Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings from the Great Lakes State

We went to church and out to dinner with Terry & Carol on Saturday night. Then we left Sunday morning and drove to just west of Memphis where we spent the night. We took off a little later than we intended Sunday morning. Just south of Elizabethtown, KY the radio announced a truck crash across the highway on I-65 closing access to I-71 for several hours. So we took the Bluegrass Parkway to Lexington instead of going through Louisville. This took us past Keeneland Race Track and many of the beautiful horse farms. It was a route we had never taken and was very enjoyable. We met Karen & Ronnie at Skyline Chili for dinner, stayed the night with them and left Tuesday morning arriving in Michigan mid-afternoon. It was a long haul and Ted drove it all.

We barely got unpacked when Kara and I left to take Morgan to dance class while Ted stayed with Sam. Then Kara left for a support meeting. Allen came home and took Sam to get a hair cut. Ted then came for me and Morgan so we could take her for a hair cut. Ally came in for her classes just as we were leaving so I didn't get to watch her practice at all and barely said more than hello to Patrick.

Wednesday was a little less hectic. I got up with Kara to learn the ropes of getting the kids off to school. Ted and I had dentist appointments at 9:30 and then we went to the grocery and came home for the day. Lori, a friend of both Kara and me, brought dinner over which was a big help. I worked with Morgan on her homework and Ted helped Sam with his reading. The phone keeps ringing with well wishers and I know it will be the same tomorrow with inquiries.

It snowed 8 inches and the kids had a snow day on Monday. They are predicting snow to start tonight and keep up until the weekend! At least they know how to handle it up here and most drivers are OK with driving in it. My car is so dirty from the slush but it's too cold to have it washed.

And then there's the continuing saga of the mail!! The HOLD notice was put into our box and the mail stopped on Friday even though the date listed was Monday. To be on the safe side, I gave a key for the mailbox to Terry & Carol. They have gone over twice and both times there has been mail in the mailbox sitting ON TOP of the piece of paper that says HOLD! They are absolute idiots at the post office. And they want to take care of our health care? Are they nuts???????? I have the Postmaster's cell phone number at home and will be calling her as soon as I get back home. They are 3 for 3 since December in not holding my mail when requested to do so. Anyone have any suggestions?

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