Saturday, June 16, 2012

And The Kids Will Cheer You Up

Ted and I went to the drug store yesterday for more congestion medicine and then out to lunch.  We stopped at Diva's, a store in Lake Orion that I enjoy browsing through.  Just that little effort wiped me out.  I sound worse than I feel but my get up and go has gotten up and gone.  I don't get sick often and I forgot how quickly your stamina can go.  Hopefully each day will be a bit better.  We have lots to do this week.

Ted is shooting this morning and we are due at Kara's mid-afternoon for an early dinner when Kristin and Larry arrive from Florida.  Sam then has a ballgame and we all need to be at OU for the dance recital that begins at 7:00.  We are coming home to dress so I will bring the food and clothes I need for the kids starting tomorrow after our day in Frankenmuth.

Sam was a bit concerned about Kristin bringing a friend she is dating.  He asked his mother if she was old enough to date.  She's 39!  But then Morgan told her to send their pancake syrup along because "Grandma and Grandpa use that stuff that comes out of trees" and she doesn't like it.  When asked where hers comes from she said "Costco." 

So there you have it.  You can always find something to laugh about.

We have a few campers in the loop this weekend.  We watched the fellow next door set up his trailer, climb the ladder to put up his awning, down on his knees putting his jacks down.  I remember those days well.  Now we just push buttons to level the trailer and put the awning in and out.  In fact, if it is windy, it will put itself away.  But I'm sure that guy doesn't want to hear it.  They came over and introduced themselves which was nice.  We'll be gone most of the weekend and by the time we return on Sunday, they will be gone along with most everyone else.  We like this loop because it is empty all week and not too crowded on weekends. 

Like I say, we are RVing, not camping.  There is a difference.  But this is the closest we come to camping when the kids come out, run around in the wide open space behind the trailer and cook marshmallows over a campfire.  That's the way we did it when the kids were little and Ted climbed the ladder to put the awning up and got down on his knees to lower the jacks.  And time marches on.

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