Saturday, September 5, 2015

Days Three and Four

Ted and I had breakfast at the buffet and were joined by Kara's family before we finished.   The kids wanted to see Magic Dave's next show so we took them there.  We enjoyed him as much as the kids did.

Bingo was being played in the same lounge afterwards so Ted and I stayed to play.  They have electronic cards so you can play 24 games at one time because the machine keeps track for you.  I got down to one number a few times but never won!

We went to see another show that was very funny.  Michael Holly was billed as Physical Comedy but he did lots of silly things with the young children and we laughed so hard.  We told our kids to go see him in the afternoon.  While they did that, I took a nap!

Dinner that evening was in Animator's Palette.  It is an interactive restaurant and Crush the Turtle, along with others from Finding Nemo, swam across the screens and talked with people closest to the screens.  The kids really liked that.  Morgan liked the animation drawing classes.  She did really well.

The evening programs are running together in my head.  That night was a play called Wishes which was very good.  Some in our group didn't know if they would like it but they did and were glad they took it in.

The next day was our first stop, St. Marteen.  We have been there before but Sam wanted to visit the Yoda Museum.  The gentleman who runs it was responsible for all the masks created for Star Wars.  Sam absolutely loved it.  It was necessary to take a water taxi to downtown but it was worth it to see Sam so excited.  I am no big fan of Star Wars so most of it didn't mean a lot to me but I went along for the ride!  Sam was so pleased with the amount of time the director spent with him.

It was extremely hot and there was not much else to look at besides jewelry so we returned to the ship.  Because of high winds the Aquaduck had been closed a lot so we returned to take advantage of the short lines to take a few rides.  It is a long enclosed tube that soars out over the ocean at one point.  There are photos on our CD the kids bought for us but I have to install it on my computer at home to access the photos.

Sam's next favorite thing was Buckets N Boards.  It is a Branson MO act similar to the Blue Man Group but with comedy.  The quality of entertainment was outstanding throughout the cruise.

We seldom stayed up much past the evening entertainment but the others did whatever they wanted to.  There were Disney movies constantly.  You could watch them on your TV, in the movie theater or on the huge screen out by the pool. We watched Hercules at the pool one day.  Disney Trivia games proved we don't know much about the last 30 years of Disney!

But that evening was Pirates Night.  Everyone dressed like a pirate at dinner and after the show there was a pirate bash on the 11th deck by the pools followed by fireworks.  I think it was the latest we stayed up.  

We tried to video the fireworks but had a setting wrong so we got nothing!

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