Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eileen's Last Weekend Here

Eileen wanted to go back to Charming Charlie's to get accessories for her three new outfits.  So Friday she picked me up and we headed there again.  We got her all fixed up and I bought another necklace and earrings.  Once she leaves I'm pretty sure I will be done shopping.

We had plans to go to Mission West to see John Sager so Ted and I went to McDonald's for fish sandwiches and then stopped at the Bake A Cake shop for paper doilies for under the desserts I am in charge of for Tapa Hoppa.  Then we met up to go to the park.

John is a great entertainer and puts on a three hour show.  He has a lot of audience participation and it is just plain fun.  We all had a good time.

We have been trying to get to Gonzales Burgers over in Donna for the past month.  Saturday was our last shot but Ted was shooting at 10 in the morning so we went without him.  Lee and I shared a burger as did Tom and Eileen.  Ira tried to go it alone but only made it 3/4 of the way.  They were taking pictures of the patties on the grill, the cook holding an uncooked patty with two hands and one of the finished burgers.  They all agreed I have not steered them wrong on anything we have done this month.

Tom wanted a new battery in his watch so we went to the Don-Wes flea market for that.  I bought cinnamon and sugar at the spice shop and hot pepper jelly at the Amish booth.  And one pair of earrings.

We arrived home with some time before church so I finished up my deviled eggs.  In the morning I had boiled, peeled and sliced them.  After I made the filling I put it all in the refrigerator so it didn't take me long to put them together.  Fr. Roy used his story of a crotchety old lady who didn't like "weekenders" coming to her hometown of Starksville TX in the Hill Country as an example of the Samaritan woman at the well.  Neither was open to change.  Ira has attended church here more times in a month than he has in years.  

We were due at Trudy and Don's at 6:00.  Lee made a chocolate dessert, Eileen did the cream cheese with hot pepper jelly and I brought deviled eggs.  Don grilled brats served with his homemade sauerkraut.  Before we knew it, it was 10:00 and time to go home.  We certainly enjoyed the evening.

I had nothing planned for Sunday so when Ted left to shoot skeet with Don and Dave I started cleaning in earnest.  It gets very dusty down here and I dusted every piece of wood in the trailer.  I did all the floors and spent extra time in the bathroom which gets a "lick and a promise" everyday.  Then I decided to put a turkey breast in the crockpot.  Looking at it I knew it was way too much for just us so I invited Tom, Eileen, Ira and Lee for dinner.

I am trying to empty the freezer so I can go to Sam's for more of the Tapa Hoppa desserts.  Fixing dinner for us all helped that project along.  We used the two card tables we brought along in the coach house covered with a tablecloth.  It all worked out really well.  

Monday was clay bird shooting for Ted, yoga for me followed by the Leap Year party at the clubhouse. There was dinner, a skit and entertainment which was an accordion player who threw comedy in now and then.

It seems ladies can ask a fellow to marry them on Leap Year Day so Ma and Paw

Decided to marry off their five daughters

and there was a big wedding ceremony

Attended by various guests.

Everyone had a lot of laughs before calling it a night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From A/C to Fireplace and Back Again

The weather has been superb but started hitting in the mid 90s.  That is a little too warm and then a cold front came through and we needed the fireplace in the morning.  Temps are to be a moderate high of 70s to low 80s this week so maybe we won't need A/C or the fireplace!

Our friends next door are lamenting how quickly their month has gone by.  It is how over 11 years we have gone from one week, to two weeks, to one month, then two and now three.  In fact, we have rented our last year's lot across the street from where we are now for next year.  This one is for sale and if we counted on it, we could end up out in the cold.  Also, Mark and Dortha will be here in November and December and will get the coach house ready for us to use.  Yeah!  A washer, dryer, refrigerator and full bath at our disposal.  Ted has liked having a place for his ammo and to work on his guns in this unfinished coach house but one with amenities will be even better.  We will also have two patio sets!  It costs more but we will enjoy the extras.  Mark even told us not to bother with a deposit.

