Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jackets, Fires and Buses

It finally stopped raining so after lunch we took a ride to Gaylord.  The Alpenfest was just starting so we roamed among the booths and looked at several of the games.  Talk about highway robbery.  I noticed one game was $3 a player with 15 players to win a small stuffed animal.  Great profit margin. 

Then we left town to view the elk herd located in a special viewing area.  They were all lying down in the corner under the trees.  We saw folks in a better spot to see and they told us how to get there so we drove around and did that.  There were several bulls with velvety looking antlers but most were cows or young ones.  Other than looking up, they were pretty happy just lying there.  Only one was standing and he was so still that at first we thought he was a statue.

It started drizzling again and we headed towards home stopping at the Gaylord Treetops Resort along the way.  We ducked into the lodge but there wasn't a lot to see.  Downstairs was the exercise room and spa, there was a small bar with no attendant and a large room with a fireplace and seating.  It also had a bathroom and coffee machine.  So we sat looking out over the treetops and the pool and hot tub below while drinking a cup of coffee.  We used the facilities and then left to explore a bit more.

We found more restaurants, lodging and the ski lifts.  I am not sure of the significance of the bear but he  was cute!  It started raining again so we hopped into the car.  Treetops has been rated in the top 25 golf courses in the country three times.  It is a lovely course.

We had passed a yard art place on the way out and stopped on the way back.  We had spotted the black jockey statue that someone we know has been looking for.  I suspect these are no longer PC either.

We didn't buy anything but there were lovely birdbaths, ornamentals and wonderful cedar chests at great prices made by the Amish.

We ate dinner and afterwards played cards outside wearing jackets.  I had changed into jeans and closed toe shoes besides.  When we were finished we joined a group of people here with two tour bus loads at the communal firepit.  They had a great fire going.

They are from IL, PA and NJ and on a one week bus trip.  They asked how we had ever found this place!  We talked about what they had seen and where they were going next.  There are two days lost to travel out and back.  Their schedule called for them to be here two nights and they are going on to Frankenmuth.  Other than that all they mentioned was overnight in Elyria, OH and a stop at Cabella's, probably in Monroe, MI.  Not my idea of a good time!  

April a year ago we did a two week car trip to a wedding in Ohio followed by stops in Cummins, GA for two nights to visit two sets of friends.  Then we we went to Calloway Gardens for two nights.   Last stop was two nights in New Orleans with a stop in Gulfport before that.  I complained the whole time about the packing/unpacking and in/out at hotels.  If I had a time to be "on the bus" in the mornings I probably would have abandoned ship!  RV or cruise is my mantra now.  Someday I may have to acclimate to bus tour travel but not just yet.

The travelers are here to attend tonight's Elk Viewing and Gourmet Dinner and Wine Tasting.  We are attending too to celebrate Tom and Eileen's 50th wedding anniversary as our gift to them.  They will be on a Hawaiian cruise in December when it occurs.  They asked us to go but the timing isn't good for us.  We did the islands cruise back in 1985 and really enjoyed it.  Our several other trips have all been to the Waikoloa area of the Big Island.

Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” – Charles Kuralt

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