Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Bit Part In A B-Grade Movie

It's been a crazy week and I keep wondering what happens next.

Ted went shooting on Sunday and then we were invited to Barb and Kevin's for a lovely dinner. Peg was working at her grandson's festival and Kathy was lying flat on the floor nursing a bad back so they were unable to join us. So the four of us had a good two on two visit. We seldom get to do that with so many in the family.

On Monday Ted had lunch with the Enquirer retirees and then we went to the casino where I left all my Oklahoma winnings.

The couple who were our maid of honor and best man and then married after we did, came over on Tuesday to go to lunch. Just as they were pulling up, my phone rang. My sister Karen said her husband Ron was cut at work and she needed a ride to the hospital. Because we had plans she said she would call her son. I asked her to call me if he couldn't take her and to call me after he got his stitches. WELL ...

He got his arm caught in a drill press and could have lost the entire arm. He had a cut above the elbow and a huge chunk out of his forearm. He was in surgery for 1.5 hours. Luckily he had no bone breaks.

Ted took Karen and me to the hospital this morning so I could spend the day there with her. Ronnie has the cut above his elbow stitched and the hole on his forearm was closed up somewhat. There is a wound vacuum on that area. He will be attached to that for some time. When it heals sufficiently they will do a skin graft. He was doing well for what he has been through.

Ted went to see his Aunt Eileen who has been moved to a rehab/assisted living facility much to her 94 year old husband's chagrin. They managed to get him to stay in an assisted living room last night and he thinks he is in a hotel. Eileen thinks she has meetings to attend because she is reading the info white board on her wall. It is still a chaotic situation that hopefully will get settled soon.

While out, Ted received a phone call that our friend of over 35 years passed away on June 1. Peter was an absolute gentleman, aged 92, and had Honorable Discharges from the Army Air Corps, Navy and the Marines. The world lost one of its very best.

Tonight we attended my grade school dinner. Most of us went from K-8 and the girls went on to 9-12 at an all girls' high school. It was relaxing after such a trying week and it was great to see everyone.

We head to Michigan tomorrow hoping to be set up by 2:00. At 5:00 Ted is taking Sam to his ballgame and I'm taking Morgan to her class picnic. Kara will be in Chicago.

We are invited to a Belmont Stakes party on Saturday by one of the group that Ted played golf with when we lived in Michigan. Now I hear there may be a strike and the race may not be run. With the way the week is going I certainly won't be surprised.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Stop The World I Want To Get Off or whatever show title you can think of!!

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