Thursday, June 21, 2012

Muddling Through

We had dinner at Kara's Saturday night when Larry and Kristin arrived. Then it was time for Ally's recital which was fantastic. She was in 9 of the 35 sets that were performed. I don't know how she remembers all those steps and moves. Larry took some great action shots and I will share them when he sends them to me. Cassie's "friend" was there and we were able to meet him too. Afterwards we all went to Appleby's to celebrate.

After church the next morning, Ted and I drove to Birch Run Outlets and shopped a little before meeting everyone at the Bavarian Inn for Frankenmuth's famous chicken dinner. We spent some time in town and at Bronner's Christmas store. Larry, who is a professional photographer, had a good time with all the Christmas displays.

We brought Sam and Morgan home with us because Kara's surgery was scheduled for 6 a.m. Kristin and Larry came to the park the next day and ended up taking the kids to the movies because I had a stomach bug and it started to rain. I felt much better by the time they returned. We had Ted's pulled pork for dinner followed by marshmallows roasted over the campfire.

Kara came home Tuesday and we were going to take the kids home to see her once she was settled in her bed upstairs. But I got a migraine so Ted fixed them dinner, took them home, took care of Kara while Allen attended the City Council meeting and then brought the kids back. I was just surfacing from my head pounding when they got back. Don't let anyone tell you that stress doesn't take its toll physically.

Yesterday we brought the kids back in for Sam's ballgame. We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch and I did laundry and stayed with Kara. Sam's team won big time and he was so proud. Ted took them back to the campground and I stayed to do overnight duty with Kara getting up at 1 am and 4 am to assist her.

Today Larry and Kristin came by and had lunch. Allen took the kids swimming and I did more laundry. Tomorrow is Ally's graduation party complete with DJ so if I play my cards right I just might get my hair combed and some lipstick on.

Ted went home alone tonight and I helped Allen give Kara a shower. She has a doctor's appointment in the morning and I will watch the kids.

Am I having fun yet? Not really but you do what you have to do for your kids and family members. Hopefully we can leave here with everyone back to normal on July 8. If not, I guess our plans will change yet again.

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Carol @arewethereyet said...

I certainly understand "doing what you need to do for family" and the idea that stress does things to our body. So far, knock on wood, no migraines for me - but I sure don't feel like doing anything. Hang in there - things will get better.