Sunday, July 26, 2015

Next Stop Manistee

We left for the Little River Casino campground about 11:30 because we didn't have very far to go.  If you arrive too early you run the risk of your site still being occupied.  It was a little over an hour trip and our sites were open.

We have Bruce Rodgers parked between us because someone decided with that last name we must be traveling together so they put all three rigs together.  Bruce was really surprised when I asked his family if Bruce was home!  Turns out they are here for a 200+ family reunion and they were embarrassed thinking they should know me! LOL. I just wanted to say hello.

We had a problem in that Ted was about two feet too far from the electric post.  We know better but it looked like it would work!  He was going to hitch back up and back up a few feet when the leveling system just kept beeping and wouldn't do anything.  Ted finally used our 30 amp cord to plug in to fix that problem and I am happy to report we are doing fine with 30 amp.

I know very little about the leveling system so I had no suggestions but I thought if I turn it off we can restart it and maybe it will fix itself.  It works on my printer!  I held the on/off switch a long time but it didn't stop beeping so I pushed it again and then hit Enter and it worked!  Ted was then able to level the trailer and we didn't concern ourselves with the 30 versus 50 amps.  Both A/Cs are running fine and no tripping has occurred.

After setting up, having lunch, resting and getting cleaned up, we went to church at 4 pm.  Afterwards we went to the Bungalow Inn to eat.  We have been eating in most of the time but we decided Saturday was a good night to have dinner in a restaurant.  Afterwards we went to the casino and it was busy, busy, busy.  It was some sort of anniversary and they were giving away thousands of dollars in the evening.  I saw the $10,000 winner and the $50,000 winner and they were way more composed than I would have been.  I already had figured out how much I would tell them to take out!  Alas, I lost $15 for the evening.

Sunday morning Eileen and I spent an hour and a half in the pool all by ourselves.  People were leaving in droves.  Ted and Tom took a bike ride.  We planned on going to a vineyard that advertised an afternoon of music, wine and snacks.  We were unimpressed upon arrival and the only thing we did was buy some Cherry BBQ sauce.  While Ted was doing that, I found a flyer saying the Scottsville Clown Band was performing at Arcadia Daze about 25 miles north.  

We drove to Arcadia and had a great time.  We have seen this band perform before and they are so entertaining.  All are great musicians but they throw comedy and audience participation into the mix and are so enjoyable.  We were pleased we decided to change horses in mid-stream.

The clowns in their get-ups.

A song featuring the tubas inculding a painted one.

Two couples doing the polka.  Both gentlemen are clowns and chose their partners from the audience.

Men doing the Chicken Dance.  Did I mention  alcohol may have been involved?

A few clowns during the break.

Our group.

We came home around dinner time and Eileen made Skyline chili.  It was sunny out so we decided to play Mexican Train when the shade appeared.  Eileen was the big winner!

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