Saturday, June 9, 2012

Settling In

We made the trip from Cincinnati to Leonard, MI with no problems. It is easy to drive through Detroit because there is no traffic. LBJ's Great Society model city is a bust. With the largest manufacturing base in the country in the 60s, it is now bankrupt, has failing schools, no good public transportation and a pretty hefty crime rate. Is anyone learning anything from all of this? We need jobs, pride in ownership, good schools, etc. not more handouts. The Great Society isn't so great 50 years later. I lived here for 16 years and watched the deterioration first hand. I'm not just a casual observer. It is a shame.

But the rest of Michigan is beautiful and has delightful summer weather. Also two of our children live here and so we come to visit and leave the heat of Texas behind.

As soon as we were set up, we drove to pick up two of the grandchildren. Sam had a ballgame and Morgan's school picnic was at the same time. Kara was in Chicago and Allen was at home trying to work and hold down the fort. The calvary had arrived just in time.

Morgan and I were dropped off while Ted, Sam and Allen went to the game. There were bounce houses, tattoos, karaoke, the playground, free lemonade, popcorn, ice cream and sandwiches for everyone. I pretty much just followed Morgan from one thing to the next. After 2.5 hours we were picked up and taken to the ballfield for the rest of the game. On the way home we stopped at Kelly's to get our tickets for the graduation today.

Friday we slept in and about 3 o'clock went to the grocery. Ted grilled a pork tenderloin for dinner and we sat outside until 10 when it finally got dark. We need to get some firewood to use when the kids come out.

Today is Ally's high school graduation ceremony and then at 4 o'clock we are going to the Belmont party. Apparently the race will happen but without I'll Have Another so there will be no Triple Crown winner this year.

Next week should be quiet because the kids are still in school, the adults are all working and Ted is flying back to Austin for two days. My Kindle and I will be just fine!

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