Saturday, July 11, 2015

An Occasional Sweatshirt

Our weather has been delightful.  A jacket in the evening and even a day or two of wearing a sweatshirt!  Of course what feels cool to we Texans and Floridians is warm to the Michiganders.  

Lee and Ira left the campground first to check out the size and color of a sofa they found the day before.  Within the hour we took off with Eileen and Tom, ending up in front of the other two.  We had a nice trip and received a text that the decision on the sofa was no and they were going on to Mackinac Island.

We four stopped at the Michigan Welcome Station and one other Rest Area before pulling into our newest campground. It is beautifully treed and we have a nice end spot.  

Kara and family were just arriving at their motel so we went into town to the Platz to listen to music.  We shared a pretzel and had a drink (two beers for Ted!).  Then we walked along the storefronts admiring all the beautiful flowers decorating the poles and curbs.  We decided to head to the kids' motel so the grandkids could swim and we could order pizza to eat on the pool patio.

We came back to rhe campground and I promptly fell asleep on the couch around 7 and slept until 7 Saturday morning.  I knew I was tired but I didn't realize how tired!  I did move from the couch to the bed around 10.  When I woke up I immediately made my key lime pie and started getting things together for our 8 guests coming for lunch.

The guys were all going shooting and the girls shopping around 10.  I bought a few things for Christmas gifts and some clothes for the cruise.  We stopped at the store for the rest of what we needed for lunch.

Carol and Ken, cousins of Bill's, and their two grandchildren, joined the 8 of us for lunch at 2:00.  Feeding 12 out of an RV kitchen can be tricky but we had some snacks, a drink area and then a full blown meal and dessert.  And we didn't wreck the RV kitchen!  The kids were using the playground while the adults visited.  Eventually they took the kids back to the pool and Tom, Eileen, Ted and I went to church.

We stopped to say goodbye but they had moved on from the pool area so we came home and sat outside until it got dark and buggy.  Kelly and family are due to come visit tomorrow.  We have reservations at Bavarian Inn at 2 pm for 14 or so.  We just have to see who shows up! 

I forgot to mention that when we stopped for groceries there was a set up to take people's blood pressure.  Kara and Eileen insisted I have mine done.  We were all delighted when it was 128/80!  The young man didn't quite know why we were all so pleased.

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