Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, The Cold Front Is Here ... And The Rain

Tuesday morning was jacket weather. Not only had the temperature dropped but the wind was down right chilly. Ted packed his suitcase and left for the McAllen airport and I had the RV all to myself. Around noon Jay and Stella came by to pick me up and we went to find the ropa nuevas. I'll explain what these are a bit later. We were "close but no cigar" in our quest. We called Ted and he sent us in a completely different direction which was even further off than we were originally. We stopped at the Don-Wes fruit market and I bought some grapefruit, oranges and onions. We decided to have a late lunch and were able to find Gonzales Burgers but decided to wait for Ted to eat there so we went to Martha's Restaurant which is right outside the park we were at last year in Donna, TX. On the way home we stopped to pick up Jay's computer that needed a repair. I spent the evening alone with my books, TV, cell phone and computer.

This morning Jay and Stella picked me up and with directions in hand, we found the ropa nuevas. This translates New Clothes. There are ropa usadas, Used Clothes, too but we weren't interested in them. We found the stores we shopped in last year and found lots of bargains. Because Jay had driven us around for two days, I invited them to lunch at Furr's Buffet. I have yet to cook anything in the new RV. I did heat a cup of coffee in the microwave but that hardly counts.

They dropped me off and I waited for Ted to return. At 5 o'clock we all went to the clubhouse here at Bentsen Palms Village for a margarita hour. There were a couple tables of snacks and plenty of free margaritas. Then they had their last night of Bentsen Palm Village Has Talent. There were about a dozen performers who were all pretty good. Some of them were very funny. It was a most enjoyable evening.

Plans for tomorrow are up in the air. Jay & Stella want to go to Mexico for their "drug run" but if it rains they don't want to walk across the bridge in the rain. And Ted is supposed to take the McAllen Monitor people to lunch if they can get away. So right now none of us know exactly what tomorrow will bring.

The weather is supposed to get worse before it gets better but we're in much better shape than a lot of the country so we're not going to complain. Before long we'll be complaining about how hot it is. I hope all that white stuff is gone by the time we go to Michigan later this month.

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tom hathcock said...

Happy 45th you guys. Both of you have been a bright spot in mine and Susan's life. We are so glad we know you.
see ya,
Ps. the video looks good on your blog, how did you ever figure it out.