Friday, January 30, 2009

Bon Voyage

I did go to Happy Hour with the girls at the country club. Ted and Terry joined us about 6 o'clock and the four of us had dinner. Everything was excellent and we cleaned our plates.

Thursday I went shopping for a white cotton sweater to wear Sunday morning with my "cruise wear" because at 5 a.m. it will probably be cool outside. I bought a dressy jacket to take along too. So I came home and went through all my clothes again so I wasn't taking more than I needed.

Our daughter in Florida is having her gall bladder removed so we had to change our return flights. Once we dock we'll drive from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando in a rental car. We will fly out of Orlando later in the week. It will be nice to see some of our old neighbors and our friends Tom and Eileen. We haven't seen them since our Hawaiian Christmas vacation in 2007.

Today I had my hair cut and colored. Tomorrow is my manicure and pedicure. We'll go to church Saturday night because we have to leave about 5 a.m. to travel to the airport, get the car parked and get through security in time for our flight.

Here's our home for the next week:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mystery Solved

Terry and Carol had a dinner at the country club Saturday night and that was why we were playing bunco for them. We went to Mass at 5 pm and then grabbed a sandwich at Chik Fila before going to the home of Walter and Norka. All these couples are from St. Anthony's and it was a nice evening getting to know them better. And I won! Hope they'll invite us back in spite of that.

Since we had been to church already, Sunday morning we decided to try the new restaurant Rise and Dine that just opened on 242. We called Rick and Brenda but they were already at Denny's with Rick's family but Jay and Stella were ready to go on a moment's notice.

We liked the food but the pancakes are too big. There were 3 of them and each one was as big as the dinner plate. Ted couldn't begin to eat them all. Next time we'll order sausage and pancakes and split them. We all went to Wal-Mart and then back to our house to discuss our summer plans. After they left we didn't do much but read and watch some TV.

Sunday evening we met the Newcomers group at Goose's Acres. It's an Irish Pub that sits on the Waterway. There were close to 30 people in the group but you really can only talk to those right around you. It was a nice end to the weekend.

Monday we were up early. We told Terry & Carol we would leave our house at 7:30 am to pick them up. Then we drove to Rayford Crossing to catch the bus to the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA. There was an 18 wheeler on fire on I-45 and part of I-10 closed so it turned into a longer trip than usual. Terry won a roll of nickels and a protective wrap for a motorhome that he doesn't have. Neither do we. I see a present going to Rick who has the only motorhome in our group. We're all 5th wheelers.

The rooms at the Grand Inn are very spacious and a short stroll to the casino. After we were checked in, we took the shuttle to the casino since it was sitting out front. We played some games, met late afternoon for the buffet and then played some more. That evening we sat in the Inn lobby and visited.

Tuesday morning our bags had to be ready by 10 am so we all went to breakfast at 9 am. We couldn't all sit together so we broke up 4 and 4. We were all playing games and checking in with one another periodically. None of us were winners but we sure had a lot of fun.

Our bus was leaving at 4 so we met at the deli and ordered sandwiches to take on the bus. The ride home was quicker even though we hit a snag in Beaumont. We dropped Terry & Carol off and were home before 9 pm. Now I have to get all my hair and nail appointments in before we leave for our cruise. It's Happy Hour at the country club tonight and we may stay and have dinner with Terry & Carol. Tonight is the club's birthday dinner celebrations and her birthday was earlier in the month.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Quiet Week

We did go to Cut N Shoot on Sunday along with our chicken legs. We spent the afternoon visiting and playing Mexican Train then switched to Pegs & Jokers. At dinnertime we turned on the oven to cook the chicken and warm up the brisket and pork that was left over. There were still a good many Boomers staying over because of the Martin Luther King holiday. It was way after 11 when we got home.

Monday was my bunco day. This is my group that has been together since October 2001. I remember that so clearly because Ted's two shooting buddies Howard and Burt came to Houston from Florida and they were all going to San Antonio for the National Skeet Shoot. We had been in our house less than two months. Howard's comment was "Donna just got here and already she's got a floating crap game going." They came the next year too and we had the big house for sale. A couple came to look just as they were all taking off for San Antonio and Howard said "they are going to buy your house." And they did. We were 5 months in a rental house and then moved into our present patio home.

Tuesday I didn't turn the TV on. I'm still mad that the media chose the two candidates that we had to choose between.

Wednesday Ted left for Beaumont and I had a day to myself. I cleaned the carpets in the office and our bedroom. The rest hardly ever get walked on. Ted hadn't been able to book a room in Beaumont and said he might just have to drive home. But he did get one so he was gone overnight.

Thursday I had two funerals to cook for. One was a lady at our church. The second was one of the young military men who had died in the Blackhawk helicopter crash on the grounds of A&M in Austin. He was married 4 years to a cousin of one of our fellow "funeral ladies." We are known as the St. Martha Society. The young lady has been staying here in The Woodlands since the tragedy. His Mass was at St. Ignatius in Spring, burial at Houston National Cemetery and the reception was at the home of our friend. After I did my food deliveries I stopped at Wal-Mart and was home the rest of the day.