We laid low Monday morning and at 2:00 Ted took the clay bird thrower to the gun range and at 3:00 I went to yoga.  He grilled steaks for dinner and we watched The Bachelor.  A welcome chance to recharge our batteries.

Tuesday was the ladies fashion show luncheon next door at Bentsen Palm.  I rode over with Trudy, Ann and Mimi and met Eileen and Lee there.   I really do like the clothes from the three stores represented.  In fact, my 50th anniversary ensemble came from one.  Eileen and I are going to Weslaco to shop at two of the stores on Thursday.  If we don't do enough damage there, we will stop in McAllen at the third one.

The fellows went to Little Caeser's Pizza for three hot and ready pizzas that we all ate in Tom's motorhome before going down the street to Green Gate Park to see The Gordy and Debby Show.  We saw their tribute to George Strait last year and they also opened for Mickey Gilley when we attended his concert.  They have won Duet of the Year here in the valley for the 5th straight year.  Our whole crowd really enjoyed their show.

Wednesday was another free morning.  I straightened some cabinets and counted my linens.  Kara, Bill, Sam and Morgan will be renting a cabin in Colorado during one of our weeks.  But they have to supply their own linens and since they are flying, it will fall to me to have what they need.  Kristin and Larry may come too so I need to make room to carry all the extra sheets, pillows, blankets and towels.

After that I cleaned out the refrigerator since it was garbage day.  We always end up with leftovers that never get eaten.  When Ted left to shoot skeet I left for the nail salon and grocery.  When I returned I took a load of laundry to the laundry next door.  By the time I arrived home, Ted was leaving with Niles and Sue to Shooters Alley.  I haven't been shooting there because Survivor is on and I have no DVR or On Demand to watch it later.

Thursday was ladies breakfast followed by our shopping trip to Weslaco.  I haven't shopped this much or bought so much in I can't remember how long!  Yesterday produced slacks, capris, sweater, shrug and four tops.  We did enough damage at Lionel's and Wells to skip the third store on our way home.

Ted had spent the day helping to build a bigger gun table at the range.  We are running out of room to put bags and load magazines as our numbers grow.  Eileen invited us to dinner so I made a spinach salad and key lime pie to take over.  Afterwards we played cornhole with everyone complaining about how slippery the boards were on the set Ira made.  He did a beautiful job but all the bags slid right off.  It took a long time for Ted and Tom to beat Eileen and Ira 21-0.  If you can lift the high part of the board 4-6 inches and a bag placed in the upper left corner slides, they are considered too slippery.  I looked that up!

When we came home, Bonnie and Lex were just leaving Niles coach house.  I asked if she wanted some pie.  She said yes and that they hadn't eaten yet so I gave her the spinach salad too.  The last two pieces of pie went to Niles and Sue.  No leftovers!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Another Weekend Coming Up

Thursday was the annual Mobile Suites luncheon put on by Elk City RV out of Oklahoma.  It was advertised as $10 for lunch but when we arrived we were told the bill was being picked up by that dealership.  Nice Touch!  There were four couples from Retama in attendance.  

A brisket and chicken buffet was provided and the food was great!  Afterwards, Alicia, who works at Elk City RV, spoke and answered questions from the floor.  She was so honest!  She asked herself "Is the furniture any better?"  And answered herself "No."  The quality of the coach may be as good as our two HitchHikers but the furniture certainly isn't.  What was leather in them is Naugahyde or something similar in the Mobile Suites.  Apparently I am not the only one who noticed.

We have had difficulty with oil spinning out of reservoirs on our tire hubs and Ted has to check and fill them on occasion.  He asked if there was a fix for that.  Alicia said they are removing them and replacing them with grease instead so now we have an Elk City RV stop on our summer route through Oklahoma.  I asked about the inability to open the bottom freezer when the coach is in storage.  When the slide closes, it is smack dab up against the freezer handle so you can't leave it open at all.  They recommended balled up newspaper inside to absorb moisture and a piece of foam in the door, enough to keep the door from closing tight and sealing.

