Friday, August 21, 2015

Life On I-10

I was up AGAIN at 6 am.  This is getting to be like a job!  Everything was pretty well ready to go in the car so I just got ready, started the dishwasher and straightened up the few things out of place.  I arrived at my meeting and Susan, my co-chair, was already there.  Our Gift Distribution is so popular we were filled in no time!  She wasn't feeling real well so we closed our table, went upstairs to the meeting room for a bit of breakfast and when sign ups closed, we both took off.  I told Jill Ted was waiting for me and she had no problem with our leaving.

We loaded everything in the car, left Chris a note and took off about 10:45.  It was raining but wasn't a problem.  We stopped for lunch in Lake Charles and it was smooth sailing until Baton Rouge.  They don't handle rush hour traffic well!  It took us an hour to make it across the bridge, through town and onto I-12 for our stint to Slidell where we were picking up I-10 again.  I-12 runs dead into I-10 where I-59 north comes in too.  Just a few miles from this busy interchange there is a sign that the ramp to I-59 north is closed.  It was too late for anyone to take a different route so those going that way were  scrambling and it was like riding the Dodgems.  And when we passed the ramp it was OPEN.  The guy in front of us slams on his brakes and makes a U turn in the median.  Ted seldom lays on the horn but he did then.

We stopped for the night in Moss Point MS and the GPS once again led us astray.  I seldom believe her and we got off an exit too soon.  A phone call cleared it up and no harm done.  When we pull the trailer those kinds of mistakes are a bigger concern.  The very first time we used the one the kids gave us we were at a dead end, could see our hotel to the left and she told us to turn right!  I haven't trusted her since.

We were up early and headed out about 7:30.  We had a long day of driving ahead of us.  Ted drove for awhile and then I drove until we turned down 19 and came to a rest area where we ate lunch then he took over again.  We lost an hour coming back into EDT so we stopped in Port Richey at a Hampton Inn for the night.  I located a church with a 6 pm Mass while all the others had 4 pm that we were too late for.

We settled in, freshened up and found the church with no problem.  It was a nice service followed by a video of the Lifeteen retreat that looked like lots of fun.  We never had anything like that when we went to school.  Three young folks spoke about how faith affirming it was and thanked the congregation for its support.

We drove to the Crab Shack on the Pasco River for dinner.  The ambience was nice, the food okay but the live music I could have done without.  To me all it sounds like is noise.  Lots of chords, loud bass and banging on the drums.  Are there words to these songs?

We turned in for he night since I am on my wake up at 6 am schedule!  This morning we ate breakfast at the hotel, packed up and headed south once again.  We expect to be at my Dad's by noon!

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