Friday, February 26, 2010

Day #2 - No Mistakes

The kids go to bed so well. At 8:30 last night we told them it was bedtime. They got their PJs on, hopped into bed and that was it. Morgan was up on her own again this morning but we had to wake Sam up. They washed up, brushed their teeth, got dressed, ate their breakfast and had about 10 extra minutes. I told them they could watch TV and Morgan promptly told me "we're not allowed." I didn't want them dressed in snowpants and jackets in the house getting too warm and it was too cold to stand outside. So I told them this was a Grandma Special for just 10 minutes then they could get their outerwear on. This standing outside in the snow, wind and teen temps is for the birds!

I made all the beds, straightened up a bit, did the laundry and straightened up the linen closet on the second floor. Ted used the snowblower to clear the drive and walk then went to Lowe's to get light bulbs for the strip in the kids' bathroom. When he got back, everything was covered in snow again. He said he wouldn't live up here ever again. He intends to live and die in Texas!

Ted was supposed to take Sam to his Cub Scout meeting tonight but it was cancelled because of the weather. We only have one child seat in the car so we really couldn't take them out so Ted went to McDonald's and got fish sandwiches for us and they had McNuggets Happy Meals. Fridays are always a challenge during Lent. I had cabbage soup for lunch!

Kara is doing really well. She is eating cranberry juice and jello. All the tubes have been removed and she is walking around. Allen has stayed with her the entire time. I know the kids will be happy to see them both tomorrow. Flowers arrived from Kara's work and the spring flowers are a nice touch amidst all this winter white we're looking at.

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