Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day Five

Next stop was St. Thomas, a much nicer island than the day before.  The Dudas went on an excursion to a sea life park, the Carpenters took a cab to Megan's Bay Beach and the rest of us stayed behind to ride the Aquaduck some more!   With so many off the ship, it was a perfect day to get in some rides.  We have been to St. Thomas a few times before and there was nothing special we wanted to do there.

Eventually Ted and I went to the adult pool where we had struck up a friendship with two KY doctors from Elizabethtown.  The ship sailed at 4 pm and soon we were getting ready for dinner.  The food has been fantastic and the service spectacular.  The first night Morgan said "he knows my name and it is freaking me out."  Sam was impressed that on the second night they knew he wanted no ice in his Sprite!  Our waiter did an excellent job of managing Morgan's gluten free needs throughout the entire cruise.  He ordered her breakfast and lunch items each day no matter where we chose to eat.

That evening's entertainment was a hypnotist who put on a great show.  I am impressed with the blend of adult and children entertainment Disney puts together to please everyone. Ted bought the Magic Dave CD for the kids and I think their mother bought them the Buckets and Boards one.

Every evening and into the night there was music in the Atrium where Disney characters were scattered for photos.  I have never heard any better music performed on any cruise ship in any clubs or venues.  

I slept well while we were gone, managed my hip pain with anti-inflammatories and mild pain pills and got along pretty well.  I will see the hip doctor upon my return.  If he agrees I need a replacement I would rather do it sooner than later.  I don't like taking medicine, it isn't going to fix itself and I won't be any younger down the road.

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