Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Blew It

It was nice to wake up and have a leisurely morning. How did we get so busy in retirement?

We left close to noon and stopped for my ring. When I looked at it, a small diamond was still missing. I don't know what happened but they fixed it promptly. It sure is shiny but I hope the stones are secure after the pressure cleaning!

We stopped for lunch at our favorite pizza place, the Cincinnati icon company, LaRosa's Pizza. It sure tasted good and will always be the gold standard to us.

From there we went to the hospital to visit Eileen. She is dreadfully thin and confused. At one point she looked at Ted, who had not left his chair, and said "oh you're back." Ted asked from where and she said "Didn't you go get a basket for the pretzels?" Not sure where that came from but it does indicate a problem. We will try to stop by again before we leave.

From there we went to what I refer to as "early, speedy church." Mass begins at 3 and we were out at 3:40. This church has always had this Mass and I think it may be their way to bring non-parishioners to this church to help it financially. Just my thought.

Next up was dinner at Cindy and Tim's with their kids plus Karen and Ron. We took the pancake mix and baby gift inside but left the lamp in the truck.

After some discussion about everyone's travels, Ted told me to give Tim the I-Pad to look at some photos from France. Shortly after, Brian said he thought his Dad had seen his gift. I asked how since it was still in the truck in two boxes. He said he saw a picture on the I-Pad!!!

We had indeed blew it but Tim was delighted and thanked us for picking it up and bringing it all this way. It looks great in their living room.

We had a nice dinner and then the electric went off. So we all went to an ice cream parlor. Since the power may not have been back on and it was already 9:00, we all headed home.

We will see Ted's family tomorrow after he goes shooting. We didn't make a lot of plans but our time is filling up quickly. We only have four more days here.

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