Friday, January 28, 2011


We won everything at bunco last Saturday and my contention that subs always win was confirmed! However, you can only win one prize each so we came home with $15 for most buncos and $10 for most wipeouts. Carol had wonderful things to eat and we had a good time with these "younger" folks from our church. It's funny to watch them receive texts and send them to their kids and babysitters. Times certainly have changed. I am so impressed with their involvement with their children's education and religious instruction.

Pat, Donna Marie and I met Monday for lunch to discuss the party we are responsible for planning. We decided to take a ride to look at a community center where Donna Marie's garden club meets. It's a beautiful complex with a lovely hall. We are able to rent it for about 1/3 of the cost because of Donna Marie's involvement with the garden club. I came home and worked on the invitation because now we had concrete info on where and when.

The next day I had my bone density test and then came home in time for the new carpet to get laid in our bedroom. I had the fellow stretch my dining room carpet too. I wish they still had jute on the back of carpeting. What they use now stretches so easily and I hear people complaining all the time. I know I've had every carpet in this house stretched at one time or another.

Getting ready for the painters was a chore. I never realized how many pictures were hanging on the walls until I started taking them down. The china cabinet, bookcases and secretary all had to be emptied but it gave me a chance to clean them inside really well. Now I have to clean everything before I put it all back. Doing that will keep me out of trouble this weekend.

The painters came yesterday just as I was leaving for Irene's to play bunco. What a place! It looks like a small palace from the outside and is absolutely beautiful on the inside. She said it is 7200 sq. ft. with 6 bathrooms! We played four tables of Canasta in what she called the party room. It was about 25 x 25 at the back of the house and all four tables of Canasta players plus two 8 foot tables of food and drinks didn't come close to filling the room. She told us we could just walk around and look at the house if we wanted. There was a complete gym room and I asked if she sold memberships. The best part - she is the nicest, most gracious lady and comes to our houses of all sizes to play in our groups. That's the best kind of friend.

In my absence the painters had finished the dining room, sitting room and front hallway. I had agonized over the color for some time and was glad it looked so good on the walls. Ted really likes it and the white crown molding shows up so much better. They are back today to do the family room, back hall and one guest bedroom. There isn't a flat surface in this house that isn't covered with something so Ted and I went to El Chapparo for dinner last night. It was that or stand at the bar to eat. Do you think I just may be able to get away with that again tonight???

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two Alarm Week

I had a meeting Wednesday for Junior Forum and finally realized that Pat, Donna Marie and I are somehow in charge of the Provisional Couples Party! We were informed we were chosen as "leaders." I guess that's a vote of confidence. We met at Pat's house and have come up with a plan but have not had a response back from the establishment where we want to have it. We think it will be about 60 people and that's a bit much for someone's home since February isn't the best month down here to plan something outdoors. My job before our meeting next week is to design the invitation. I've done that and the other two have approved it. Now we just need accurate information to complete it.

I came home to eat with Ted and then took off for Happy Hour. Susan organizes these since she is a member of the country club and she is the good friend that is moving. I'm sure one of the others will take up the cause and continue it. I want to attend as often as I can before Susan leaves. It was a smaller crowd of about 8 people and we had a great visit.

My ultrasound was scheduled for 9:00 on Thursday but I got a call telling me to check in at 7:30 so they could do it at 8:00. Alarm Clock Use #1 for the week! I went on time, got in and out and by 2:00 that afternoon my doctor's office called to say the test results were normal. Then I had an appt. with my new GYN. I really liked him and honestly feel he spent more time with me this first time than the other doctor did in nine years. He had read my file, questioned me, asked me if I had questions, any problems, pains, anything at all to talk to him about. He did his thing, ordered a bone density and mammogram and I was on my way. By the way, he said my 2009 bone density was perfect!! But he told me to take calcium and Vitamin D anyway.

I wasn't home long when I got a phone call to come back to the office to sign a lab paper that is a Medicare requirement. There was no choice but to go right back over and sign the paper. Then I had to make phone calls to set up the tests. I'll be glad when this is all over.