At the end they drew for door prizes of a throw with the DRV insignia, two shirts with the insignia and two $100 bills.  Bob, Bentsen Palm's boat captain who had taken us on our boat ride on Tuesday, won one of the $100 bills.

We called Eileen on our way home because we were going to stop next door and get the things she bought for me in Mexico.  They were right behind us and were going to Riverside Club to eat because Tom won't eat in Mexico.  We met up with them there and just had a drink while they ate.  We returned home and I put my PJs on.  Eileen texted and asked  if we wanted to come over for Game Night but we declined.  We were in for the night.

Friday afternoon we all played Mexican Train in our coach house and I won.  Then we left for Dirty Al's restaurant that opened in McAllen.  We eat there when we go to South Padre Island so we were anxious to see this new version.  Being Friday in Lent made it a good time to give it a try.  Even arriving around 5:30, there was a wait so we sat at the bar and decided to partake of their $3 margaritas.  Dinner was great and the ambiance is lovely.  Our waiter was so accommodating and made our meal even more enjoyable.

Ira finally went to Mexico Saturday and had his implant tooth put on the post he had implanted in the U.S.  It was $700 in Mexico versus $2500 here.  It looks very natural and he was pleased.  While they all were in Mexico, Ted and I shot in a Connect the Dots shoot and a mystery game that was shooting bowling pins off the stand.  I was tied for third (14) behind Jim (25) and Ted (18) but then some guy who shot a zero bought another target and shot 28 knocking us both down a peg and out of the money.

I was going to back out of the mystery game when I learned what it was because I doubted a .22 had enough oomph to knock the pin over.  Niles told me to aim for the skinny part and not the body so I did.  It took me 62 seconds and 12 shots to knock them off.  That included clearing a jam and a reload of a new magazine.  However, Robert won in 6 seconds with no gun issues.  Ted took 15 seconds using Robert's gun.  He didn't want to use the .22 either but hadn't taken his 9 mm.  

Lunch was served and I was pleased with my shooting.  I certainly have a long way to go but the middle of the pack is okay for now.

Church was at 4:00 and then we headed to Ace's BBQ again before going to the Janie Fricke/T G Shepherd/Moe Bandy concert at the Pharr Event Center.  

They put on a great show that lasted over 3 hours and was marred only by the four young fellows at the next table who had polished off six buckets of beer and got noisier as the night went on.  We did our best to ignore them but I hope they didn't drive home.

Sunday was Eileen's birthday and after visiting the Art in the Park projects at Bentsen Palm Village, we headed to Rancho El Charco.   When we arrived there were Indian dances being performed.

After that the regular music started.

When we told the waitress it was Eileen's birthday she brought her a shot of tequila which Eileen tossed back with no problem!

We spent the better part of the afternoon there drinking margaritas and eating chips and salsa.  Ted and I danced a few times.  Several couples from Retama were there and Mary Catherine and Mary came over to say hello.  We decided to leave there and get some food because the drinks were hitting us ladies.  We stopped at their small petting zoo and picked up the baby goats.  Ted tried to hand one to Lee who is terrified of any animal and she tripped over a rock and landed on her backside.  She wasn't hurt and we couldn't stop laughing. She kept saying Eileen knocked her down.

We ended up at BJ's where we all had dinner and then returned to Lee and Ira's motorhome where a birthday cake awaited Eileen.  I don't think Eileen will forget her 72nd birthday and Lee won't forget Rancho El Charco.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Still Shopping!

 I wanted to go to Charming Charlie's to buy necklaces to go with my new blouses so we three ladies took off again Monday morning for La Plaza mall.  Neither Eileen nor Lee had ever been to Charlie's and they really liked the store.  We hit JCP and Macy's too.  I bought a pair of jeans and two tops besides my two necklaces.  I am more than ready for our big trip.

One thing I noticed was that the spot that hurts when I walk a lot didn't bother me at all.  I was wearing the new Crocs I bought and wondered if foot support and the way I walk was a culprit.  I am going to pay more attention to my footwear in relation to that pain.  The more clues you have for the Doctor the more chance of fixing the problem.

