Monday, July 31, 2017

On To The Bridal Shower

Sunday we were up early to attend 7:30 Mass.  Ron fixed breakfast for us and shortly thereafter we were off, thanking our hosts for their hospitality.  We had about a 2 hour drive to Celina which took a bit longer when I directed Ted to Dan and Sue's old house!  He told me I was wrong but I told him I took him exactly where I intended to!  ๐Ÿ˜

Soon after our arrival their son Ed and his wife Vicki came over followed by son Brandon, his wife Rachel and baby Hudson.  We were all going out to dinner!  It was such fun watching Hudson eat cucumbers and green beans!  

We slept really well and had breakfast and a long visit with Dan and Sue before taking off around noon headed to Michigan.  It was about a 3 hour trip and we hit no construction slowdowns!  Kara was working when we arrived and Bill and the kids were out so we settled in and eventually went out to dinner.  

Here are a few more shots from the reunion.

LaRosa's pizzas

Skyline Chili

Ted pointing his family out.

Kara with cousins Paul, Pam and their son Graham

Kelly with cousins Jennie and DJ

Ted with grandson Sam and younger brother Kevin 

We all had places to go on Tuesday.  Kara and Bill went to a doctor appointment, Ted took Sam to driver's ed and I took Morgan to the orthodontist.  She and I continued on to Walmart to drop off my two prescriptions to be refilled.  She picked out some school supplies and I bought two cards to say thanks for all the hospitality we received.

Usually it takes a day for my prescriptions to transfer so I was surprised when I so quickly received a text saying they were ready and were almost $600!  I estimated about $150.  Turns out the script transferred but not my insurance.  I am glad to report it was less than $100 for both.  While there Ted had new nose clips put on his glasses.  We bought some things and I fixed dinner for us all.

We watched two movies on their new TV subscription, one was good, the other stupid!  I finally turned in around 11.  

Wednesday we didn't do much at all.  We met everyone at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner including Cameron, Cassie's latest friend and he was very nice inquiring about my health and how I felt.  I ordered a chicken wrap and ended up giving half of it to Larry.  The wings he ordered were too hot for him to eat.  

The next day Ted, Bill, the kids, Kristin and I drove to Addison Oaks to make a camping reservation for September.  They added a circle road in the large grassy area behind the old sites and made many sites pull-thrus.  Our old spot #2 no longer exists.  Our first choice was reserved for the second weekend we will be there so we opted for our second choice which is the site to the right of old #2.  It started raining really hard and Bill brought us an umbrella inside to the office.  We will be there for 11 days, two of which will be spent at a Marriott in Cleveland so we get double dinged for those two!  

We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  I had chicken empanadas that were very good.  It was $5 appetizer specials so I gave them a try.  Just enough after chips and salsa!  Everyone enjoyed their food.  You don't find Mexican restaurants everywhere you like look like in Texas.  

Next stop was BB&B for shower gifts.  I had mine sent awhile ago but Morgan and Kristin needed to shop.  We bought a toaster, a set of jelly roll cookie sheets and a complete set of three sizes of glasses.  Then we wrapped them at the self wrapping counter.  We put the boxed glasses inside two big boxes and ended up with four packages.  

No one was too hungry but Kara started making grilled cheese for someone and pretty soon everyone but Ted and I ate a small dinner.  We did have a dish of ice cream with them afterwards.  After warming up with naps on the couch, I went to bed a little after 10.  I feel fine most of the time but seem to get tired much easier than ever before.

Friday Kara had everyone over for a Mexican buffet.  She cooks and entertains so easily.  Everyone was here except Bidkar, our future grandson-in-law, because he was working.  I straightened up the upstairs bathroom but that was about it.  I am a bit concerned about getting tired so easily.  I have never been a good sleeper and now I am taking naps and sleeping all night.

