Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our Week in New Braunfels

The guys were up REALLY early since they had to drive NE to SW clear across San Antonio to the Nationals shooting venue.  Morning traffic is a bear so they gave themselves lots of time.  I was up at 5:00 so I straightened up a bit once they were off, got myself ready and waited for Sue to wake up.  It was a long wait because she slept until 11:00!  

It was after noon before we took off.  We had to drop a prescription at Walmart which happened to be on the way to the San Marcos outlet mall.  We shopped all day, each of us doing some damage to the credit card.  I find outlet malls redundant but this one has higher end stores you don't see in any other outlets.  I bought a few things for myself and a Christmas present or two.

At about 5:00 we stopped to eat because the fellows said they would eat on the way home.  When we were finished they texted they had changed their minds and would eat meatloaf sandwiches at home.  We had a few more stores to check out before leaving.  A stop at Walgreen's got us the bread, chips, Sprite, ice cream and Tide we needed to take home.  

When we arrived, they were all on the porch cleaning their guns.  They didn't think they had done too well but a check of scores posted said otherwise.  I set the table and got the meatloaf, bread and chips ready along with the last of the fruit and some cookies Whitey's daughter had made.  I think they were all too tired to say much.  Before 10 everyone was in bed.

Tuesday we went to the venue to watch the shooting.  The fellows rented us our own golf cart since Dan's only holds four and we are a total of five.  We followed them around to be their cheering section.

Afterwards we visited some vendors and the guys drooled over some Kolar guns.

Ted has one, bought back around 2000, and doesn't seem too interested in buying a new one.  Good!!

We decided to eat at Logan's and from all the clean plates I think everyone was very hungry.  I was since I had a yogurt for breakfast and an apple for lunch.

Wednesday the scheduled shooting was 3:30 pm so everyone slept in and I made French toast, sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  When the fellows left around noon, Sue and I took off to visit the antique/junque stores of New Braunfels.  Sue bought lots of stuff - some gifts, some craft projects, some household items.  I bought one thing for Cindy and Tim's lake house.  It matches the decor and I just thought it would be a nice addition.  Disconcerting to me is seeing the toys I played with as a child and the kitchen items and dishes I not only remember but still use!  Translation:  I am officially old!

We stopped at HEB and bought soup and salad from the deli for our dinner.  Whataburger fed the boys who arrived home about 10 after visiting with friends at the clubhouse.

I went to bed fairly early because I had been fighting chest congestion.  I had a Z Pak with me and had started that but also got some Safe Tussin to help my stuffy head so I could breathe and sleep.  The fellows left early and around noon Sue and I went to Wimberley for lunch and more shopping!  I have bought a few things but Sue has filled their truck and half of Whitey's!  

We arrived home at 5:45 and the guys called about 7:30 and asked if they should stop for pizza.  I told them only if they didn't want to eat peanut butter and jelly.  We ate late and stayed up a bit later than we had been because the shooting was over and no one had to be anywhere early.

Everyone slept late Friday morning.  Whitey was just coming in the kitchen from his cabin when I walked out of our rooms.  I fixed myself a cup of coffee and he asked for a cinnamon roll.  We both checked our emails until the others came down.  Eventually he loaded up his truck, taking many of Sue's bags, and took off for Houston to spend the weekend with his daughter.  

Dan and Sue left to pick up her script at Walgreen's before heading to the gun venue.  Dan purchased a gun and needed to get fitted, practice shoot with it and do paperwork to have it sent to a dealer back in Ohio.  That's how law abiding folks purchase guns.

We left some later to attend the cocktail hour and dinner for our last night of the Championships for us. It had turned very cold and we sat inside with friends of Dan's from Ohio.  A shooting demo was scheduled for outside but we chose to head home.  Dan and Sue came home about an hour after us.

We all were up early, gathering our things from throughout the house and packing up.  By 10 we were ready to head out.  After a stop for lunch, we continued on, arriving home anout 2:00.  The car was emptied and I put most things away.  I eventually took a shower and got ready for church.  A busy week lies ahead and Tucker is coming for a week tomorrow! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Expecting Company

Sunday while Ted went shooting I went to the grocery store.  I am doing more and more of my old routine in the food department - shopping, cooking, cleaning up.  It isn't a conscious decision, I just feel more up to it now.  

