Saturday, September 26, 2015

Decision Made

I did literally nothing the rest of the week except kept another appointment with Dr. B.  I told him I stopped all the medicine but my cholesterol pill.  He said that explained the drop of 35 points in my BP.  It was obvious to us that I would not be able to control my hip situation with normal anti-inflammatories.  And Dr. C had warned me that you can ruin your kidneys, liver and stomach taking them long term.

I knew this fall was the best window of opportunity I had to get my hip replaced.  So the decision was made and 10/21 is the date.  I had done a good job of keeping my calendar cleared but Ted hadn't.  He has lots to do this month.  I told the doctor after 10/20 would work and he said that was perfect.  We need the time for insurance approval, pre-op testing and he had one spot left on 10/21.  I hope that is God's way of saying it is time to do this.

Afterwards we had lunch at Willie's and stopped at Kohl's to get Ted a new belt.  I wanted one of those pedi things I have seen advertised on TV to smooth the skin on your heels.  We found them both plus a pair of shoes for me before coming home.

I checked my calendar and only had one appointment to cancel, beg off hosting Shanghai at the end of October and switch taking food to a meeting from November to October.  This timing allows Ted to make 2-3 business calls and keep his commitments to Mike at the gun club too.  

I slept better than I had in a long time.  From 10 pm to 7:30 am.  Unheard of for me!  I think the weight of the decision allowed my brain to rest.  It is hard to sleep when your brain never shuts up!

Saturday we were invited to meet our camping friends in Seabrook for dinner at one of their favorite spots.  It meant not going to church Saturday night so we went Sunday morning.  It took us a good while to get there but it was a great time with the four of them and really good food.  Susan brought a birthday cake for Ted's birthday and we had a fun time.  We planned to go to the Boardwalk but we learned it was Beerfest so it would be very crowded and a long walk from any parking.  Since I never know how long I can go before the hip gets the better of me, we decided to pass and came back home.

We went to church at 9 am and Ted left afterwards to visit his friend Randy who had open heart surgery before continuing on to the gun club.  I straightened up then went to Walgreen's to pick up two prints I had made.  I was talking to Eileen on my phone when I picked them up and did not check the envelope.  Sure enough, when I got home, I had an 8 x 10 of a bride and groom I don't know and none of my family!  I called, they reprinted my order and I made a second trip.  

We were invited to Terry and Carol's for dinner to celebrate Ted's 71st birthday that was today.  We had a good visit but came home by 9:00 because Terry has a 5:30 am flight to Myrtle Beach to golf.  Their brother Kevin will be meeting him there along with other Cincinnati looks.  I hope they have good weather.

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