Next post - the shower and our trip back home.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

And We Are Off. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

We were on the road at 9:30 with the Expedition packed to the gills!  Our first stop was a new truck stop with a Denny's.  We made our bathroom trips and shared a freshly fried peach pie crescent and Ted had coffee.  So good!  Sorry waistline.  I walked around the store a bit then we went on.  Next stop was a roadside park to have lunch, take my walk, bathroom break.  We stopped at the Arkansas Welcome Station to get motel books and free coffee for Ted (bathroom break for me) and eventually stopped for gas before finally pulling into our motel in Bryant, Arkansas south of Little Rock.  We had packed a bag just to be brought into the motel and eventually left for dinner at Brown's buffet.  We have driven past this place almost every year for 16 years and finally tried it.  They had a great selection but their fried chicken was all coating and no chicken and their baked chicken was mushy from being over baked. The salads, vegetables, sides and desserts were great though.  Ted had shrimp and pulled pork and he liked them.  All in all I would go again but skip the chicken!

We woke up on our own Monday, dressed, had a bowl of cereal at the motel breakfast room and were on the road before 9:00.  We planned to stop on the other side of Nashville but it was only about 3:00 so we pushed on to Bowling Green KY.  There is a Russell sportswear store there where Ted likes to shop.  They have some Vanity Fair ladies things so I bought some underwear and one pink top.  After checking into a motel we left for supper.  Ted wanted to go to Cabella's afterwards so he dropped me off.  When he returned the Bachelorette was coming on so we both got ready for bed to watch.  It was a good travel day.

Tuesday was another easy day.  We woke up on our own, had another bowl of cereal and headed out with a stop in Shepherdsville at the Zappo's shoe outlet.  A pair for me and one for Cassie was all we found.  There was a lunch stop at a rest area, a restroom stop in Florence KY and just a hop, skip and jump into Cincinnati.  We made it!

We were welcomed by Karen and Ron who had our room all ready for us.  We had to bring in more than we had taken into the motels but we still had lots left in the car.  When it got to be dinner time we all went to LaRosa's for our favorite pizza.  While there, Ted's oldest cousin (#1 of the 31 Keehan cousins) came in with her husband.  They are in their late 80s but still getting around.  We had a nice chat with them after we ate.  A little serendipity there.  

Wednesday started our marathon of meeting friends over lunch and dinner.  We ate smaller meals to avoid overeating and we chose local, small restaurants instead of chains.  Wednesday lunch was at Ron's Roost with old friend Marilyn and her sister.  She lives in Alabama now but happened to be in town.  She and her husband were our best camping buddies for many years.  He passed away some years ago. It was a delight to see her and she looks exactly the same!  I had a cup of turtle soup and a small hot bacon slaw, two other Cincinnati favorites of mine!

Niece Cindy put together a small family group for our visit and Karen's birthday.  I was so happy to see some of the folks I missed by not attending my family reunion.  I am on the left side at the end!

Thursday we once again had just juice and coffee for breakfast.  We were meeting my oldest friend of 67 years, also named Donna.  She and I started kindergarten together and graduated high school 13 years later.  We were inseparable in high school.  To my surprise another friend who was with us along that journey joined us and we were equally happy to see her.  The four of us had a great visit!  

Larry and Kristin landed in the afternoon so they joined us and my niece, Jill, for dinner.  It lasted 2.5 hours!  I gave her my two bags of T-shirts to make my T-shirt quilt and she gave me Gerre's latest quilt that she had done the quilting on.  So we were a little ahead in the emptying out scenario.

Friday we had lunch scheduled with our best man and maid of honor who married two years after we did.  It is such a delight to spend time with them.  It was a 3 hour lunch!  My choice?  A Kentucky Hot Brown!  They even admit the recipe is from the Brown Hotel in Louisville KY.  I know you can buy a plate at the Louisville airport with the recipe on it.  So good!

While eating, my sister-in-law's best friend Judy walked in.  After hellos she said she was coming to our reunion on Saturday.  She went to sit with a group of 8 or 10 women and we went back to chatting.  Then a lady at the end of that table mentioned to my friend she knew her from Lourdes.  In Westside Cincinnati this means you were a member of our Lady of Lourdes parish and went to school there.  They figured out maiden names and the lady said her group was the last graduating class of St. Xavier high school.  I asked if she knew my friend Diane and up she popped from the end of the table.  You just have to love Cincinnati as your hometown!

