Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Homecoming

Kara came home on Saturday and the kids were so glad to see her. She was feeling a lot better but of course not 100%. The gas was still giving her back pain but she was starting to get relief. She is eating soft foods and liquids and her system is functioning normally. We old folks know how important that is!!

More flowers arrived from her neighbor and her mother-in-law. Ted and I went to church at 4:00 (no dogs or donkeys!) and then Ted fixed Tortellini Soup for dinner.

Pat and Kelly came over for the evening so we had a nice family visit. Kara feels better sleeping in a recliner so they moved the yellow recliner she has in Morgan's room (that she used for nursing when they were babies) into her bedroom. She said she slept fine and I'm sure Allen appreciated sleeping through the night in his own bed.

Kara actually made blueberry pancakes (with blueberries they picked last summer) for everyone. Sam helped her and it was good for her to spend the time with him. Allen has taken them to catechism class while he is attending church and we are babysitting Kara. Another friend has stopped by with chicken pasta salad and is visiting with Kara.

This afternoon Ted, Allen and Sam are going to the Boy Scout Laser Tag outing. I'm sure they will have a really good time. I told Sam that when they are playing a game that includes shooting, Grandpa will be a competitor and will play to win. This should be interesting.

I won't be posting every day anymore since things will settle into a normal routine and there won't be much to write about. I expect to see my friend Barb on Tuesday and we have dinner plans with Gus and Melissa on Wednesday. I think we'll be able to leave on Saturday as planned.

There's no more snow predicted yet so maybe Ted's snowblowing days are over for this trip.

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