Sunday, January 14, 2018

Losing More Time

I last wrote on Wednesday and it is now Sunday.  Thursday we both got desperately needed haircuts.  We have been going to Carmen for several years but she was on vacation this week so we used Letty who did an excellent job.  That evening we played Mexican Train in our coach house because it was too cool to sit outside and too crowded inside the RV.  It is winterized so we don't use the bathroom or washer/dryer but we are permitted to put our excess "stuff" inside.  So we put a card table up and used two small chairs and brought in our two.  I still haven't won at Mexican Train.

Friday we played Mahjong again.  In the meantime Ted has been shooting every day, the reason he likes this park and area so much. I attended my Instant Pot cooking class Saturday, we attended Mass, went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and then to see Murder on the Orient Express with Tom and Eileen.  Our tickets were $2.44 each!  

Lots of football this week and Ted talking to the TV but I am used to that.  I have to admit some games have had exciting ends!  Eileen and I played Mahjong in the afternoon and then I watched the Vikings/Saints game with Ted.  I had no horse in the race so I didn't care who won.  But what a finish!!  

Our granddaughter Morgan and Kara's husband Bill will be Confirmed this Spring in Michigan,   They had to do an outreach program over the weekend and were at a nursing home.  My grandson, Sam, along to make it a family event, helped Miss Davis play bingo and win a bag of chips and a lottery ticket.  She held his hand the entire time.  Such a sweet picture.  

Monday I was planning to go to my Swedish weaving class but instead we went to find a shoe repair store and then made a stop at HEB.  Not exciting but it was nice to just spend unhurried time together.  We go in so many different directions so much of the time.

Tuesday dawned cold with a bit of freezing rain.  Shooting was out so we donned our down jackets and joined Tom and Eileen at the Texas Expo at McAllen's convention center.  I think everyone had the same thought because it was so crowded.  We heard some great entertainment, picked up lots of info and a zillion handouts - eyeglass wipes, key chains, toothpaste, pill boxes, lots and lots of pens, etc.  We got a few bigger items too.  Each of us received a window shade cover for our vehicles (for when normal Texas weather returns), a 6 pack cooler plus an HEB coupon book with great coupons, the kind you can use - $2 each off eggs, milk, meat, fruit, etc.  Eileen won a door prize (again!).  Last year was a Sleep Number pillow, this year a decorative metal container but I am not sure what all was in it.  I remain in zero territory not only in Mexican Train but door prizes too!  Collectively we won a double cheeseburger, chili cheese hot dog, a sundae plus a $2 coupon for Star's Drive-In restaurant.  We'll go there when the weather is better.  For fun we had our photo taken!

We received a B1G1F coupon for Cowboy Chicken, a place I have wanted to try.  After showing Eileen where the shoe repair was and dropping off her shoes, we headed to the restaurant.  Great rotisserie chicken and fresh vegetables.  And a first - a sink in the restaurant to wash and dry your hands!  It was getting colder by the minute and the wet was going to turn to ice before too long so we headed home.

Ted had leftover meatloaf for dinner, I just had a yogurt and some crackers.  It was icy outside so everyone stayed put. Eileen sent a photo of the chicken soup they made with their lunch leftovers.

Just another week, albeit a cold one, in the valley!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Back In The Valley Again

On Friday we made plans to go to Mexico.  I have lists from Kara and Carol of meds they want.  I bought a leather pouch with high end colored pencils from an artist here for Morgan and I found a gift for Carol's birthday.  I figured it was best to get their things, put in the gifts and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, at the post office.

Our first stop was at Almost Free Pharmacy where I got 3 of Carol's 4 items and checked prices on other things we needed.  Next was the dentist where Eileen made an appointment.  In the meantime Ted went to get his first annual pedicure.  His second will be in March before we leave.  For some reason he will not get one in the US.  

Eileen, Tom and I made our way down to where he was and then went to Pancho's for a margarita before heading to Jessica's for the rest of our meds.  

Carol's 4th item was going to take a bit to get so we were invited to have a free margarita in the restaurant while we waited.  We had our free drinks, lunch (four longches for me for $5), free soup, and a free cut up cinnamon roll for dessert.  When we went back to the pharmacy, our pile was waiting - Carol's 4th item, Kara's 2 items and the things we needed.

We made our way through the vendors and across the bridge to Customs.  We claimed our items (less than 3 months' supply) and headed to the car.  We came home after being gone 6 hours!  It was close to dinner time but we weren't hungry!

On Saturday we returned to BB&B for Eileen to return something and I decided to buy the cloth Christmas napkins I had passed on.  I actually got two sets, 8 of the ones I wanted 12 of (but there were no longer 12) and 16 of another to cover a bigger crowd when necessary.  I also bought two copper grilling mats for Ted.  Eileen has a plethora of coupons and with them and the 70% after Christmas discounts I saved almost $75!

Then we stopped at HEB because I was buying that birthday gift inside their boutique.  Only another Texan will think nothing of that!  Eileen wanted to stop at Bath & Body Works too.  We finally made it home and I had only 5 minutes to get to my Instant Pot cooking class.  After class I had a bit of time before going to church.  We learned poor Nacho the llama passed away this summer.  He has been replaced by Philomena.  She played the part of the camel who came with the Magi in the gospel presentation. She even knelt at the part where it says they "prostrated themselves before the child." Her only problem now is she is scared to death of the dogs. They had to all be cleared out of church so she wouldn't be swinging from a ceiling fan if she saw one! 