Terry & Carol are due back today from Alabama. We are playing bunco for them tomorrow night but I'm not sure why. I thought they weren't going to be home. Sunday is Dining Out at Goose's Acres along the Waterway with the Newcomers and then Monday and Tuesday is an overnight bus trip to Coushatta Casino in Louisiana.

Until then, stay warm, travel safely and maybe we'll see you down the road.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Didn't Cut or Shoot

The week started off as planned. I played Canasta on Monday. Ted shot in his skeet league on Tuesday and then we took Jeff and Connie to dinner. When Ted went out Wednesday on his way to the men's neighborhood luncheon, he found a crack in his truck's windshield. It had been pretty cold over night and perhaps there was a ding with moisture in it. He used my Expedition and arranged for Milstead to come by and replace the windshield.

Thursday morning I left for the ladies' neighborhood luncheon which was being held at the new home of a former neighbor. They have built a fabulous 5000 sq. ft. house in Wincrest. We had a tour and lovely lunch followed by a short meeting to discuss activities for the rest of the year.

The truck was not in the drive when I got home so I was surprised to find Ted in the office. He said when he left for Sam's to get coffee for the camping weekend (they were borrowing our big coffee pot), he found he had no power steering and no power brakes. Instead of heading south, he went north to the Ford dealership. The shaft of the water pump broke and took out the tensioner, pulleys, belts, etc. with it. It's amazing he made it to Conroe.

So our weekend of camping wasn't looking too good. Ted took the coffee pot up to the campground and told them we might not be able to come. Since the truck was already in for repairs, Ted had some fluids changed and the switch on the passenger door changed out. It never turned the light on when I opened the door, the door ajar light kept staying on and the overhead lights had started staying on a long time before going out. We didn't want to find a dead battery some time down the road.

The truck wasn't ready until about noon on Friday. We hadn't planned on spending $1700 this week on truck repairs but as Robert Burns said "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." It was to be a fairly cold weekend (at least overnight), we were only going for two nights (which I don't really like to do), I was busy cleaning the house and didn't have our food and clothes ready to go. Ted asked if I wanted to go and I said no. I don't think he was happy about that but he accepted it. Now I have over 6 lbs. of chicken legs in my freezer that I'll keep until the next rally I guess. I planned to cook them Saturday and go to the campground for dinner but that wasn't in Ted's plans.

We went to Mass on Saturday and then to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. I wasn't feeling "up to snuff" and had a dull headache. When we got home we kicked the heat up a notch and watched some TV. I told Ted I was glad to be home and not at the campground knowing I had to get up at 7 am to make churh by 8 am and then pack up to come home. He agreed with me.

So today we may ride up and get our coffee pot and any coffee or cups that are left. Here's hoping the truck repairs are ended for a good long while.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Just Flat Out Tired

Tuesday dawned as a nice day but we were all pretty whipped from the day in Galveston. We had planned to drive to Richmond, TX to the George Ranch but no one felt up to the ride and 3 hours of walking around. So we let everyone sleep in and sort of fend for themselves eating. At 4 pm we all went to a movie - Twilight for Kelly's family and Doubt for me and Ted. We all met up after the movies.

By then it was dark so we went to see the ice rink, walked through the lighted "Wonderland" and strolled along the waterway to the water feature where water, lights and music present a show of sorts. After a quick spin through Market Street, we headed home for dinner.

They left the next morning around 10 for Dallas with Ally the undisputed Mexican Train champ but I held the winning score in Wii Bowling. I haven't bowled for several years but I think my hip is ready to give it a try again. After all, I have the bowling ball Ted gave me for my 19th birthday in 1964! I bowled all the time until we moved to Texas and I just wasn't physically able to because of my hip.

Ted hooked up the RV and drove it to Rayford Campground and got it set up. Then he cleaned the carpets. He usually does this in September after our summer trip but this past year he was suffering from sciatica and we were just interested in getting the RV put away and getting him to a doctor. Ted and I then attended a New Year's Eve party and had an enjoyable time. We got home a little before 1 am and went right to bed.

After church the next morning Ted left for the campground so he and Rick could work on changing out the faucet on the vanity and work on getting the DTV boxes working on the TV. The LR TV was fine but on antenna the BR only showed what was on the other. I think they are making progress but it still hasn't been accomplished.

That evening we all grilled out at Dee and Rick's site and sat around visiting with a fire in the chiminea. It wasn't cold out so the fire was mostly for atmosphere. We broke up and I was in bed by 10:30 hoping for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately I didn't get it. I woke up multiple times through the night. I'm due for one of those "down for the count" nights.

Today Ted and Jay went out together and Stella and I hit the 99 Cent Store and Hobby Lobby. I want to redo the top of my kitchen cabinets when I take the Christmas stuff down so we were on a mission. We just snacked for dinner and went to play bingo in the rally hall. Brenda won $41 and Ted won $21. Not too bad a showing.

Tomorrow is Jay's birthday so we're all going out for dinner. Sunday we head for home. I still can't believe it is 2009! Now if I can just get a good night's sleep ...