Friday, February 5, 2010

Whew! Lots to Accomplish

Our new rig was delivered at our storage place around noon on Thursday. I had boxed up as much as I could get to with the slides opened just a little. Once Ted pulled it out of its spot and we could open it up fully, Rick and I worked for three hours moving things. He did most of the carrying as I put things away just as quickly as I could. Ted was doing paperwork, finding a notary, getting instructed on the rig and moving his stuff into the basement so he wasn't able to help us much. Finally our old rig pulled out and I felt like an old friend was saying goodbye. But just as quickly Ted pulled out with our new one heading for Rayford and I followed in the Expedition.

Much to our surprise, Tommy was standing at our site at Rayford with his new Flip video camera heralding our arrival with the new Hitchhiker. It was a misty, nasty day and the ground was saturated so we quickly emptied the Expedition and moved inside to finish up getting things in order. It took about another two hours to finish up.

When Susan arrived home from work we all went to Willie's Ice House for dinner. Ted called Rick and invited him and Brenda to join us. Tommy took another Flip video of all of us and e-mailed it to Jay and Stella who are awaiting our arrival in the Rio Grande valley. We had a great meal but I was the only one who indulged in a margarita. I needed it! We dropped off the Expedition and all rode in the truck back to Rayford.

Since the books that accompany the RV have been sent next day mail to our house, we had a fun time trying to get things working. We watched the bedroom TV because we couldn't figure out the LR one. Then in the morning, Ted got it working. We're still trying to figure out light switches. All the drains were opened when they blew the lines so it took Tommy and Ted awhile to figure out what to close and where. The toilet works differently so that was a bit of trial and error. The dealer in Arizona has been very responsive to our inquiries and difficulties.

Ted loves how it pulls. He said he doesn't know if it's the disc brakes or the different type hitch, but he can tell a big difference. The truck did fine on our trip today.

We left Rayford mid morning and drove to Victoria, TX. We are at Lazy Longhorn RV Park which is an OK overnight park. The turns are tight but it's convenient as a mid point stop between home and Mission, TX where we are ultimately headed. Of course Ted had to wash the front and back because it is really dirty from traveling. However, we have someone lined up in the valley to wash and wax it once we arrive there. Sometimes it's best to just let them do whatever it is they insist on doing.

We unhitched and went for fuel, a late lunch and a few groceries. We've had no new issues today but this will be a great shake down trip. I'm sure there will be more over the next 10 days but with the excellent response we have had from the dealer and Ted's great relationship with the Hitchhiker factory in Chanute, KS, we don't expect to have too much to check out in the books when we get home.

We've had a quiet evening with the fireplace going, the TV on and sitting in our new electric theater seating recliners. We'll be leaving in the morning and should arrive at Bentsen Palms mid day tomorrow. Ted will be a much happier camper when our trailer is all washed and waxed.

More from Mission on the banks of the Rio Grande River with Mexico on the opposite shore next time.

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cdm said...

Sounds like you are having a great time - enjoy and get everything all settled! I'm sure you will have many happy hours spent in your new "home"!