I had used the last of a rotisserie chicken to make a chicken pot pie for dinner on Friday and then had cooked the carcass to make broth and added the bit of chicken that was left.  So Sunday I used that to make a pot of chicken noodle soup.  Turned out good and Ted ate three bowls.  Our Outlander series wasn't on for some reason so we watched whatever else came on.

Monday was bunco so I left about 9:15 since I had the bunco bag ready to go for the year.  Judy outdid herself in decorations, food and drink.  While she finished baking her egg tart I put out the dice, pencils, and score sheets.  I won Most Buncos!

From there I went to a new hairdresser for a color and cut.  My hair had grown out about an inch and it is really gray!  She did a great job on the color.  The cut seems good and she styled it to suit me.  I learned a girl I had used for quite some time awhile back, died of breast cancer leaving a 10 year old son.  She was so young!  So terribly sad.

I returned home in time for us to head over to Rayford.  Tommy was fixing dinner and Jay and Stella were there with their new trailer.  We were supposed to go to Sweet Tomatoes to eat but Tommy said no, I am cooking.  There was no argument from me.

We had a nice meal and good visit arriving back home about 8:30.  It was a busy day and I was ready for my PJs.  

Tuesday I did two loads of laundry and made sure everything was ready for my company.  They arrived on Wednesday and we had my meatloaf dinner.  We took a ride in the evening, stopping at Culver's for an ice cream using the free coupons given to us at the grand opening of the Culver's in Michigan,  

Thursday we drove to Barry and Gerre's to see their house on the lake and take a drive around it.  We stopped at Fajita Jack's on the water for lunch.  It was a beautiful day.  We were treated to an airplane landing, the folks having lunch near us, and then taking off.  Quite a sight to see.  

Ted and Dan went shooting late in the afternoon when we returned and Sue and I went to Kohl's and At Home.  We both bought a few things before coming back home.

Friday was lunch at Chik-Fil-A followed by more shooting for the fellows and more shopping for me and Sue.  She had never been to a Ross store and loved it.  She did quite a bit of Christmas shopping for their 16 grandchildren.

That evening we had dinner with Gerre and Barry before heading to our community theater to see Dial M For Murder.  It was quite good and we all enjoyed it.

We all left the house about 8:15 on Saturday and drove to our place for the week in New Braunfels.  It was a challenge to find but we did it!  

Shortly after our arrival, their friend Whitey arrived.  We all roamed around the three buildings before settling on who got which bedrooms.  Dan and Sue insisted we take the master suite on the first floor and chose one of the bedrooms and bath on the second floor.  Whitey opted for one of the free standing smaller cottages.  We determined 16 people in all can sleep here but not all would have private baths.  With just 5 of us there is a lot of room to spread out.

We took the trailer and golf cart to the Shooting Complex and left it.  The fellows all registered and then we went into downtown San Antonio to eat on the Riverwalk.  We intended to take the boat ride but everyone was tired so we came home.

Ted and I got up early and left for church.  Turns out we chose a Mass in Spanish!   That has happened before. It lasted 1.5 hours, or Serious Overtime as Kristin calls it.  We stopped at HEB and I cooked sausage and eggs with toast, fruit, juice and cinnamon rolls for breakfast upon our return.

We spent the day in Gruene starting at the dance hall then strolled down the streets stopping here and there.  Sue and I had been in a small boutique that was giving samples of margaritas and later when we couldn't find the guys I called Ted.  He said they were in the free margarita store that also had beer and the football game on!  Geesh!  They wanted us to keep shopping!

We eventually went to Cooper's BBQ for the real Texas experience.  Everyone liked the food and got a kick out of eating on wax paper.  We were all pretty tired when we got home.  I was able to get Outlander on my IPad so I watched in our bedroom while the rest watched football.

Tomorrow starts the Sporting Clay Nationals.  We wish our three "boys" well.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

And We Are Home (For a Spell)

Saturday night after dinner, we returned to the campground to take all the refrigerator items home.  I wanted to leave it open to dry out so I can close the freezer and be confident there is no moisture to plug the defrost line.  So far my diligence has paid off.

