare.  We did our last minute stuff, went out for a late lunch then came home and called Terry to say we were ready.  It took us about 2.5 hours to get through the traffic to be dropped off, stood in a Bag Drop line until I noticed an empty World Traveler line that just happened to be printed on our boarding pass so we used that one and security wasn't bad at all.  Of course it wouldn't be right if there wasn't at least one gate change, so here we sit waiting to board.  

We are off to visit the Queen!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Good Times and Bad

Thursday was just a day of exhaustion and Friday we prepared for our trip to Chicago for a HAPPY occasion.  We had a 7 am flight so we were up at 4:30 to head out in time.  We are loving our constant receiving of TSA Pre Check which makes the security lines easier.  I am sure it is our age more than anything.  We haven't caused any trouble in 70+ years so they think odds are good we aren't going to start now.  Whatever the reason, we appreciate it.

I paid extra for the exit row and we were very comfortable.  I watched the movie Revenent and the time passed quickly.

The wait at Dollar car rental was unbelievable!  The line was out the door.  I sat waiting for Ted and received a text from Kara that one of her very best friends who had been diagnosed with pneumonia died of a pulmonary embolism.  She was 51 and leaves 3 boys.  It is so hard to be a parent and not be able to take the extreme pain of grief away from your children.  They were scheduled to come to Chicago too but after last week in Florida they had decided not to.  Good thing too.  Such a sad situation.

Ted's sister rode over to the rectory with us from the hotel where cousin Fr. Terry is pastor, to attend the family party.  There was much story telling and getting caught up followed by some videos and DVDs made up of old family films and pictures.  What a great family they are and having been part of it for over 50 years is one of my biggest blessings.  We were pretty tired and went to bed immediately after arriving back at the hotel.

We had a terrific included breakfast Sunday morning and then headed to church for 11 am Mass.  Fr. Terry is in to music and the theme was God creates the music in our lives, Jesus teaches us the words and the Holy Spirit moves us to dance to that.  We had Doobie Brothers. Lennon & McCartney and a few others as music during Mass.  Sort of the same thing we get in Mission from Fr. Roy except he is into Country Western Music.  It was like being at a rock concert.  Ted, Terry, Carol and I were asked to carry up the Offertory gifts which we did gladly.

There was a lunch served outside in the courtyard afterwards.

The Keehan/Rogers/Sullivan group

I finally was able to enjoy the spring lilacs!  I miss them and always seem to be too early or too late to enjoy them.

Ted and his cousin Fr. Terry

And his cousin Dee 

In the courtyard of the rectory with Jay, Bill, me, Joyce, Mickey and Sharon.

Fr. Terry and his 92 year old mother, our Aunt Pat.  She is the last survivor of the 9 Keehan children and their spouses.

The most beautiful crucifix I have ever seen hangs above the altar of this parish church.

After the lunch we retired to the rectory where a more private gathering was occurring.  Eventually the family took their leave and mostly Fr. Terry's friends remained. Most of the family were driving back to Ohio.  We left for the airport and spent most of the time playing musical gates.  I know there were at least four changes. Our flight was ordinary and arrived a bit early.  We got the worst shuttle driver ever who appeared not to have a clue how to locate cars.  He actually stopped at three spots where no one on our bus had a car.  A woman got disgusted and told him to just let her off and she would find her own car.  We were the second last people on the bus and he blew past our road so I hollered.  He didn't even have us on the list even though I gave it to him when we got on.  Chuck receives a major FAIL.

It is good to be home!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Louis E. Boudot

July 31, 1926 - May 17, 2016

Louis Eugene Boudot, age 89, died at his residence in Punta Gorda, Florida on May 17, 2016.  

Louis served in the US Marine Corps during WW-II and was a long time resident of Ohio.

He is survived by his beloved wife Edna of 31 years of Punta Gorda, Florida; his 3 loving daughters, Donna (Ted) Rogers, Lauren (Spence) Montgomery and Sherry Schroeder; 7 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his late wife, Bettie.

Donations in his memory may be made to 

TideWell Hospice of Southwest Florida at:

5955 Rand Blvd. 

Sarasota, Florida 34238 or 

Animal Welfare League at:

3519 Drance Street 

Port Charlotte, Florida 33980

Please visit the online tribute for Louis Eugene Boudot at to sign the guest book and offer condolences to the family. No services have been scheduled.