We had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse before coming home.  I left my phone in Tom's car but I called it using Ted's phone and they turned right around and brought it back!  

Sunday was an open house here in the Village.  I promised Kathy I would gladly show the coach house for her.  There was moderate attendance but everyone commented this coach house was one of the best ones they had seen.  A real interested party would certainly consider it.  I hope she receives some calls!  She did note on the handout that the property was rented until 4/1/18 which we appreciated.  Don't want our spot pulled out from us!

Ted had gone to Coyote Shooting Range with 6 other fellows to shoot Sporting Clays.  He was really hungry when he returned and suggested we use our Cracker Barrel gift card and bake the meatloaf on Monday! 

Well here it is Thursday and I have lost three days!  There was ladies lunch on Monday when I drove Judy and Tanya to the restaurant.  I played Mahjong on Tuesday after mailing our packages off and attended my Sunflower stained glass patio table class on Wednesday.  I finally was able to sit down next door with Marilyn and have a nice chat.  Then we went to Bar B Cuties for dinner with Tom and Eileen.  

Such is life in the valley!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Alone Again

The house seemed so empty on Saturday morning so I said "good morning" to Alexa and she answered me.  On Christmas she sang but that day she just greeted me.

Ted was going shooting and I needed to get things ready for loading the RV on Sunday.  But first I put all my appliances to work.  Roomba vacuumed the whole house, the dishwasher was doing the dishes and the washer was doing our bedclothes so we would come home to a clean bed when we returned. I was gathering all the paperwork and financial stuff I would need.  I will still need to do the Communucations for bunco, neighborhood ladies luncheon and the nursing home Valentine's party while gone.

Next up were my clothes.  With this crazy weather I needed to cover all the bases.  Too many years I had warm or cool clothes, this year I have both!

We went to church and then out to dinner with Terry and Carol before heading home. On Sunday Ted left to pull the trailer to the campground while I started packing the food.  When he called I filled my car and took all the pantry, refrigerator and freezer items over.  Then we went back for the clothes.  I stayed inside the trailer while Ted handed things to me so I didn't have to go up and down the steps and start my back acting up again.  It was doing pretty good and I wanted to keep it that way.

In the afternoon our next door neighbor drove over to see the RV.  He is from Israel and was curious.  He proclaimed it a land yacht and seemed to be very impressed.  We had a nice visit with him before he left with the promise to put our garbage cans out this week.  We both have remote openers so we can get into and out of the garages for that reason.  

We were tired and hungry by then but I was in no mood to get cleaned up so we had our New Year's Eve dinner in McDonald's attached to the Shell gas station.  With the bright lights inside and the empty restaurant and dark night outside, I told Ted I felt like a character in the Boulevard of Broken Dreams painting.  We came home, turned the fireplace and furnace on and spent a quiet evening.  I went to bed at 11.  I was awakened by fireworks at midnight but just turned over and went back to sleep.

We pulled out a little before 9:00 and drove to Mission, arriving about 3:30.  To save Ted a half hour of jockeying the trailer back and forth, Niles, a semi truck driver, put it in with no trouble.  Palm trees and planters and a 90 degree angle can be a real nemesis for some!  Niles would rather just do it than direct Ted.  

It was bitter cold and I wanted to get inside.  The electric cord was in my car so was pliable but the hoses were not!  I had to go out and hold ends while Ted got them connected.  It wasn't long and we were settled.  Tom and Eileen, our neighbors from the last time we lived in Florida, arrived next door the day before,  so we picked them up and took them to LaPatio where we enjoyed dinner and the GA/OK game.  What a nail biter end!

It was a quiet night and we were comfy and warm when we went off to bed.

Tuesday Ted attended the rifle meeting and I went to get my nails done.  In the afternoon, Sandy and Rusty came over for a visit.  It was cold and rainy so we just hunkered down inside.  

Wednesday Ted attended a presentation on what to do if you witness a gunshot and need to render aid.  He even received a certificate.  I straightened up, got dressed and went next door to play Mah Jongg.  I had put our Christmas dinner ham in the crockpot with great northern beans and that's what we were having for dinner along with cornbread.  But first I was invited next door to visit with my two neighbors to our right.  Ted chose to go to the left and and visit Marilyn and Ed.  With the lousy cold, wet weather, we haven't said hello to too many people yet.  But we had sun today and mid-40s so those suffering cabin fever started coming out.

After our tasty dinner we watched Amazing Race and then what the kids call "Daddy's dead people shows."  We were hoping the predicted weather improvement was really coming.

Thursday dawned sunny and warmer.  It was a vast improvement over the past two weeks.  Mimi and I picked up Coco and Dale to meet the group for breakfast.  There were about a dozen ladies present and I know them all.  It was a great time catching up.  

When I returned home I called Eileen to see if they wanted to run errands with us.  We stopped for gas and then hit Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange a present, buy new salt & pepper shakers since I broke mine that match my new dishes.  Our can opener wasn't working right so we bought a new one and replaced a rug in the RV kitchen.  Next we deposited a check at Wells Fargo.  Then we went home and played a game of Mexican Train at the table outside.  

When they left for home we came in and had leftovers for dinner.  Another great day in the valley!