We returned just in time for my yoga class.  We have two more this session and then another three will be added.  I think they are helping me with flexibility and balance.

We were invited to Lee and Ira's for a ribs dinner so I offered to make Cole slaw.  I also used the cheese ball and pretzel crackers from Trudy for a little appetizer.  Ira roasted the peppers he bought at the flea market too.  Some beans, fries and strawberries over ice cream rounded out a great meal.  We sat around his portable firepit until almost 8:30 before heading home.

Tuesday we went on a pontoon ride along the Rio Grande River.  It was 90 degrees so was a gorgeous day for the ride.  These photos are all of the Mexican riverbank.


Retama palapa on the river.  (US side.)

Baby alligators.  They counted 13 on the mama's back one time. (US side.)

Mexican eagle 

Event center

Family farm

Texas Highway Patrol

The Andaluza Dam, note the gears used to raise and lower it

A private home and grounds

Another home, note the big screen TV

And the yard for the kids

Not sure but I think these are geese though they look like swans swimming.

Our beloved Riverside Club.  We could smell the food!

Here is a photo of our neighbors delivering cookies to the Mission Police Department.  Lots of folks including me baked cookies to make up these trays.

Mission Police Dept. @MissionPoliceTX
Mission Police Department would like to thank Retama Village for the Valentine cookies and all of their support.
Embedded image
Embedded image
Wednesday was a stay at home to catch up day for me.  I changed the linens on the bed and then remade it.  Next up was getting the laundry together and heading next door.  Luckily I didn't experience all the drama of last week.  The change machine had quarters, washers and dryers were available and I finished in a normal amount of time.

Ted had gone skeet shooting in my absence so I had a bit of lunch on my return and checked my email.  Around 5:30 he left with Niles for Shooter's Alley and I went back next door to Margarita Hour.  Lee, Eileen and Ira were there and I needed to go over some things I wanted from Mexico because they were going over the next day before returning home.

Since Survivor started up again I settled onto the couch to learn just who this Kyle is that I have in the pool.  No one seemed to be named Kyle so I googled it after the show.  They call him Sarg, thus the confusion, and is the guy with huge earlobe loops!   I think he'll be around until they turn on the Alpha males!  I made it to the Final Five last season with Keith.

With all the photos, this is getting long so I will sign off with "Adios" until next time.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Three For Three

Thursday evening I went to the clubhouse to play Hand and Foot.  I play Canasta at home and have played H&F once at a HitchHiker rally in Nashville so that plus Linda's explaining the finer points made me ready for play.  Ed was my partner and I did fine but Linda and Darryl beat us.  I had a good time and will go back again.

Friday we went to the Mexican flea market up the highway but didn't stay long.  Unfortunately, none of us need anything but Ira did buy some peppers.  From there we stopped for lunch before going to the Los Ebanos hand pulled ferry.  Last time we rode it across the Rio Grande it was 50 cents each way and down a dirt road to the ferry.  At a Customs shack of sorts, not much bigger than a phone booth, you had to present your passport if you actually road the ferry across and back.

Now there is a huge building, Custom booths, fences, etc.  We were not going to ride but the other four were so only they brought their passports.  We all had to pay $1.25 to just walk in far enough to see the ferry!  They said the owner of the ferry charged that but we were on U.S. Government property!    The others walked down but decided not to ride after all.  It has lost its charm so we won't be taking folks there anymore.

After a stop at Home Depot to pick up that elusive screw starter we finally ordered since we couldn't find one, and getting quarters at the bank, we came home and headed down to the gun range.  Ted shot his AR-15 at the 50 and 100 yard targets and hit them all.  Tom and I shot targets on the 7 yard boards and I shot the steel disks too, hitting all five.  Tom is having a scope added to his rifle.

My target.  I didn't cover the last magazine load so you can see I was getting closer to the bullseye.  I put 8 of 10 shots in the center circle.