Arrangements by Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Home and cremation services. Port Charlotte Chapel. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

And It Continued ...

I was just walking into the Thrift Store to work my shift Thursday when the text came on my phone.  Hospice said time is getting close.  I responded "imminent?" And got a "yes."  Thus started another medically stressful day.  I chose to stay, without saying anything, because I wanted to keep busy while I pondered what to do and when.  I did tell my friend Donna when I was leaving the store.

Larry and his sister had gone over the day before for a visit so Kristin left work immediately and headed that way, a 3 hour drive.  Kara and Bill had plane tickets for Saturday and didn't change their plans because hospice had come and with medication, stabilized him somewhat.  Patrick was in Naples for work and stayed, with Kelly flying down on Saturday.  My niece Jill flew in from Cincinnati on Friday.  

All these plans fell into place and we were still trying to figure out which path to take.  Airfare was $2000 for the next day and if we got a call during the night, we were holding useless tickets.  The airlines are not generous on using leftover tickets.  There is at least a $150 per ticket change fee and in some cases you can use the balance to buy a cheaper ticket but there is no refund of the difference.  So that was no guarantee of anything as far as timing went at quite an expense.

I also had a calendar full of events that I needed to clear up.  Kristin called when she arrived and said he recognized her, asked for me twice and ate a bit of food.  She felt we had some time.  I canceled Shanghai here at our house on Saturday, got a sub for bunco on Monday, changed my eye doctor appointment for Tuesday and Donna said she would find a sub to work for me at the Thrift store on Thursday.  

With all that handled, we used Friday to finish up with the work people and cleaning people, Ted got a haircut and went to the store to fill our cooler.  We packed our clothes and got ready to head out at daybreak on Saturday.  Neither of us like night driving any more, especially at high speeds in unfamiliar territory, so we didn't start out until it was light outside, all the while praying we would arrive safely and in time to see him and everyone before they all left for home.

We drove 12 hours to Tallahassee then left at 5 am and drove another 6 to arrive at 11 am on Sunday.  My Dad had been terribly restless, combative and hallucinating on Friday night.  Poor Kara and Bill did their best to quiet him but he was trying to take his clothes off, climb out of bed, swinging his arms wildly, seeing things, etc. so they called the hospice nurse who came over.  They started a different regimen of meds and he calmed down but was heavily sedated by the time we arrived.  They insisted he could hear us.  If so, he knew we were there. If not, I doubt he did.

Larry, Kelly, Pat, Kara and Bill all had flights home Sunday and one by one they said what they knew were their final goodbyes.  Sunday evening and all day Monday was a constant bedside vigil.  Jill had to leave and we waved to her plane as it flew over the  house.  The Crisis Care Hospiice nurses were excellent and we could not have asked for better care for him.  They told us everything they were doing and why.  We also leveled with as he transitioned from life into death.  Monday night we were told to call anyone who needed to be there.  But by 11:30 she said she thought he would make it through the night and we should go to bed.  Kristin was staying up and helping with the turning of him on a regular schedule.  I woke up at 5 am and went out to see what was what.  At 8 o'clock we got a new nurse and the old one said it would be that day.  One and a half hours later he took his last breaths.

Hospice made all the appropriate phone calls and the chosen funeral home arrived.  There will be no visitation, just a service when his cremains are interred in Cincinnati later on.  They left a white rose on the hospital bed, placed him on the gurney and covered him with the flag.  We were all allowed to say our goodbyes before they took him away.  I felt so sorry for Edna and Laurie.  They are both losing their  best friend and biggest fan.  He was married to Edna for 31 years and Laurie has always been a Daddy's girl.  The rest of us were quite emotional as well.

Since there was no service there was no reason to stay any longer.  Everyone was exhausted and Edna's daughter was due in.  We stripped the beds and remade them before leaving.  Time alone with her daughter was the best thing for Edna.  We drove to Tallahassee for the first night and onto Lake Charles the second.  On Thursday morning we arrived home at 10:00.  

As for the other medical situations, Tim was recovering nicely from his appendectomy, Ted's biopsies were negative, my mammogram was normal.  Kara is scheduled for an ultrasound and poor Charlie is having difficulty in his recovery.  Please pray for this young boy who has been through so much.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Medical Alert Day

We had an appointment for Ted to have his routine endoscopy on Wednesday to keep an eye on whether his Barrett's Esophagus has reared its ugly head.  It has been since 2008 that he was diagnosed, treated and eventually released after 15 months of treatment.  Today's initial results were good but a few biopsies were taken and so we wait.

