Monday, February 8, 2010

83 in Mission, TX and the Sun is Shining

We were expecting a cool front and rain but instead are enjoying today's weather. We went to the Hitchhiker luncheon and had a good time. People from Louisiana recognized us as the buyers of the 2008 Champagne that was featured on the NuWa Owners Forum. I didn't know how they knew that but Ted said they met us in Shawnee, OK at one of the HH rallies and knew he was Skeetshooter on the forum. Guess I better mind my p's and q's while I'm down here.

We're headed to Mission West where Jay and Stella are staying for a Bluegrass Jam session. It is their burger night but we're still full from our lunch and passed on the eating part.

That cold front is still headed this way. But it isn't snow and that's good. Stay warm and dry wherever you are.

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