Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day #1 - On Our Own with the Kids

Kara had to be at the hospital at 5:30 this morning so when I woke up at 6:30 they were long gone. Morgan woke up on her own so I got her breakfast. When I went upstairs to help her get dressed, Sam woke up on his own also. They brushed their teeth and got dressed. While I was combing Morgan's beautiful long red hair, I sprayed the detangler just as she turned her head and got some in her eye. Whoops! Mistake #1. I washed her eye out and she said it was OK so we finished up. Mistake #2 - I put grape jelly on Sam's toast instead of strawberry. I didn't want a scene so I just started over.

When I went out in the garage to stand with them waiting for the bus, it was 18 degrees and we had a new dusting of snow. They had been riding their scooter on the driveway and must have moved the snow shovel. I couldn't get the garage door to go down. I hollered into Ted and he told me to look more closely at the possibility of something breaking the beam and I found the shovel. Mistake #3 and it was only 8 a.m.

We both got dressed and drove down to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. This is the hospital all the Canadians come to for heart surgery they can't get in a reasonable amount of time in Canada. We found a bargain! It was $4 for valet parking. When I take Ted down to the Texas Medical Center it costs $14 for just a few hours. We sat with Allen until we could go to Kara's room. She was pretty uncomfortable and I'm sure it is the inert gas roaming around, looking for a way out. She was leery of the morphine drip but I convinced her to try it. Throwing up pain free is better than just being in pain. After two doses she fell asleep and we left.

We stopped at Wal-Mart before coming home. The phone rang a lot and eventually the kids came home. They didn't have any stories of calamity so I guess we did OK. Then the door bell rang and someone named Theresa brought lasagna, green beans and cherry cheesecake. This was gratefully accepted; however, Lori brought lasagna, salad and berry pie last night!

Ted called Kelly and invited her family over to help us put a dent in all this food that was accumulating. I finally got to see Ally and give her the Valentine card, money and candy we had for her. Pat didn't make it over so I sent him big helpings of everything. We only have so much room in the refrigerator but the garage itself serves as a big one all on its own.

Allen called and talked to the kids. He said Kara walked some and they gave her something for nausea and she was feeling better. We may run downtown tomorrow to visit her if all goes well at the beginning of Day #2.

About the post office. I went online and filed a complaint but I have received neither a phone call nor an e-mail regarding the situation. I'll have to let you know later on if Terry finds anymore delivered mail.

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