We were scheduled to go to the Canada Eh! Party at 4:30 but I was too hot and tired to go.  We planned to attend that, then go next door to play Mexican Train and order pizza.  The heat and running all day wore us out.  We are expecting these temps for the next week and I had to turn the A/C on.  We have skipped the Mardi Gras party, Super Bowl Party and now the Canada Eh! Party.  We are real party poopers this year.

Saturday Ted went to a shoot at Coyote Gun Club.  He left at 7:30 and wasn't coming back until 2:30. Here he is with Niles and Bonnie.

So Eileen, Lee and I went to the Premium Outlets. I am not a shopper but on occasion I have to do just that.  Getting in the right frame of mind, I bought two pairs of shorts, a tank top, three blouses, two Tees and two pairs of shoes plus a new pair of Crocs for Ted.  Lee and Eileen also bought several things.  I guess it was my Valentine's present to myself!  

We all went to church and Fr. Roy did not disappoint.  His message was about temptation and the size of our commitment to our faith.  We had a half dozen cowboy songs plus Amazing Grace!  After Mass he passed out Hershey kisses for all for Valentine 's Day.  Ira gets a big kick out of our church services.  

Eileen wanted BBQ so we headed to Ace's BBQ for dinner.  Everyone liked their dinner and want to go back.  Next door was the Bakery Cafe where we had breakfast on Thursday so we stopped in to show the fellows all the "pan dulce" for sale. We bought a pastry for each of us for breakfast and 
Lee did too.  We came back home to get our money to play card bingo.  More than half the folks there were from Retama and without them the crowd wouldn't produce very big pots.  I did get to stand up once waiting on one card but didn't win.  My record this year remains perfect - no wins.  Lee won again and is 2 for 2!

Ted went to see about his new gun grip but it isn't in yet and he followed that by skeet shooting with Dave and Don.  When he dropped Don off, Trudy gave him a Valentine plate with a cheese ball, crackers and home made cookies.  He brought me a dozen white roses!  

I had gone to the grocery and then went to buy a baby gift with Eileen.  I managed to buy another pair of shoes, a purse and new wallet.  

When we returned, it was time to go to the Fund Raiser Dinner for the dog rescue center nearby.  We all went to the patio of the clubhouse for a spaghetti dinner and some prizes.  More than $3,000 was raised.  We did not win any of the prizes.

When the sun went down it got cool quickly because of the wind so we came back to our coach house to play Mexican Train,  Lee and I tied for first place.  Thus ends another weekend.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Won in the Super Bowl Pool!

Ted shot with Dave on Sunday morning and when he returned I drove him to the airport to pick up a rental car for his trip to Houston.  On my way home I stopped at the nail salon for a manicure.  When I arrived home I sorted the laundry and headed next door.  Eileen was waiting at the laundry room to visit with me.  The change machine was empty so she went home and got me $5 in quarters.  But then there were no washing machines available.  So we took both bags to the laundry in the back.  When we went back in half an hour there were no dryers so we had to take the wet clothes back to the front!  What a pain. 

After 45 minutes we went back to fold the clothes and there was a dark gray towel, two dark gray washcloths, two beige towels, a red mesh bag and a turban twist in with my dark clothes.  We have no idea where they came from but the added clothes kept some of my clothes from drying.  I threw the stuff that wasn't mine back into the dryer and hope whoever it belongs to finds it.  I had to lay some things out around the RV to finish drying.  What a production!

I was invited to three different places to watch the Super Bowl but was tired and just wanted to stay home. 

However, Ted had bought one $5 square for himself and five $1 squares for me in the pool.  That interested me.  At the end I figured Denver was going to score a point and ruin my last chance but ran it in for two points giving me a $25 win!

I cleaned thoroughly on Monday morning and just as I was heading to the shower there was a knock.  It was Jim with my $25.  After being caught in my PJs previously by Niles and then Robert and now Jim I have decided I need better PJs!

It was Ladies Lunch Out and I was riding with Dale, Coco and Dale's stepdaughter who is visiting from the DC area.  Lunch was at a new restaurant and was very, very good.  The service was excellent and I had a nice time.  We returned at 2:15 and I had to be at yoga at 3:00.  Eva, our instructor, is going to extend our classes into March!