The kids all arrived in town and we opted to go to the family cookout at the swim club.  Not everybody was there but we got a good jump on most of the crowd.

Saturday was Reunion Day at beautiful Fernbank Park along the Ohio River.  The weather was perfect!

The Rogers Siblings (Tim passed away in 2006)

Tom, married 61 years in September.  Last Labor Day we were in Phoenix for their 60th anniversary celebration.  Missing is son Brian's family.  He died in 2009 joining his brother Dennis who died in 1966.

Tim, deceased 

Terry, married 56 years

 Ted, married 52 years (my black graphic blending with Ted's shorts gives me a pregnant look!)

Peggy, married 48 years


Kevin, married 45 years

Kathy, married 41 years

The whole fam damily!

It was a wonderful tribute to Ted's parents, Betty and Les Rogers.  They were two of the best people God put on this earth.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Counting Down

After church we talked with Jeannette and Dick for some time and then left with Terry and Carol for dinner at the Tournament course of the country club.  They had a great special on fajitas and margaritas.  The bill was so inexpensive that Terry wouldn't even let us reimburse him for our part.  I had hot tea instead of a margarita because the A/C was so cold.  I feared it would keep me awake but it didn't!

Sunday was "get my clothes ready" day.  I laid out what I thought I needed and then put some of it back.  I do have access to laundry so there is no need to overpack.  Now I have a few items to iron.

We have so much to take with us!  Two bags of things for others.  A bear for the newest baby.  I sent the initial gift but just didn't want to spend postage on the big bear if I didn't have to.  Three boxes of  dishes for Ally's fiancรฉ to use in their apartment until after the wedding.  It's a nice Pfaltzgraf set so I think they will hang on to it. A blow up queen size bed just in case it is needed somewhere with so many coming into town.  My two bags of T-shirts to be made into a quilt by my very talented niece Jill.  Also, our carpet samples to use while picking out our new RV furniture, our Yeti cooler, my pedal machine to move my legs while riding and suitcases!!  And people ask why I drive an Expedition!

Monday was PT in the morning and then we received a call that our trailer was fixed.  We went right out to pick it up.  Turns out a ground wire that was just twisted copper at the end had worked loose.  They put a clip on it and secured it properly.  Voila!  12 volt was back!  I was able to get the carpet pads from the steps leading to the bedroom to take with us to Lambright's when we look at furniture.  

 Darker color right?

Tuesday I invited Gail for lunch so we could plan the October party for the nursing home.  We both have two trips before then and I won't be back in time to be here.  I wanted to do all I could beforehand so she has everything she needs.  We divided up responsibilities and chose items to make centerpieces.  We checked supplies and the only thing we need is orange balloons.  We also decided since we have so many red, white and blue supplies we will honor Election Day in November!  

This will be my first time using the computer training I took the morning of the day I ended up in the hospital.  Sure hope all the handouts and notes I took get me through the record keeping for our five events this year!  

Wednesday started early.  Both the PT fellow and Isabelle were due here at 8 am.  I needed to be up, dressed and house in order before they all arrived.  Vinnie was right on time.  We went through my whole exercise routine and then left to take a 10-15 minute walk.  When we got back, Isabelle had arrived and Ted let her in.  I received my second set of discharge papers having received the nursing ones the day before.  They both had said they were sorry to see me finish up because I was their best patient, very compliant.  It's those nuns again!

When everyone was gone, Ted left to get his haircut and I dressed to play Mahjongg.  But first I had to drop my two plants off at Judy's, take Gail's things to her that she left yesterday then finally to Diane's to play Mahjongg.  And I finally won a game!  It was almost 5:30 when I got home.  Ted had dinner ready.

Up again early and out the door by 9:00 on Thursday for my annual eye check up.  This doctor did my cataract surgery almost 10 years ago and I see him once a year.  There was no change in my night driving glasses and the overall health of my eyes remains excellent.  He said he would see me next year.

I was home long enough to eat a bowl of cereal as a late breakfast and headed in the other direction for a haircut, the first in 4 months!  I did a load of laundry when I got back home and Ted grilled some burgers.  Afterwards we went to Wendy's for a 50 cent Frosty.  We were introduced to this promotion last year at Grand Canyon Village.  They are just the right size.  