Last week we were informed that Ted's great nephew with disabilities was having a tumor removed from his spine, also on Wednesday.  His surgery went well but only 90% was removed because of it intertwining on his spine.  He was talking, wanted to go home and can move his legs but will be in ICU for a few days.  And again, we wait.

Kara thinks she has a hernia so had an appointment - on Wednesday!  The doctor ordered an ultrasound and we wait.

Wednesday morning the first thing to greet me on Facebook was my niece saying her husband was in surgery having an emergency appendectomy.  It had perforated so he will be hospitalized for 2-3 days receiving IV antibiotics.  He came through well and was able to eat but was in pain so we wait for his release.  

The news on my father is he is still in hospice care plus round the clock attendants.  He is slipping but at most times is very clear of mind.  We are so thankful he is not in pain but he is troubled because he realizes what is going on with his deteriorating health.  We and our girls have been going to Florida to visit and give my sister a little break.  His wife's daughter and my sister's daughter went to Florida to help too.   Today was a calm day and the hospice nurse will visit tomorrow.  Kara and Bill are due to arrive there Friday.  And again, we wait.

My friend Shari is going to have her hip replaced so she asked me - on Wednesday - if she could borrow anything that might be helpful so we got out the toilet riser, walker, cane, long handled shoe horn and the "picker upper" for her to use.  

I felt like all the medical news was way more than I could deal with in one day.  But there are so many prayer warriors out there that I made it through the day just fine.  The folks came and power washed the drive, walk, deck and courtyard.  They will return to put the preservative on the deck once it dries out.  The garage is cleaned out and orderly.  I have made progress!

Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.  ~ Joyce Meyer

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Guess what?

Just as soon as I posted the going away picture of my bowling ball, an old school friend posted pictures of the 10 bowling lanes where I learned to bowl at the ripe old age of about 11.  Our parish had a complete complex of church, school, priests' house and nuns' house.  In the basement of the school was the bowling alley.

Also included was a Christmas photo of Midnight Mass.  When I was in choir I stood upstairs above the altar.  We could look straight out to the choir loft in the rear of the church and be directed along with the adult choir.  What wonderful memories.

I know I have posted this next photo but for context I will do it again.  When the church complex was sold and dismantled, the altar and windows were used at The Fathers of Mercy in Auburn, KY.  We have visited there twice.  I am so grateful these beautiful things have been saved.

Friday I spent most of the day laying out our summer route.  I typed a spreadsheet and sent it to Eileen so she has the info to start making her reservations,  Day, date, city, campground name and address, check in/check out dates and number of miles to drive to that destination.  Some reservations can be made on line, others you need to call so it is best we each do our own.  When I finished that I used Trip Advisor to make a list of Attractions in the areas where we are staying.  We need to order tickets to the musical at Palo Duro Canyon and for a tour of the McDonald Observatory before we even leave.

That doesn't seem like it should take all day to compile but you need to consider how to get where you want to go, where to stop as far as distance, find a park in the area that can accommodate your size rig and has the amenities you want.  We both need 50 amp in the summer to run both A/C units.  Now I can enjoy our weekend in Chicago and our time in the British Isles knowing we have that all set up.
Saturday was uneventful except we went to church as usual.  I had ribs in the crockpot and put potatoes in the oven and hoped I had set it to come on while we were gone.  It worked and I had only guessed at how to do it.  I seldom use that feature.

All three of the girls called on Sunday and I had long conversations with all of them.  I received a pearl necklace from Kelly and slacks from both Kara and Kristin.  Ted brought me a dozen white roses when he returned from shooting and then we went out to eat.

I played Canasta on Monday and came in last!  However, that gave me my dollar back.  One of these days this losing streak has to end.

On Tuesday the dredges of the garage were picked up by Paralyzed Veterans of Texas.  I hope someone enjoys the golf clubs.  I had given my older set to a school coach last year to give to a student who wanted to play but had no clubs.  I love getting rid of things we no longer use that may be useful to someone else.  

