Friday, June 15, 2012

You May Want To Reconsider Knowing Me

There is so much going wrong around me that I hesitate to answer the phone or read e-mail.

My friend Pat, who just made Morgan's First Communion rosary, lost her 26 year old grandson on Wednesday. His wife is a teacher at my grandkids' school. They were married just last year. His layout is tonight.

A terrible storm went through at home and a tree fell on a friend's house. There is structural damage and she is in a hotel with her dogs. The worse part is the house is for sale so she can move by her daughter for health reasons. In this case, when it rained, it poured, literally.

Another friend's house flooded in the same storm. They were out of town at the hospital with a relative who had a stroke. Her husband flew home to attend to the house.

These past few weeks have been an "in my face" reminder that life can change in a second. No one is promised tomorrow or even the rest of today as we know it.

Don't procrastinate, plan for the unexpected and treat everyone as if it is the last time you will see them. One day it will be.

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