Monday, February 1, 2010

And I thought maybe I'd get bored this week!

I attended Rosalie's funeral Mass Tuesday and helped at the luncheon afterwards. As usual, I brought all the round tablecloths home to launder. I hate to admit I still have them. They are clean and folded but I've not gotten them back up to church. I plan to do that tomorrow. I also need to deliver the Bunco Bag to Elaine's since I'll be down in the Rio Grande Valley next time they meet.

On Thursday I went to a Junior Forum information tea. I'm going to join this organization that helps out all around the community. Newcomers has run its course and church activities are mostly tied to young families so this is a different avenue I want to pursue. Susan, Teri and I had a nice lunch afterwards.

Susan mentioned they had to go to a consignment shop that was closing to pick up their Oriental rugs they had for sale because the shop was closing. When we got to her house I looked at the big one and decided it would go in my family room. So on Friday we went to get it and they invited us to the Friday buffet at the club. Terry & Carol and Jody & Dave were there so we all sat together.

We asked Terry & Carol if they wanted to go to church in Magnolia, eat at Las Fuentes and then go to the Texas Opry Saturday night. They did so that's exactly how we spent our late afternoon and evening.

Sunday Ted called me to look at something on the computer. To make a long story short, by Monday afternoon we were the proud owners of a 2008 Nuwa Hitchhiker Champagne 5th wheel. It was ordered but couldn't be financed at Vacation Station in California which went bankrupt. A bank in Las Vegas then had it and shipped it to Mesa, AZ where a lot of buyers are spending the winter. So despite its being over a year old, it has never been titled.

Today was spent doing paperwork, making copies, faxing and dealing with lots and lots of phone calls. The RV should be leaving Arizona tomorrow morning and arriving here on Thursday, just in time for us to take it to the valley. And I'll have you know there was no migraine, tossing cookies, or any other kinds of stress when I called Morgan Stanley and told them to wire the money. I don't know if I'm getting better or realize that there's no infinite amount of time promised so we may as well go for the gusto.

This afternoon we went out to start getting things together. We are filling bags and boxes so we can transfer "stuff" in bulk. The driver will be taking our old trailer back to Arizona on trade.

Ted has to go to Denver tomorrow and come back late Wednesday so most of the grunt work will be left to me. Rick said he would come help us move. Ted had helped him when they bought their new motorhome.

We just didn't know what we wanted to do when this unit became available. It is exactly what Ted wanted and we got such a good deal we couldn't pass it up. The lower portion is laid out exactly like our current one except the couch and chairs are switched. Ted wanted the leather theater seats and likes not having to turn the recliners at the back when we bring in the slides. The fireplace is nice but I'm not sure I would have ordered a new one with it. The sink is all one piece with the Corian and it extends over the stove which are nice touches. The refrigerator is 4-door versus our present 2-door. The bath is totally enclosed in one room and we have two full length wardrobes with mirrored doors. This RV is two feet longer than our old one.

Here are some pictures.


Barbara said...


Rick and Brenda said...

The pictures are beautiful.
congratulations on the new rig.
We can't wait to see it.

cdm said...

Congratulations on the new rig - it is beautiful - Hope we can see it sometime in the future!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new rig, know you'll enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing it at a Boomers Rally or Campout