Sunday morning we relaxed some before starting to pack up our last minute items and cleaning in earnest.  I was just about finished when Tommy and Susan came by with a bug sprayer set-up Tommy purchased.  He wanted us to try it before storing the trailer.  Ted did that and we visited awhile before heading out.  It was a short drive to storage and Ted backed it right in.  Of course we forgot the coffee, sweet & low and creamers plus his salad toppings I had gathered into one spot in the pantry.  Even both of us making a cup of coffee didn't spark a thought that these things needed to go home.  Luckily the one thing we can get to when closed up is the pantry!  So Ted went back to get those things.  

I put most stuff away and started the laundry.  We took a little break then finished up before dinner.  I was feeling really good and didn't sit down until after the dishes were cleaned up but headed to bed at 10:00 and then couldn't sleep!  I didn't sleep well and got up about 5:00.

I had lots to do in my office and it was 9:00 before I came out.  I still have to call a credit union back because they were closed for Columbus Day.  I went to play Canasta later in the day and came in second!  Terry and Carol welcomed their first great grandchild while we were playing.  That makes us great-great aunt and uncle 8 times on Ted's side.

Tuesday, bright and early, Irene came over to show me her meatloaf recipe.  She made two for our family when the girls were here and they were outstanding!  I had everything bought, chopped, lined up, ready to go.  Just like Julia Childs!

She doesn't use a recipe so I had everything new so when she was finished I could determine how much she had used of things.  I am a recipe person!  In case you are interested she uses ground meat, Italian bread crumbs, eggs, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, red bell pepper, onions, chopped canned tomatoes, mustard, salt, pepper, garlic powder.  We made 5 loaves, put them in disposable aluminum loaf pans, wrapped them in wax paper and then foil. It didn't take long because everything had been ready to go.  With all the company we are having it won't take long to use them up.

Tuesday night we met John, Irene, Terry and Carol for dinner to celebrate our birthdays at Pappadeaux Seafood.  I was so glad no one ordered a birthday cake!  Three had been enough.  I was stuffed from coconut shrimp.  In fact, I didn't sleep well because it sort of just sat there all night!

Wednesday I finished up my office work.  It always amazes me how much can pile up.  Isabelle came to clean so that kept me close to home.  

We both had dermatologist appointments first thing on Thursday morning.  I had a huge wart cut off my calf and Ted has a very small spot of cancer on his arm that he will need to put his "chemical warfare" medicine on.  Later my neighborhood luncheon was fun with three of us receiving another dozen birthday cards.  In late afternoon I had a nail appointment.  I had basically been gone from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm!  

I had an easy day on Friday.  Ted went shooting and I spent time on the phone and computer and helped Kristin make a reservation for our Greece cruise next fall.  She is going to be roommates with my widowed sister-in-law.  Both were interested in going but a single fare is almost the same as a double fare so it worked out.  We now have 18 people going in 9 cabins.  This is the group we traveled through the Panama Canal with three years ago and we know we will have a good time!

I also worked on our Christmas card.  We didn't have much vacation time to take pictures but we did have Sam playing at Carnegie Hall, Ally getting married and our family reunions.  Maybe our trip to New Braunfels will produce a few.  Another win for Ted at Nationals would be nice but his forte is Skeet and he is competing in Sporting Clays so he hasn't gotten his hopes up.  

Ted worked an event at the gun club, some group from Montgomery County, on Saturday.  After church we went to play cards.  Ted was winning until the last hand and when he couldn't get down his score went sky high.  Such is life!  

We are expecting Dan and Sue here this week before we all take off for New Braunfels for the Nationals in San Antonio.   We will be staying in a 3/2 log house, part of a small resort, in the Hill Country, compliments of a business acquaintance of Dan's!  

This was the week we were supposed to be in Hawaii!  I am learning to roll with the punches.  Life is good.  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Trip to Amish/RV Country

We drove west and then south to northern Indiana.  Cross RV Repair in LaGrange IN was scheduled to do some repairs and changes on our rig.  There is an earthquake going on inside each time you go down the road and the potholes in the northern roads make it even worse.  Constant diligence is required. We pulled in and parked in their RV spots for the night.  The area is absolutely dead on Sunday because of the Amish not working so we drove back to Howe to the diner that is open.  Then we settled in for the night.

By 7 am we were up and had the slides in ready for the tractor to pull the trailer into the garage.  We then headed east to Middlebury where we bought Irene more coffee and ate breakfast at the menu side of the restaurant. The buffet side had a gazillion kids there eating, noisy as can be.  It must have been a field trip.  I had a Denver omelet that I only ate half of because it was so big, with apple cinnamon toast.  Ted had fried mush and sausage patties.  All of it was excellent.  In fact, we never ate another thing until about 7 pm that night.