Alarm Use #2 was to get up in time to pick up Janeen and get to the Junior Forum meeting by 9:00. We made it in time and I signed up for the last thing I have to do for the year which is to work at the nursing home once. I signed up for a few other things but they will just be extra. Once I do Regent Care my requirements and hours for the year will be finished.

Last night was Wind Down and there was a really nice group there. For most of the evening I sat in the living room by the fire where a circle had gathered. Alton had my bottle of Riesling but he said a new person was drinking it too! He said he might have to get two bottles if that continues. Riesling is a sweet wine and no one but me seems to like it. It's sort of a joke among my friends.

Tonight we are playing bunco at Terry & Carol's for their church group. We've subbed in this group quite frequently and know everyone. Carol didn't feel so hot yesterday so I hope she is feeling well enough to host tonight. I told her I would do it if she couldn't but then we would be short a couple so that's probably not going to happen.

Next week will certainly be busy around here with the painting. I hope it all goes smoothly and we get put back together quickly. Still no word from the carpet guy. I think I need to give him a call.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

It seems like things are so quiet without the constant hubbub of the holidays. There was so much to do and now it is so very quiet.

My "cold" or whatever I have/had did not keep me from any of my appointed rounds. I made the neighborhood ladies luncheon on Thursday. We had a good turnout and it is always fun catching up on what everyone did over the holidays. I'll miss next month's lunch however.

I went to the doctor on Friday for my blood work. He also ordered a colonoscopy and aorta aneurysm ultrasound. These two things are listed on my list of things I'm eligible for. I go Thursday for the ultrasound but still need to make the colonoscopy appointment. I also need to make a GYN appointment. Now what was I just saying about it being quiet? I think that is over.

We stayed in Friday night but after Mass on Saturday went to El Chapparo with Terry & Carol to talk about the big upcoming event - all of Ted's and Terry's siblings coming to town in March. We needed to discuss who was staying where, what we want to do while they are here, etc. They had never been to this restaurant and seemed to really like it.

Sunday was cold and nasty and I spent most of the day working on gathering up our tax info. With all our medical insurance premiums we definitely have a deduction there so all the prescriptions, co-pays and deductibles needed to be accounted for to maximize the deduction. With the purchase of the truck and trailer in 2010, we have a whopping sales tax deduction so I went through our charge slips to maximize that too. I know it is bigger than what the government would allow from their table. Next was donations. I save scraps of paper all year long. There's the $5 for breast cancer at the grocery, gifts for various organizations' Christmas tree projects, sponsoring people in races, the food I purchase for funeral lunches and to prepare lunch for seniors when I work a CWJF outing, etc. I have them all together but needed to sort them out. So now I'm ready and just need the church and missions to send me their statements.

I have no firm word yet from the carpet or painting people on when work will begin. The carpet isn't so bad, there's not a lot I have to move in the bedroom. The painting is a whole other story. My china cabinet plus two bookcases need to be emptied. Then there are the hooks on the wall. I want to mark the ones to stay and have them patch and paint over the ones where I "goofed." Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get that nail in just right!

I played Bunco at Carol's yesterday and have today free. Tomorrow is a CWJF meeting and Happy Hour, Thursday is my ultrasound and Friday is another CWJF meeting. And we'll be back at the weekend. When I worked, Monday through Friday took forever to get over. Now it just whizzes by.

Stay warm and dry wherever you are and I'll see ya down the road.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under The Weather

Friday we met Jay, Stella and Rita at El Chapparel for dinner and then went to Rayford to play bingo. Jay always complains that he has never won. They only play five games and one time I won one and Ted won the big one so we were sure we wouldn't ever be welcomed back. Well last Friday, Jay won two of the five games. I don't want to hear him griping anymore. My cards were so bad that I didn't even need to pick up my dauber. We spent some time with Warren and Judy too and had a nice visit.

We've been trying to pick out paint colors and bedroom carpeting. I wish there weren't so many choices!! I've chosen the color line for the interior. I hired the painter today and he is going to try to get to us before the end of the month. I have three carpet samples but I was unhappy with that salesman and not thrilled with his samples so someone else came today. I liked him and his samples and have picked out new carpeting. He didn't say when he can get it laid. I guess he needs to determine when he can get the carpet.

