Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back to 80s and Sunshine Here in Mission

I don't know if I can remember what we did over the last couple of days. Time just keeps running together into a big blur.

Ted returned home from Fort Worth on Wednesday, right before the 12 inches of snow fell there. He would have been stuck for sure if he had scheduled that visit later in the week.

On Thursday he took the McAllen folks out to lunch and was gone until about 3:30. Then we left to meet up with Jay and Stella who were checking out other parks. We would like to be near Donna, TX since it is really in the middle of the valley and is a great location. I mean with a name like Donna, it has to be good, right?

We/they managed to check out about 8 parks so far and only one has possibilities. Some parks are grass sites which we don't want. Others are parked like you are in storage. Others have many permanent residents and some times they cop an attitude toward "visitors" so we don't want that either. I like the park we are in but it is as far west in the valley as you can get and is one of the more expensive parks down here. The other one we like is Llano Grande in Mercedes near Donna but it is even more expensive than this one. We have to be considerate of the people we are camping with as far as expenses go and I always want value for my money. It got late so we came home so I could watch the first week of Survivor.

Friday we hung around because the fellows came to wash and wax our RV. They did a really good job and now Ted is happy. Of course once we drive it home, especially if it rains, he'll be wanting to wash it again. We decided to go to Cheddar's for dinner since we knew we would be early and could beat the crowd. The Rayford people keep raving about one south of The Woodlands but I've never seen it nor eaten there. It's really good and I'll be checking it out back home. We intended to go to a show at Mission West that started at 7:00 but it was after 7 when we left the restaurant so we decided not to. The fellow was on the program for Saturday night so we knew we would see him then.

Saturday was Gonzales Burger day. This is a little hole in the wall that sells nothing but hamburgers, french fries and onion rings. The burgers are fresh meat, never frozen and about 7 inches across when they start cooking them. I always end up giving Ted at least a quarter of mine. People start arriving around 10:30 so when they start cooking at 11:00 their orders will be first up. It was about 11:30 when we got ours. You don't have to eat for the rest of the day after that.

From there we went to the Don-Wes (Donna, Weslaco) flea market. Ted wanted some oranges and grapefruits and for some reason, he forget to buy the grapefruit! I wanted a kitchen towel with a crocheted end to button onto my oven handle to dry my hands. I found one and that's all we bought.

We came back to our park and decided to go to church at 4:00. It was as crowded as the week before on Sunday and the brown dog followed the priest right up the aisle again. The country western song during collection this week was a 1940 song "Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You." I'm pretty sure the writer and singer didn't have God in mind but if you think about it ... it works! No dancing this time but it did turn into a sing along on the chorus. Church back home is going to be a bit boring next week.

We went to Mission West for the "People's Choice" show. Eight acts that perform around the valley were featured and we were asked to vote on our favorite. The winner received $1500, 2nd and 3rd $500 and the others $150. The last act, The Link Family, were sensational. There was a fiddle, bass, mandolin, guitar and banjo with everyone singing. That's who we all voted for, and that's who won.

This morning we went to the breakfast buffet because it is Valentine's Day. One reason is as good as the next. I still haven't cooked anything in the new RV. Bill and Ornell are on their way down and we'll all get together tonight. It's a shame we are leaving tomorrow just as they arrive. I have a load of clothes in the washer so I have to scoot.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. May all your communication today be love notes.

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