Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost There

We drove today in some rain but not bad enough to cause a problem. We also hit a few construction zones but the delays were all westbound. Good news for us.

We arrived in Terre Haute which put us in EDT as soon as we drove over the state line. We pulled into the KOA for the night. This is a nicely treed park with good sized spots. However I feel the $49 price is way out of line for the burgeoning metropolis of Terre Haute not to mention it has no sewers and the wifi won't stay connected. I just gave up and put my own on. The average price of a spot is more in the $30 range.

We paid $40 in Durant, free at the city park in Chanute and $30 in Columbia. The law of averages will work it out in the end I suppose.

We did our "RVers Run" to WalMart in the rain and came home to fix dinner. We have about 140 miles left to Cincinnati where we will stay until next Thursday.

This has been a hop, skip and jump sort of trip. We are in no hurry and Ted has decided he wants to only drive about 5 hours a day. That works for me!

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