Saturday night I started with a scratchy throat. Sunday I stayed in but played Canasta on Monday. By that night I thought I would have to cancel lunch and the movie with Ann for Tuesday afternoon. But I felt well enough to go. If you are thinking of seeing The Black Swan all I can say it is the deepest, darkest or dumbest movie I have ever seen.

My cold has been getting worse so I'm just hanging around today hoping I'm OK for my ladies neighborhood luncheon tomorrow. Ted went to lunch with the neighborhood fellows today and brought me some AirBorn. It seems to be helping so maybe I'll get by lightly. I know so many people who have been sick and they stayed sick for long stretches of time.

One of my best friend's here where we live is moving. I'm deeply saddened by this news but know how it is about being by the kids. Most people come here because their kids are already here. That was not the case with them or with us. So they have their house on the market and have purchased a home in Cummings, GA. She will land on her feet wherever she goes. I wish her and her husband the very best. Two of my kids are in Michigan and I'm certainly not contemplating a move there but we have one in Florida also. With the real estate and political climate like it is over there, I think we are better off right where we are. We love it here and until something changes, we're staying put.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


After we came home from church last Saturday night, I didn't venture out of the house until late yesterday afternoon. No, I wasn't sick; I was overwhelmed with all I had to do. First was mail, then bill payment, write a half dozen thank you cards and prepare three boxes for shipping. Then I started in earnest.

All our Christmas decorations were out and the things they replaced were all stored in my closets. When we emptied the car of all our gifts, luggage and family reunion things, I was in virtual gridlock.

First I had to take the Christmas things down and get them back in the attic above the garage. Then I was able to empty the regular decorative things out of the closet and put them back where they belong. In the meantime I got the laundry all done. Finally, I organized all the reunion bag things and put them in the closet.

The bedspread left yesterday so that's another thing out of here! We straightened up and swept out the garage once everything was upstairs. I finally feel as if I have a handle on things.

We kept cooking/eating to a minimum. We had leftover tortellini soup on Sunday, leftover chili on Monday and by Tuesday I had turned our Christmas ham bone into bean soup. You could say we had a "souper" week.

So last night I took the opportunity to go to Happy Hour. There must have been a pent up demand to get out because we had such a crowd! It was 8:30 when I got home and that's much later than I ever stay unless I'm having dinner.

Today we took my car to the Ford dealer to fix the lock on my car door. It needed a new actuator. At first I thought having a broken lock was no big deal. But I soon realized how often I used the door behind my driver's seat. With the lock at the rear part of the door, the only way to unlock it was to climb between the captain chairs or clear across the second seat to reach it. So I had it fixed.

Then Ted drove me to Continental Breakfast. There are lots of new people there each month and is a good way to help them get acclimated to their new home town. I left with Ann to return to her house to pick up paint samples. We are having painting done and she had lots of samples. Ted picked me up there and took me to get a hair cut. From there we went to get my car. I drove myself to the grocery and now I'm home for the evening.

Not exciting by a long shot. But I have to say the 70 degrees and sunshine today made getting out well worth it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When we left Michigan our first stop in Ohio was in Celina at my brother Dan's. He and his wife Sue and their son Brandon, along with their son Ed, Vicki and Dustin took us to dinner at the Inn at Versailles.

It is such a delightful small town. Everything was lit up on Main Street or Rue de Maine as the sign said. We had a great visit with all of them. It was from there the next day that we took off for Cincinnati with a stop in Eaton.

We usually spend 5 days or so at Grand Lake/St Marys State Park in Celina during our summer travels. Dan has a canal behind his house and can bring his boat right to the campground to take us for a ride around the lake or back to his home.

I'm not sure how I lost a whole day in my reporting. I guess I'm slipping in my old age.

On another note, I got dumped by my gynecologist after 9 years because I'm on Medicare. He isn't taking Medicare patients. Last year he said he would keep me as a patient because of my longevity with him but my daughter Kara, in the business, said he can't. You either take Medicare patients or you don't. So to those of you who believe you can keep your present coverage and doctors in this mess, it "ain't necessarily so."