Friday I finally got the ironing done and finished my packing.  We took Ken and Nancy to lunch.  We were scheduled the day I went to the hospital but they had to cancel which is why I was out shopping alone that afternoon.  I didn't want to give her the mail key again still being indebted for last time.  It didn't seem much like Friday for some reason.  We spent the evening at home.

Saturday we said goodbye to Tucker.  After I mailed the lawn maintenance check, dropped the mailbox key off to Nancy, I headed north to hand off Tucker to another of Gerre's friends for his last week before they come home.  Then I hit the nail salon.  It wasn't long after I got home that we went to church and back home to finish packing!  

On the road again.  ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Can Pack!

Wednesday was my second last PT day.  When we were finished I did my morning chores and then we went to the trailer to measure the couch and media chairs.  But the slide wouldn't go out.  And the level up system screen is blank.  We have 12 volt at the battery and had a new hydraulic pump installed last year and we checked the fuses and breakers so we are at a loss.  We have several calls out to see if there is a small thing we are missing.  If that doesn't do it we will have to call a mobile service because with the legs not going up, we can't hook up.  

So we came home and I went to the doctor because he would not refill the UTI medicine they gave me at the hospital without seeing me.  I had to go to Quest for a urine sample and of course it was closed for lunch so I came home.  I went back later without incident and I immediately received a text that my prescription was ready.  So I went to Walmart right from there.

Isabelle had not arrived by the time I got back.  In fact, she never showed up at all!  I always get my calendar out when I check for the next time and I write it right there in front of her.  She never writes anything down though.  Tomorrow Ted and I are both going to be gone over lunch time so I will just wait to see what her response to my text is.

All in all, it was an aggravating day, not much got accomplished and I don't even know if this medicine (which is not what they gave me at the hospital) will work since he called it in before he had any results.  I am hoping for a better tomorrow!

Thursday was a better day.  It was the neighborhood ladies lunch and I rode with Dana, Gail and Jeanette.  There were 12 in all but they had a 4 seat booth and a small table of 6 set up.  There was a round table next to the 6 topper so I just moved the 4 set ups from the booth, got 2 more chairs and told the waitress we would be needing 2 more set ups because we were 12, not 10.  Mission accomplished.  I liked sitting at the round table because it makes it so easy to talk to everyone.  We had a nice lunch, great conversation and didn't get home until 2:15.  Isabelle was due at 3:00.  

Ted came home and said he had tried everything he could think of at the trailer and all the suggestions and finally someone had suggested something I can't explain but it worked.  So Friday we will jerry rig the battery to get the legs up so we can take it to the repair shop.  

We waited all afternoon and Isabelle called at 6:00.  Her excuse Wednesday was she lost her phone and couldn't call me.  I am not sure what she wanted to tell me.  Thursday's excuse was she waited and waited for the afternoon lady to come home to pay her.  I told her it was too late and call me next week.  I think this arrangement is on the short list now.  Since we are leaving I will worry about it later.  

Friday we were up early and got dressed to take the trailer to the RV repair shop.  Ted used the jumper cable to get power from the battery to the hydraulic pump so he could lift the legs.  The whole road out is under construction with a couple detours but we made it.  He backed into the spot they showed him and we left.  Jay and Stella were coming up this way to have the brakes on their truck replaced.  We had agreed to meet them and Susan and Tommy for lunch and a visit.  Once we got home we called Jay and offered to bring them to our house while they waited so Ted went to pick them up.  We had a nice  visit and eventually left to meet the others. After lunch we came home and it was already 3:30.

Saturday is another work day for Ted for an outing at the gun club.  We have nothing planned except church in the afternoon.  I am going to use the time to get my clothes together for our trip.  Next week will be busy probably with the things we have scheduled and the last minute things that will pop up.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

And We Wait

Just as Barry and Gerre approached our house the heavens opened up.  They called and asked if we would open the garage door to more easily get Tucker and his things inside.  Once settled, we left in separate cars and drove through a real downpour for several minutes and then ... nothing.  It was dry and hadn't even rained just a few miles north.  

