Friday, October 9, 2015

The Year of Celebrating Coming to a Close

Thursday was my neighborhood ladies' lunch.  October has the most birthdays (4) and Jeanette always hosts this outing and bakes for us.  We had delicious decorated chocolate cupcakes after our lunch.  That should be the end of my year of cake.

Our 4/24 anniversary celebration in Texas

The cake for the Class of '63 birthday weekend at Nashville, IN in May since we all turned 70 this year.

The anniversary cake presented at my family reunion in Pigeon Forge TN in June

Aboard the Disney Fantasy for our family celebration.

What a tremendous blessing this year has been.

It took three different spaces to hold all the birthday cards we received, the mantle and both niches.  We are so blessed with family and great friends.

But real life lurks around the corner in that our ladies group is suffering different medical issues.  Debbie is still recovering from rotator cuff surgery, Gracie is having her hand operated on because the fingers have closed into her palm, Norma was hospitalized for blood clots in her lung, Paula's husband is awaiting bone marrow transplant after 18 months of treatment, Jeanette's husband fell at church and broke his elbow and I am getting a new hip!  I would need a new lunch group if I wasn't part of the problem.  

had an appointment with my GP on Friday to get a clearance letter for my surgery and have my bloodwork done to renew my cholesterol and BP prescriptions.  It appears we have the type and dose figured out now.  I have now done all I need to for my upcoming surgery except one more doctor appointment to go over pre-op results and then pack my bag.  

Isabelle hadn't arrived by 4:30 on Friday so I called her.  She didn't come because she didn't know if she was supposed to!  Picking the date and writing it on the calendar in front of her two weeks ago didn't count.  She gave no explanation as to why she didn't call and ask.  The bad part was I was home all day alone and could have done what I could myself because we were hosting Shanghai Saturday night.  It made for a busy Saturday.

Ted vacuumed for me which took care of the front of the house and I ignored the guest bedrooms that no one uses at the back of the house.  While Ted worked at the gun club I cleaned the kitchen, breakfast area and family room.  I got my drinks and snacks all set up.  I had a Shanghai on Game 5 catching everyone which catapulted me into first place.  I won big!

We went to church Sunday morning and stopped in the hall after Mass for coffee and donuts.  Friends we met when we first moved to Texas were there too.  I worked with Bev and another lady Betty in starting the group, Senior Pals.  We were invited to join their family on a 50th anniversary cruise in 2007.  When I greeted Bev she said "I don't remember you."  I said my name and she shook her head no.  When Ted brought our coffee I asked if she knew him and again she said no.  Then Bill said she has Alzheimer's and they have had to move to the Conservatory, a senior living complex.  She knows her children but confuses their spouses and doesn't know who the grandchildren belong to.  It was so sad to basically lose a friend right there before my eyes.  Nancy Reagan said it best "the very long goodbye" for those closest to them.

To all my friends and family:

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