We went to the new shooting range that has been built right around the corner from us.  It is Seniors day on Tueaday and lanes are just $7.50.  I shot from 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 yards, a 10 clip magazine at each yard.  First two to the body mass, next two to the head and the last two, and farthest, to the area above the body mass but below the throat.  I did pretty darn good too.  Afterwards we went to lunch and to check on the trailer.  I thought I left a phone charger in there but I didn't. I will have to look further here at home.

We stopped at a new 55+ housing development to look at the models.  The one we liked was way too much house for us.  It had a huge finished second floor that raised the price from $350,000 base to $530,000 and then you had to pay extra for a premium lot to put it on.  It was the reverse from downsizing which is what I would think 55+ people would be looking for.  Our house is one story, 2300+ square feet and is perfect for us.  I think we'll stay put.

Monday, May 2, 2016

We Ate at Home!

Ted went shooting Sunday and I tackled the garage.  It is best he is gone when I start pitching.  Otherwise everything I throw on the pile would end up on a new, different shelf.  I have to respect some of this stuff is his, so I try to consider that, but I will never understand why we have empty boxes and bags galore on the shelves!  Just getting rid of those and consolidating "like things" made a big difference.  We are getting rid of all the golf things except Ted's Ping clubs and travel bag.  We have a small bag of new balls and tees for Terry.  Also, we will donate the toys and tubs we have saved for when the kids came to visit.  They are too old to be interested in the old toys.  

I also boxed up all our Christmas lights and will ship them off to great niece Vicki who is involved in a charity haunted house.  Most strands are wound around paper tubes but there are a few loose so I told her to throw a light checking party to get all the strands working.  I will have done all I can to Ted's room and the garage so I will continue my mantra when I park in the garage and walk into the house through these areas:  "It is his house too."

This probably isn't most people's description of "organized" but it will have to suffice in our case.  I will let you know how long it takes Ted to fill in the empty spot above the wreath!

I am saying goodbye to an old friend.  Ted gave me this bowling ball in 1964 for my 19th birthday.  It was the first thing with my married initials on it.  It weighs almost 14#, pretty heavy but I never could control a lightweight ball.

bowled with it in many leagues, the first for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, then our church group in Michigan and up until I left Florida in 2001 and stopped because of my hip.  Now that I have two new hips, if I start up again I will get a new ball more consistent with the current lane blocking now in use.

It was hot in the garage and I stopped twice to have a drink and cool off but I was tired when Ted came home.  I planned to make a meatloaf but he wanted to grill burgers.  But we ate at home!  I finally went to the grocery store on Monday.  

Tuesday I had to work at the Thrift Shop and then get my mammogram afterwards.  It has been since fall that I have worked there and the renovations are done.  The store is very well organized and things displayed well.  I stopped home for lunch, went by the post office and then went to the Breast Center.  I think things looked okay because she only took two X-rays of each side.  If there is a question they will usually take another picture for more info.  Let's hope my assessment is correct.  The funny thing is the little Asian girl was enamored with my eyebrows!  She wanted to know how I got them so perfect.  I told her they were tattooed on almost six years ago and I gave her Emily's card.  

Ted had an appointment to see his gastroenterologist before his scheduled endoscopy.  Lucky him, he also received one of those new colon test kits to use instead of a colonoscopy.  They have called me because it has been 5 years since my last colonoscopy and I would much rather do that test than prep for one.  Ted is scheduled for 5/11 for his routine follow up endoscopy.  I told them to call me back in September.  I will bend Dr. W's ear when I am there with Ted in hopes he will give me a tester kit instead of scheduling a colonoscopy.  

While he was gone, the tree trimmers came.  They put down the bull rock first and then started on the trees.  Boy did they trim.  The debris filled a huge trailer.  We have some sunshine now and the house isn't in hiding.  Right after they left, Gordon came to replace the kitchen faucet.  The sprayer head would not switch from stream to spray.  I was getting both at the same time.  The company sent us a whole new faucet which Gordon installed.  He checked the light and proclaimed the problem was the light bulb - wrong kind!  Ted bought a new LED one.

Thursday was our Forum Installation Luncheon.  This is such a fun event.  The creativity of those putting the skit together amazes us all each year.  The food was really good and everyone had a nice time.

Our outgoing president, Cheryl.

Our new president, Chris.

Our newest members.

Our table

It was a long meeting with all that needed to be accomplished.  I left home at 8:45 am and returned home about 1:30.  I didn't do much of anything after that except heat up the pot roast and noodle leftovers for Ted for his dinner.  I was too full from lunch to join him.