Sunday, September 6, 2015


Somewhere along the line our time with Dad and Edna plus our days before the cruise including Universal Studios got deleted.  We had a great visit with Dad, Edna and Laurie, my sister.  After we went to dinner Laurie had us back to her house for dessert.  She and Spence have moved closer to her work and to Dad's house.  It was great to see them all but we missed Spence who was in Ohio helping get his mother settled back into her home after rehab.  He laid wood floors so she can use her walker safely.

Here is a picture of Dad, Laurie and her mother, Betty, that she shared recently.  I am 7 years older than her.

We left for Kristin's on Monday and I spent Tuesday doing laundry, cooking dinner for us plus a meal for Wednesday when the Dudas arrived and Ted picked them up at the airport.  They stayed at Kristin's for the night while Ted and I moved to the Doubletree Universal.  Thursday everyone else went to the Royal Pacific on site at Universal so they could enter the park an hour early and have front of the line passes for the day.  We spent a second night at the Doubletree and took their shuttle to the park in the morning.

Sam and Morgan have wands that can be used around the park to magically make things happen.  There are brass plates on the ground that shows the "spell" to make it happen.  We made it rain, turned lights on, destroyed and fixed things, etc.  Even I had fun with that.

Morgan wanted a cape from Hogswart but I can't remember what she is.  Giffendorf comes to mind but I know there is a Slitherin also!  I am not a big Harry Potter fan so am not "up" on all this terminology.  Butter beer is another HP thing so Morgan is complete here with her robe, wand and beer!

After 8.5 hours, Ted, Larry and I decided to leave because the weather was threatening.  As soon as we got in the car it let loose and rained as only it can in Florida.  With Friday night traffic and the rain, it took an hour to get back to Kristin's.  The others all stayed at the park until it closed at 8 pm.   We all were spending the night at Kristin's so we were together on Saturday morning.  Kara and family arrived Thursday and spent two nights at the Royal Pacific and met up with us at the ship on Saturday.  

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