I had Ted's leftover taco for dinner and settled in to watch The Bachelor.  Two drama queens were sent home and now we are getting down to the nitty gritty.  The set up of events is very evident this season and makes the show less interesting, not more.

Ted arrived home about 8:30 and life again was normal.  I accomplished a lot while he was gone but I am glad he is home.

Tuesday we all rode to Rio Grande City.  It is a very old town and dates back to when both sides of the river belonged to Mexico.  In the late 1840's Fort Ringgold was built to protect the new state of Texas.  Today the entire Fort grounds are owned by the school district and is in use as a school.  Amazing!   We were able to visit the restored R. E. Lee house.  From the pictures they had before they started the renovation, they did a marvelous job.  This is the restored chimney and mantelpiece.

We were driven all around the town on a tram and saw the old, the new, the renovated, none of which had much rhyme or reason.  We stopped at a replica of the grotto at Lourdes, France built in 1928.  

There was also a mural painted by a local artist that incorporated the entire town's history.  General Sanchez, a native son, who led the troops that captured Saddam Hussein was prominently displayed.
It was an interesting tour and we all enjoyed it.  

General Sanchez is at the left in the big circle. Next to him is Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon but only LBJ was recognizable to me.

We were due at a Mardi Gras party at the clubhouse but after another day of being gone, we were tired and opted not to go.  I put our green/gold/purple necklaces away until next year.  I think we are feeling our age!

Since it was Ash Wednesday, we decided it was a good day to drive to South Padre Island and have lunch at Dirty Al's.  We had the Botana which is an entire tray of fish, shrimp and French fries plus a $3 margarita.  Tom and Ira ordered separately.  Ted, Eileen, Lee and I polished the Botana off with no trouble.

Afterwards we drove up the island and stopped at one of the public accesses.  It was a beautiful day and walking the beach was such fun.  We wanted Ira and Lee to see how much the area reminds us of Florida.  

On the way back we stopped in Harlingen so they could see the Iwo Jima memorial and take in the "Capture of Iwo Jima" movie.  It amazes me that in 1944 our 18-20 year olds were storming the beaches of Europe and the South Pacific and today they need Safe Areas because "words hurt."  We are doomed!

Once we arrived home Ted went to Shooters Station while I made cookies for the platters to be made up for the First Responders in our area.  It is a Valentine's Day tradition.  

A little before 7:00, Eileen and Lee picked me up to attend church services and receive ashes.  Lee said she had never seen so many people in church on Ash Wednesday and then to think there were 10 services. 

Thursday morning we joined the ladies for breakfast again.  It was at La Estacion Bakery and was great.  I had 2 scrambled eggs, hash browns, 2 slices of bacon and a huge biscuit.  I figured at $6.99 I could just not eat it all. All I left was half the biscuit.  Then they gave us a 15% off coupon!  The bakery things looked yummy but I didn't buy anything.  Our 15% coupon is good all winter for dine in only so we may go back.  They had a Nativity scene made from woven fibers of sort on display.  Basket weaving at its finest I guess.  It was done really well and looked nice.  

We have a fairly quiet weekend planned but it possibly won't stay that way.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

And the Great Weather Continues

We continue to have cold nights, great for sleeping, and really warm days, great for being outside.

I was up early to get dressed for my pick up of the ladies for our breakfast outing.  Joanne, Lenchen, Eileen and Lee were my passengers.  We had a nice breakfast with 5 other ladies and returned home about 10:30.  The dentist had called Ira and told him the piece he needs for his implant has still not arrived so he shouldn't keep his 2 pm appointment.  But we decided to go to Mexico anyway.

Ted drove all of us in my Expedition and we had a lovely time in the sunshine.  We did stop by the dentist to see if there was any news and then continued on meandering the main shopping street of Progreso.  We bought some more meds, mostly analgesic cream that we both use for our aches and pains plus Z Paks for folks back home.  Ted had returned a belt that didn't wear well while Ira bought two belts and a tooled leather purse for his sister they will see as they leave Texas at the end of the month.