We were wondering what to do with 8 hours and no place to call home but that really turned out not to be a problem.   First we drove to Elkhart to check on RV mattresses but they only custom make them, they had no stock.  Then we stopped at Lambright in Shipshewana to be sure they were expecting us Tuesday morning and were ready to deliver our furniture.  Next we went to Bontrager's RV surplus supplies in White Pigeon MI.  They had two Tempur Pedic mattresses in 72 X 80.  I never dreamed I could get a Tempur Pedic for the price we did.  Paul Cross told us we saved $1000!  We told them we would be back before 6 pm to get it.  By then it was 3 pm and we headed back to Cross RV.  They were still working on our slide seals so it was almost 4:30 when we finally hitched up and took off for Bontrager's.  I had to quickly strip the bed so the old mattress could be carried out and the new one brought in.  That was done in a jiffy!  

Back we went to Shipshewana to spend the night and be close to our furniture pick up in the morning.  Ted ate leftover sausages from Saturday for dinner and I had the second half of my Chicken Caesar wrap from the Howe Diner.  I fell asleep at 8 and slept until the next morning at 7!  

We thought we would be first at Lambright's but we were wrong.  A motorhome and fifth wheel were already there so we stopped along the road.  The motorhome guy was being a jerk.  He wanted a custom cabinet built to match his existing ones.  He made them measure three different times and kept asking if they were sure they could match the wood.  I wanted to tell him his dark green older converted bus was already ugly so it didn't matter!  They finally told him he had to move to let us in.  He went down the road, we pulled in, and he returned.  I put out our slides and swept where the recliners had been and many crumbs had fallen then returned to the truck to wait.  I couldn't help but take a picture of another set they were installing later in the day.  Yikes!  Makes our Oatwheat color seem boring!

By the time they were finished, both other vehicles were gone so Ted easily backed out and we were headed home.

We had a nice ride across Indiana to Terre Haute for the night.  The next morning we took off for the Memphis area.  We stopped in Sikeston to once again eat at Lambert's to celebrate my birthday before continuing on.  

Usually we stay in West Memphis, AR but at the welcome station Ted found a park we were unfamiliar with in Forrest City, AR so we continued on to there.  It isn't hard to get to but you need to know where to make two turns.  We went right to it and it is a nice, smaller park.  We set up and Gas Buddy let us down.  The Exxon right outside the park had what appeared to be the going rate on fuel at $2.59.  After filling up, Ted went to find windshield wipers and found fuel at Citgo for $2.49 and then Walmart for $2.39!  When you take on 91 gallons, that makes a big difference!  We watched Survivor and some of the new shows for this season before turning in.

We decided we would stop in Carthage TX Thursday afternoon.  It was about 2:30 when we arrived. We set up and headed to Walmart for fuel and a few groceries.  We are going to Rayford Resort, close to home, to spend some time with Tommy and Susan and I asked them to dinner.  From there we visited a park with a memorial to the poem Footprints?  

There were 11 sections of 15 plaques each dedicated to various individuals and families.  This young man just fit the Texas narrative to a T.

There were many benches, all with family names cut into the back.

The sun kept me from getting a detailed photo of the sculpture.  Here is a photo of some detail and I found the man's loose shoe interesting.

The park is not quite finished, the landscaping is missing.  I think it will be a very peaceful place when finished.

We came home, had dinner and settled in.  Bill and Kara called to say they made plane reservations for  Thanksgiving.  The kids are going to Disney World with their father so they will be with us!

After a restful night we took our time in the morning because we only had a 3 hour drive.  We got the last available sight at Rayford CG because of those still there from the floods and insurance adjusters.  We are not as close to Tommy and Susan as we would like but a little walk will do us good.  Tommy came over for a visit and at 5:00 they both came for dinner.  Susan brought us a birthday cake since she missed both our birthdays!

Saturday we started loading our clothes and things to take home.  I showered and dressed there for church. We met Tommy, Susan, Rita and Jim at Saltgrass for dinner afterwards.  We were both pretty tired when we got home.  

I talked about the Regent Care Nursing Home party that Gail carried out with other members of Forum in my absence.  It looks like they had a great time entertaining the residents and serving refreshments.