Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Finally the rain stopped so we continued on with our plans to join my family for the 4th at Elk Lake.  The others stayed behind and were going into town for the parade.  We took our time and arrived at Karen's after lunch.  Ron took us all over to Cindy and Tim's by boat because it is much easier than driving all the way around.

Their cove of the lake was really crowded with pontoon boats hooked together to make a party platform.

I think there were 5 boats docked at Tim's at one point.

There were babies, babies and more babies but I didn't get many photos.  Here is Lucas with his Daddy.

And Great Grandma with Jemma.

Lucas's mom Amy taking advantage of Dad holding Lucas.

And Lily and twins Morgan and Maddie's parents during naptime.

Jameson was with the other crowd from Eddie's cabin so his Mom Laura took time to give Bailey a bath after swimming in the lake.

We older folks just sat around and watched the controlled chaos.

The four of us left by boat around 5:00 to get the car for church.  Poor Karen took a tumble on the dock and scared everyone!   She hurt her arm and knee but we think it is bumps and bruises and nothing more serious.  We went back to their cabin for the car and drove on to church.

There were only 21 people there including the priest.  However, we were very appreciative of his driving from Warsaw KY to say Mass.  We did the car/boat thing in reverse and arrived back at Cindy's right in time for dinner.  Landon and Tim were manning the grill.

Rules for the lake are bring your own drinks, meat to grill, a snack and dish to share.  We know what to do and had our cooler, two filets, Sam's container of pretzels and a fruit salad.  Dinner was great but it was getting dark so Ron took us back to their cabin so we could head for home.  

We were concerned about getting stuck on the sloping driveway after all the rain.  I tried to keep Ted on the gravel but he ignored my signal to stop and got stuck in the wet grass.  Ron tried boards under the tires to no avail.  He climbed into the bed and stood over the wheel well while I asked Karen for an old rug that could be ruined.  I put that under the tire and that did the trick.  When I motion stop he should believe me!

We made it home after 10 and our four friends were playing cards.  It was buggy out there and I was tired so I came in and went to bed.

Sunday morning has our group going in different directions for a couple of days.  They are going to Newtown OH and we are heading to St. Marys OH.  We will meet up on Tuesday in Shipshawana IN.

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