Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arrival in Cincinnati

We arrived here about 10:30 and backed up to the lake and set up. No one was in the office because everyone was at Jim's mother's funeral. We were sorry to hear she had died. We have been coming here so long that Jim is a friend. Losing a parent is so difficult.

We took off to the family jewelry store where my family has done business for years. Ted was told the prongs on his ring need to be replaced. I gave it to him for Father's Day in 1966 when Kelly was one month old. The great grandson of Joe who sold me the ring said it still had some wear and could wait until we got home since we don't have a lot of time here.

He offered to clean our rings and a small diamond came out of my ring! So we are going back today to pick it up after they fix that.

We also received an e-mail that Ted's aunt is in the hospital. She is the last of the nine Keehan siblings of his mother. So today we will go to visit her.

Last night we went to my great niece and nephew's (twins) birthday party. They live on a farm in Indiana and have horses so Ted was happy. My niece, their aunt, came with her three horses in a trailer. She and two friends had been riding in Versailles State Park. It was so nice to see everyone.

I am using my I-pad and will attempt to post a photo. Wish me luck and I'l be back tomorrow with more family news. We are going to dinner and delivering the lamp to Cindy tonight. It has traveled well in the two boxes I bought to put the base and shade in but has the entire back seat of the truck filled.

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