Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saugatuck Michigan

We left about 11:00 and headed to Saugatuck.  This is a beautiful small town on the Kalamazoo River that empties into Lake Michigan.  The marinas were full of boats just like every other one we have seen.  Michigan has more coastline than any other state (two peninsulas) and more registered boats than any other state in the union.  I remember Kathy Lee Gifford telling Hoda on TV how absolutely gorgeous this area of Michigan is and what a great kept secret it is.  She had traveled by boat on vacation to this area for the first time.  Eileen and Tom have been voicing similar sentiments.  

We ate at Butler's which was a great choice.  Their fish and burgers were outstanding.  It was one of the original buildings but only the fireplace and oval glass door remain from that first building.  

Casual waterfront dining with Spectacular Views of Lake Kalamazoo harbor, boardwalk and boats.

Outdoor dining and Live entertainment on our Deck Memorial Day through Labor Day

Conveniently located at the light in the heart of downtown Saugatuck, voted one of America's "Coolest Small Towns".  Within walking distance to shopping, art galleries, and many of Saugatuck's Bed & Breakfasts.  Just a short scenic drive to Saugatuck's Oval Beach and beautiful Lake Michigan."

There is a Chain Ferry that will take you across the river and back.  It reminded me of the hand pulled ferry in the Rio Grande Valłey that you can use to ride across the Rio Grande river but with way better aesthetics.

Even their public restroom building was painted beautifully.

There is always so many shops in these tourist towns but neither Eileen nor I are shoppers, much to Tom and Ted's delight, so we just walked a few blocks observing storefronts.

We had tickets for the Sand Dune Buggies mid-afternoon so we headed back.  The drivers are funny, telling jokes, but also are informative about how the dunes were formed by nature and what is being done to preserve them.  We traveled on all private property.

Lake Michigan in the distance

Next we went to Sunny Brook, an individual owner campground that we learned about from Joanne last winter in Retama.  They had a gorgeous corner lot but had just sold it and will move to a private campground nearer their children.  It was a lovely place but at $80,000 a lot plus $2600 in taxes and HOA fees annually, nothing to take lightly.  It is too far from our kids too but I would love something similar closer to them.

We made our obligatory stop at Walmart.  I had purchased prunes instead of raisins and returned them while Ted exchanged a new hose that leaked.  We all picked up a few things and headed for home.

Because we had eaten a big lunch, dinner was two 12 inch Walmart pizzas.  Ted took my tabletop oven outside and baked them.  When the bugs started, I headed inside. 

Check back to see what our last day on Lake Michigan brings!

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