We each had a small bag of things as we headed back through Customs.  None of us had any problems re-entering the U.S.  It was late in the afternoon so we all agreed an early dinner was in order.  It was just the right time to get into Chedder's with no waiting.  The food there is really good and reasonably priced.  Except for 3 chicken tenders, everything got eaten.  I had grilled catfish that was really good.

I intended to play cards in the evening but I was just too tired when it came time to go.  So I stayed home.

Friday we had shooting competitions in the afternoon.  The first was a dartboard target and I scored 156 beating Ted's 144.  I was second, he was third!  He used my gun to shoot.

Then we shot at the back of a deck of cards.  Whichever 5 cards you hit made up your hand.  The best poker hand won.  I had a pair of 4s and Ted had a pair of 3s.  But the winner had a straight so neither of us won in that contest.  For my efforts I won $6, the exact amount Ted paid for me to shoot.

We came home and I made a Caesar salad and Ted went for a loaf of French bread.  We were invited next door to Robert and Sherry's for jambalaya.  There were 10 of us in all.  After dinner Robert built a fire in his fireplace and all the ladies started singing songs learned in elementary school, at camp and in Girl Scouts.  It is amazing how many words of those songs we remembered especially since we can all walk into a room and not remember what we went in for.  Eventually the group broke up and we came home.

Saturday morning I was picked up at 10:30 by Sharon, Sherry and Karyl to go to Leisure Time park clubhouse.  We were volunteering two hours to bag meals for Kids Against Hunger.  We donned plastic gloves and hairnets and waited for someone on the four lines to raise their hand indicating they wanted to be replaced.  My first job was to open and place a plastic bag below a funnel.  Then a scoop of protein powder was put in followed by a scoop of dehydrated vegetables.  Next was soy nuggets of some sort and finally a cup of rice.  I then removed the bag and handed it to the man opposite me who passed it to the "weighers."  They added or removed rice to make it an exact weight.  It was then sealed, stacked, packed and taped.  Each package makes a protein rich rice casserole of 6 servings.

I worked 11-12:00 opening the plastic bags (with plastic gloves on!) before putting it under the funnel but I didn't know then if we were signed up for a second hour.  I raised my hand to be replaced so I could check in with my carpool.  Sharon said we were staying for the second hour so my next assignment was to place 18 finished bags on a grid, place a second bag on top of them and when I had 36 ready a gentleman packed them in cartons, called for the taper and we began again.

We filled 5400+ bags they told us.  A little short of the 6000 jars of peanut butter we did back home for third world countries.  The time flew by and by 1:30 I was home.

We picked up Eileen, Tom, Lee and Ira for church at 3:30.  When we arrived there were very few seats available and we sat apart.  Ira does not attend church normally but said he would go every week to hear Fr. Roy.  We went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards and had dinner.  Ira and Lee are not familiar with Mexican menus so I had to help them out.  There were no quesadillas, chimichangas or burritos on the menu.  I remember Jaime, our Mexican exchange student, saying that what we call Mexican food is not what they eat in Mexico.  We get pretty authentic Mexican down here.

We ended up back at their park for Card Bingo.  Lee won $8 in the dime game and our partner, Wendy, won about $30 in the $1 game.  There were three winners so she had to split the pot.  We of course, once again, never even got close!

Ted is driving to Houston today after shooting skeet with David.  Don is helping Bentsen Palm Woodworkers get ready for their pig roast and isn't shooting.  Ted has a Monday morning meeting at the Chronicle followed by a lunch and then will come home.  It is about a 350 mile drive each way.  This happens on occasion and we just do what needs to be done.  I have been left in St. Louis, Albuquerque, Sandestin FL, in the park by the kids in Michigan, etc.  It is usually one night, sometimes two.  It gives me time to clean the rig, do laundry, shop, etc. with no timetable since I only need to take care of myself.  And this time I have my car instead of his big truck!!!