Sunday, June 10, 2012


The graduation ceremony went fine and we had good seats. But the lighting was too low for good pictures so I may wait for the party to publish any. Ally graduated cum laude, National Honor Society with distinction in French.

She has placed out of English, French and Statistics and is awaiting status of Advanced Placement in Chemistry and Psychology. She could conceivably be a Sophomore at Oakland University when she starts.

We all went to lunch afterwards and suddenly it was almost 4 o'clock and we were going to be late for the next party. We called Jeff to let them know and he asked us to bring an ice cream roll for dessert.

So we hurried home, got into casual clothes, stopped at Kroger's for an ice cream cake and were an hour late!

Imagine our shock when we walked in and Dawn was there alone. Greg passed away March 1 and no one had let us know. She seemed to sense what happened and was so gracious saying "you didn't know did you?"

My mother died on March 1 and of course I recall that day each year and we had a nice talk about that. It actually was their 37th wedding anniversary and she said he died at the time they walked out of church from their wedding all those years ago. Rest in peace, Greg.

Ted's old golf group is now six married couples, four widows and one divorcee'. Jan still comes but Paul doesn't.

Each couple had a horse in the race and I don't know how Jeff determined that but ours had a Hindu sounding name. All I can say is that if Paul Revere rode him we would all be talking with a British accent. He was dead last ... But we won $20 for It.

It was 10 o'clock before the party broke up and the campground was dark when we came home except for the fires the few campers in our circle had going.

Sherry wrote on Facebook that Ronnie came home last night. I will call Karen today to see how things are going. I do know he will have a visiting nurse every third day to change the wound vac and a skin graft will be up next.

The weather is pleasant with little need for A/C. We are off to church then to Kara's for dinner and to do laundry.

There won't be much going on next week with everyone working or going to school and Ted gone for two days. Kristin and Larry arrive next Saturday and that will be a BUSY week with Ally's last dance recital, Kara's surgery and preparations for Ally's party.

"A bee is never as busy as it seems, it just can't buzz any slower" - Kin Hubbard

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