Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Elk, Dinner and Wine!

Today was a day of rest for all of us.  I have been sleeping so much longer than I normally do that getting ready happens much later in the morning than usual.  It was lunch time by the time I was dressed.  We had a bowl of Tom's bean soup and then everyone did their own thing.  I read some of Harper Lee's new book and wrote out some cards.

At 5:30 we left for the Office where we were going to be picked up for our Elk Viewing Gourmet Dinner and Wine Tasting.  Transportation was by horse cart.  Three carts in all were used for the 60 attendees.

We had an hour's ride through the woods and across the Thunder Bay River to view the elk and travel to the log cabin where we would have dinner.

The cabin is decorated with antiques, trophies and lighted amenities.

Our dinner, cooked on two 100+ year old stoves, was shrimp cocktail, pear and apple crepe, cabbage salad and croissant, chicken noodle soup, crown pork roast with red potatoes and white chocolate filled pizzelles with rasperry sauce.  We were served wine with three courses as well as Michigan Cherry Coffee.  If I had tried to put one more bite in my mouth I would have exploded!

When birthdays and anniversaries were announced, all four of us were applauded for our 50th anniversaries.  We were awarded our glow crowns and necklaces!

It was a great evening and Tom and Eileen enjoyed our gift to them.

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