We were seated right away at Saltgrass and had a nice dinner.  Ted picked up the tab because we have been to their house so much recently.  The time they were invited to our house I ended up in the hospital!

9 to 5 The Musical followed the story line of the original movie pretty closely but the music told a lot of the story and was pretty funny.  The two ensembles, one of men and the other women, were not the most talented bunch but it gave interested parties a chance to be on stage.  The three lead women all did a great job.  Afterwards we said goodbye and told our friends to have a relaxing, safe trip.  Hopefully we will be gone by the time they return so we won't see them for over a month.  We will take Tucker to their other friends when we leave.

We woke to no power on Saturday morning.  It lasted about two hours so it only delayed my morning coffee, nothing more.  Ted worked a fund raiser at the gun club and I eventually did laundry.  We went to church as usual and came home.  

Sunday Ted went shooting again and I just putzed around the house until time to get ready to go visit Tommy and Susan who are at the campground nearby.  We visited for an hour or so before leaving to have dinner.  There is an Italian place that has great lasagna and everyone but me had it.  I chose chicken Parmesan.  Afterwards we went back to the campground and sat out and were joined by a couple from Michigan, until it started sprinkling.  We went inside for ice cream and cake to celebrate Tommy's birthday.  Tommy had to walk Ted with an umbrella to get the car and then walked me to the car when he pulled up.

It rained all night and most of Monday.  Tucker hates the rain and wet grass so every "visit out" is a bit of a challenge.  When it is dry he goes right out.  It was a lazy day.

Tuesday we went to the cardiologist and waited an anxious 1 hour and 15 minutes past our appointment time.  But the news was terrific!  My stress test showed not only no damage but a heart functioning above average for my age.  Don't you love that add on?  "For your age."  Translation "you are old."  They did a Doppler on my DVT and it is still there but better than last time with minimal circulation passing through it.  

I will remain on Eliquis and have a passel of appointments in August and September.  In the meantime we can travel!

She gave us the OK to travel to Ohio and Michigan by car.  We need to stop at least every two hours and take my medicine religiously.  We will be gone about three weeks, return home, do all the doctor visits and then HOPEFULLY leave with the RV for a wedding in Cleveland the third week in September followed by our granddaughter's wedding the last weekend in September.  Then, as you already know, instead of flying to Vancouver and cruising to Hawaii, we will come home.  

But we have one more outing to look forward to.  In October my brother Dan and his wife Sue are coming down with another couple.  Then Ted and I along with Pete and his wife will all gather in New Braunfels for a week while the guys shoot in the Sporting Clay Competitions at Nationals in San Antonio.  We are staying at a 3 cabin resort owned by a friend of Dan's.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  

So what do you do to celebrate good news?  We went to the gun range since it has been a long time since I have shot.  I cannot qualify for Concealed Carry with a .22 so I need to practice with the 9mm. It is hard for me to pull the 5# trigger but I just have to do it.  I didn't do too bad.  I am still way better with the .22 just because the trigger is easier for me to pull.  When I had acquired enough points that would have me passing, Ted told me to put the 5 final shots in the head. I did but it looks like 3 regular holes and one big one that is actually two bullets hitting in almost the exact same spot.

"There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset."  

 ~ Arlen Specter

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Starting the 4th at Lake Conroe

I made my red, white and blue salad and we went to Pelican Bay to start the 4th of July weekend at Gerre and Barry's.  There were about 35 people in attendance.  I immediately went in the pool hoping hanging on a noodle would stretch the vertebrae in my back enough to give me some relief.  I was fine in the pool but it started acting up as soon as I got out.  I sat several different places trying to get comfortable but nothing was helping.  We had a virtual feast for dinner before heading across the bridge to Fay's house who lives directly on the lake across from the firework display.  

We rode in the golf cart and my back really didn't like that.  Then to add insult to injury, I walked right into Fay's storm door!  I wondered why she had the door standing wide open, but it wasn't!  I left a nose and forehead imprint!  Thankfully, other than startling myself, I was okay.  The decks were full and we had a great display to enjoy.  My back liked the ride back even less than the ride over!  We gathered our swim stuff, left the remaining salad and came home.  I immediately laid down with my ice pack and once my back calmed down, I went to bed.

I was still hurting Sunday morning and Ted said I should skip church so he went without me.  I did my PT, Ted's back exercises and some Kristin had sent from Vancouver.  That along with the ice pack and Tylenol arthritis finally brought some relief.  Ted received a call from Steve so he went shooting.  I kept the ice pack company and not much else.  Ted grilled a flat iron steak for dinner and tomorrow's dinner will be fajitas made with the leftover steak!

Monday the PT examiner failed to show.  I still don't know why.  We waited around and finally gave up and went to HEB for groceries, Kohl's looking for a patriotic shirt but found none, then went to Walmart for a new kitchen garbage can.  The only shirt they had was blue with red and white striped skull and cross bones.  No thank you!  I decided to make do with what I had at home.

Tuesday we spent the morning listening to the music channel that was playing all patriotic music.  I made another salad and mid afternoon we went to Terry and Carol's for ribs and to play cards.  Two other couples came but after we ate, no one wanted to play cards and by 7:30 the party broke up.  Only Jody and Dave were headed to the fireworks but that wasn't going to happen for two hours.  My back was killing me from sitting so long and we headed for home a little after 8:00.

The PT guy didn't show at 9:00 Wednesday but about 10:00 the Monday guy called and asked to come. He said he was too busy to come (and obviously too busy to call!) on Monday.  He was unable to leave the paperwork so Vinnie didn't come Wednesday.  Whatever!  He wants me to continue after we return in August but I don't think that will be necessary but we'll see.  I have to get permission to go first.

Then our sprinkler guys came and went over our entire sprinkling system.  I am not sure just what they all did but they spent a fair amount of time doing it.  Our new sod looks great and I want it to stay that way.

I had agreed to host mahjong on Wednesday.  Ted set up the tables and chairs for me.  All you need is drinks for this group so it wasn't any trouble.  You can't play at the kitchen or dining room tables so I put two card tables in the hall and adjoining sitting area.  Stephanie, the teacher, said it was just fine.  I still haven't had a mahjongg and I am supposed to know what I am doing!

Ted had made himself scarce all afternoon and when he came home he put the two tables and 8 chairs back on the racks in the garage and we went to get a burger at Culver's.  I always get the kid's burger and fries and it comes with a scoop of custard.  They even give their 10% senior discount on it! We came home and watched TV.  We needed to get up early on Thursday for my stress test.

We arrived at 8:30 and I was taken in right away.  They started a line in my right hand, injected one vial and said to go wait for 45 minutes.  When they called me again I had to lie down and the equipment moved over me from right to left.  That took 16 minutes.  Then I went in another room where they put 10 leads on me, injected me with threes vials of something and said the test would take just one minute but would make me feel weird.  It made me a bit woozy and started a headache.  They brought me a cup of coffee to act as an antidote and by the time I finished it, I was fine.  We had to wait 45 more minutes and then with 3 leads on, have more pictures taken for 11 minutes.  Tuesday is my follow up appointment.

Ted made a pot of chili for dinner.  It has been hot but it sounded good to me and it really was!  

Vinny came on Friday and will come Monday and Wednesday next week until the doctor advises me on Tuesday.  I am up to 20 rotations with 3 lb. weights and 10 minutes on the pedaling machine.  

We have a busy weekend.  It just sort of crept up on us.  Tucker is coming tonight to stay for two weeks and then we are having dinner at Saltgrass and seeing Nine to Five at our community theater.  I had given these tickets to Gerre because we didn't expect to be here so when things changed I asked if she had invited anyone already.  She hadn't, so we all are going!

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things,
hope makes a person stronger in his bad times,
hope makes you realize that it isn't the end,
hope makes you realize there's God and he is
with you no matter if you are fighting alone,
 hope makes you believe the power of love,
hope makes you understand that it's good to
share things instead of hiding them,
 Never lose hope, it gives you wings and it's
up to you where you want to fly.